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scholarships. Central Kitsap High School. Various scholarships. Local Scholarships College Scholarships State & National Scholarships W.U.E. – Western Undergraduate Exchange G.E.T. – Guaranteed Education Tuition. Various scholarships.

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Central Kitsap High School

various scholarships
Various scholarships
  • Local Scholarships
  • College Scholarships
  • State & National Scholarships
  • W.U.E. – Western Undergraduate Exchange
  • G.E.T. – Guaranteed Education Tuition
various scholarships1
Various scholarships
  • Local Scholarships – There are approximately 77 local scholarships . These are offered by local banks, professionals, clubs, and individuals. Most are online, some are still paper applications, available in the Counseling Office.
  • College Scholarships – These are available online through the college of your choice. If you apply by the college scholarship deadline, you will automatically be submitted for their general scholarships. Check the college’s website for details and deadlines.
  • State & National Scholarships –
    • State - Statewide companies that send their applications to us to advertise to students, or they can be found online on their websites. For example, WA State PTA, WA State Trial Lawyers, etc.
    • National scholarships are offered by Microsoft- i.e. Gates Millennium, Nordstrom’s, and the Dolphin Scholarship, to name a few.
  • (W.U.E.) Western Undergraduate Exchange - Students of western states may enroll at participating 2 and 4-year colleges outside of Washington to other western states at a reduced tuition rate. See college websites for details.
  • G.E.T. Guaranteed Education Tuition – Prepay for college tuition now, and your money is guaranteed to keep pace with tomorrow’s tuition rates.
how to find scholarships
How to find scholarships
  • The Scholarship Newsletter
  • College Websites
  • Internet Websites
the scholarship newsletter
The scholarship newsletter
  • Online - Located online under Central Kitsap High School Counseling Department.
  • Hardcopies - are located outside the Counseling Office door, second box on the right.
  • Announced - some mornings on the daily bulletin, and Friday morning broadcasts.
  • Sign up - for a mailed version or to receive “CKSD E-News”, contact Jo Conner at or call her at 360-662-1620.
college websites
College websites
  • Most colleges have a scholarship deadline. If you would like to be automatically considered for their scholarships, BE SURE to apply by the scholarship deadline. Check the website for details and deadlines.
  • College departments also have specific scholarships available. For example, the NASA Space Grant is coordinated through the Science department, musical scholarships through the Music Department, etc.
internet websites books in counseling
Internet websites & books in counseling


  • College Board Scholarship Handbook
  • The College Board College Costs and Financial Aid
  • The Scholarship Book
  • And many, many more!
www thewashboard org
  • It’s new
  • It’s free
  • It’s a Washington state clearinghouse that matches Washington scholarship seekers with Washington Scholarship providers.
  • Over $14 million in funds were available in the April of 2010.
  • 125 scholarship providers are registered.
  • Olympic College and the Kitsap Community Foundation use to name a few.
scholarship database new
Scholarship Database - New

We are starting a scholarship database to notify students of scholarships they may qualify for..

  • The form will list your college choices, major, sports, activities, etc.
  • If the information on your form matches criteria of a scholarship, you will be notified.
  • If you are not contacted, but think you qualify, you should still apply.
  • This is not a substitute for your scholarship search.
  • Pick up a yellow database form in Counseling.
  • Scholarships usually require an official sealed transcript with SAT or ACT scores if available.
  • Transcript request forms are in the Counseling Office. Fill one out and leave in the “Transcript Request Box”. You can pick up your transcripts the end of the next day.
  • Please allow at least 24 hours to process.
letters of recommendation
Letters of recommendation
  • Most scholarships require at least one letter of recommendation.
  • Use the green recommendation form in Counseling. Or go online and find the template under Counseling, then Handouts. This is a great way to be able to type it in and email it to your teacher or counselor.
  • You should give the writer up to two weeks or moreto finish your letter of recommendation.
  • Provide as much information as possible to give the writer plenty to work with.
  • Hand deliver the form to the person writing the letter for you.
scholarship scams
Scholarship scams
  • Watch out for…
  • Having to pay an application fee
  • Receiving a notice that you are a finalist or have already won a scholarship you didn’t apply for
  • Having to submit a checking account number
  • Official sounding names such as “national” or “federal” – it doesn’t mean they are legitimate!
  • Charging a fee for a list of scholarship leads – this is usually free
  • Guaranteeing that you will win
  • Sound Scholarship Companies Should Always Provide
  • The number of awards, amount or range of each, and the duration
  • The criteria for selection
  • Who evaluates the applications and what their qualifications are
  • How awards can be used
  • Deadline for submission and when applicants will be notified
  • Any fees should be nominal or waived if financial hardship can be demonstrated
  • Relevant background information of the company
  • A list of winner from previous five years or so
  • If you suspect a scam, save your suspicious forms and contact the Federal Trade Commission, National Fraud Center, or the Better Business Bureau.
what judges pay attention to
What judges pay attention to:
  • Academics – Although judges look at your GPA, they also take into consideration your academic rigor.
  • Leadership – Activities and range of leadership positions.
  • Volunteer Service – Be continuous in your volunteer efforts and go beyond the requirements.
  • Creativity – Show your creative side if you play an instrument, write, act, or are artistic. Let the judges know if you have won awards for creativity.
  • Special Circumstances – If you’ve overcome any obstacles to achieve your goals such as financial, physical, learning disabilities, etc.
scholarship tips
Scholarship tips
  • 1. Apply only if you are eligible.
  • 2. Follow directions closely.
  • 3. Pay attention to deadlines.
  • 4. Complete the application.
  • 5. Don’t supply things that aren’t required, it may disqualify you.
  • 6. Your essay should make a strong impression - be personal and specific.
  • 7. Neatness counts – type application if you can.
  • 8. Keep a copy of everything before sending.
  • 9. Always give it a once over and PROOF READ.
Questions ?

See Mrs. Jones,

Counseling Technician.

Or contact her by

Phone: 360-662-2444