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Scholarships. Where to look for additional outside help to pay for school . Tips from College with additional supplements. Where to begin. Apply for FAFSA Apply for CSS Profile (some schools) Apply to schools Speak to financial aid officers at your schools.

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Where to look for additional outside help to pay for school

Tips from College with additional supplements

Where to begin
Where to begin

  • Apply for FAFSA

  • Apply for CSS Profile (some schools)

  • Apply to schools

  • Speak to financial aid officers at your schools

Sample questions to ask a financial aid officer
Sample Questions to Ask a Financial Aid Officer

  • From

  • These are good questions to ask in order to determine how much outside help to seek.

  • Examples:

    • Average total cost?

    • Priority deadline for financial aid?

    • Offer need-based and merit-based financial aid?

How to begin your outside scholarship search
How to Begin Your Outside Scholarship Search

  • Recognize that most financial aid comes from:

    • college grants

    • federal loan programs

It take times
It take times…

Searching for scholarships takes time and energy, but remember: It's free money. If you spend five hours applying for scholarships and receive only one $500 scholarship, that's the same as earning $100 an hour!

~Sallie Mae Foundation

How to begin your outside scholarship search continued
How to Begin Your Outside Scholarship Search (continued)

  • If you decide to search for outside scholarships:

    • It will be a timely process

    • Personalize and narrow your search – Do I meet the criteria for this scholarship?

    • Look at local scholarships

    • Research employers (both yours and your parents) and membership organizations

    • Use recently publishes scholarship books

    • Use online scholarship search engines *

    • Look at ISAC scholarships

    • Research institutional scholarships

    • Make an organized list of where you are applying

Narrow your search
Narrow Your Search

  • Basic narrowing points include:

    • School year, citizenship, state of residence, religion, ethnic background, disability, military status, employer and membership organizations

  • Other questions to narrow your search include:

    • What do I want to study?

    • What kind of career do I want to pursue?

Good questions to ask
Good Questions to Ask

  • What is the application process?

    • Submission form

    • Interview

  • What materials are required?

    • FAFSA and/or CSS Profile information

    • Transcripts

    • Essays

    • Recommendations

  • Is the scholarship renewable?

Look locally
Look Locally

  • Scholarships for students from your high school

  • Chicago scholarships

  • Cook County scholarships

  • Illinois scholarships

Your job and your parents too
Your Job (and your parents’ too)

  • Large companies have scholarships and tuition programs for employee’s children

  • Tell your parents to ask the Human Resources Office

  • Look at your own job for possible scholarship opportunities

    • Fast food chains

    • Department stores

    • Grocery stores

Membership organizations
Membership Organizations

  • Many membership organizations offer scholarships

  • Include:

    • Alumni clubs

    • Professional organizations

    • Community service organizations

    • Religious organizations

    • Sorority and Fraternity organizations

Good books
Good Books

  • Each year, new books are published with scholarship listings.

  • Go to your local bookstore or library to find these books.

  • Make sure the publication date is recent, to be sure the scholarships are still available.

Books recommended by the sallie mae fund
Books recommended by the Sallie Mae Fund

  • How to Get Money for College, by Woodburn Press

  • Cash for College, by NASFAA

  • How to Pay for College: A Practical Guide for Families, by Gen and Kelly Tanabe

  • The A's and B's of Academic Scholarships, by Anna Leider and Anna Schimke

  • The Black Student's Guide to Scholarships

  • The Scholarship Book, by National Scholarship Research Service

  • The Scholarship Advisor, by Christopher Vuturo

  • Winning Scholarships for College: An Insider's Guide

  • Peterson's College Money Handbook

  • Paying for College without Going for Broke, by KalmanChany and Geoff Martz

  • Peterson's Winning Money for College


  • scholarship books to browse

Illinois scholarship programs from isac
Illinois Scholarship Programs from ISAC

  • Scholarships administered by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission

  • Depends on the amounts allocation the Illinois General Assembly and Governor every year

Good free scholarship search engines to try
Good & Free Scholarship Search Engines to Try








  • Can narrow the search

  • Profile includes school information to narrow it

  • Student can provide additional information



  • Sign up for free

  • Fill out an extensive profile to narrow your search when you first log in

  • List scholarships by deadline dates

Gates millennium scholars
Gates Millennium Scholars unavailable for now

Scholarships for hispanic students
Scholarships for Hispanic Students unavailable for now



    • Latino College Dollars

Scholarships for african american students
Scholarships for African-American Students unavailable for now



    • Black College Dollars

Scholarships for asian students
Scholarships for unavailable for nowAsian Students


Scholarships for undocumented students
Scholarships for Undocumented Students unavailable for now


Other websites
Other Websites unavailable for now




Institutional scholarships
Institutional Scholarships unavailable for now

  • Automatic scholarships for GPA or ACT/SAT scores?

  • Usually included in your financial aid package if factors in financial need with the merit-based portion

  • Some schools have application processes

  • After investigating, ask how and where to apply.

Tips from college board
Tips from College Board unavailable for now

  • Start looking early

  • Read eligibility requirements carefully

  • Organize your materials

    • Transcripts

    • Test scores

    • FAFSA and/or CSS Profile

    • Parent’s tax return information and other financial info

    • Essays

    • Recommendations

    • Proof of eligibility

Tips from college board cont
Tips from College Board (cont.) unavailable for now

  • Proofread the application and essays

  • Leave no blanks

  • Follow all instructions

  • Make sure it is legible

  • Make copies of everything you send

  • Send it in early!

More tips for searching
More Tips for Searching unavailable for now

  • Start looking early

  • Use all of your resources

  • Know which scholarships you meet the eligibility requirements

  • Complete the requirements on scholarship application

  • Be confident, yet polite in your application

  • Do not pay for scholarship searches

How will outside scholarships affect your financial aid package
How will outside scholarships affect your financial aid package?

  • Talk to a financial aid office member and ask

  • Individual schools handle outside scholarships differently

  • Often, university need-based grants are reduced first

  • Other times, outside scholarships may be applied to other costs, such as room and board or books

Good luck
Good luck! package?

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