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*Welcome to Open House* August 13, 2013 Mrs . Barton’s First Grade Please fill out the forms - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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*Welcome to Open House* August 13, 2013 Mrs . Barton’s First Grade Please fill out the forms in the folder at your child’s desk -Kemp Volunteer Form -Classroom Volunteer F orm -Health History -Classroom Directory . All About Mrs. Barton. Married for 5 years

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*Welcome to Open House*

August 13, 2013

Mrs. Barton’s

First Grade

Please fill out the forms

in the folder at your child’s desk

-Kemp Volunteer Form

-Classroom Volunteer Form

-Health History

-Classroom Directory

All about mrs barton
All About Mrs. Barton

  • Marriedfor 5 years

  • 3 ½ year old chocolate lab

    named “Hershey”

  • Education

    • Bachelor’s and Master’s in

      Early Childhood Education from

      Virginia Tech (Go HOKIES!)

  • Teaching Experience

    • 6h year teaching in Cobb County

    • 6th year teaching 1st grade

    • 4th year at Kemp Elementary

Communication information
Communication Information

  • Daily Folders- Allows 2 way communication

    • Please send all transportation changes/notes in here

      (this includes after school clubs)

    • Daily Reading Log- 20 minutes per night. Complete weekly reflection

    • Specials Calendar- Sent every month.

      Please make note of PE days (TENNIS SHOES!)

  • Weekly Folder- Student work from the week.

    • Please look through work, complete and return any unfinished papers

Barton s bulletin our class blog
“Barton’s Bulletin”Our Class Blog

Will be updated each week (usually Monday). I will send an e mail notifying you of updates.

What’s on the blog?

- Upcoming Dates

- Class and school wide news

- Weekly Curriculum Overview

- Websites and activities


Classroom schedule
Classroom Schedule

7:15-7:45 Students arrive, unpack, morning work, AR

7:45-8:00 Announcements, check morning work

8:00-8:20 Problem Solving and Number Talks

8:20-8:45 Handwriting and Phonics (Words Their Way, Make-A-Word)

8:45-9:20 Shared Reading

9:20-10:10 Guided Reading and Reader’s Workshop

10:10-10:48 Writer’s Workshop

10:48-11:18 Lunch

11:20-11:40 Restrooms/Recess

11:40-12:50 Math Lesson and Math Workshop

12:50-1:10 Content

1:10-2:00 Specials

2:00-2:15 Teacher Read Aloud/Pack up/Dismissal

Our class expectations rules to live by
Our Class ExpectationsRules to live by…

  • Philosophy is to provide a safe and secure learning environment

  • while encouraging children to become responsible citizens

  • Five basic character traits are emphasized…See wall

    • Active Listening

    • Personal Best

    • Truthful

    • Trustworthy

    • No Put Downs

  • Not “classroom” rules, but rules for living

  • Class Meetings are held each Friday

Classroom management
Classroom Management

  • Treasure Box: Students will earn blue tickets when they are caught

    being good. These tickets are drawn every Friday for a chance to

    go to the Treasure Box where students can pick a class coupon.

  • Table Tallies: Students work together by following class rules and

    hallway procedures to earn table tallies each week.

  • Class Rewards: Mrs. Barton’s Fuzzy Jar

    (We are “bucket fillers”….I’ll explain )

  • Hug Your Heart/Kiss Your Brain/Smartie Pants

  • Weekly Behavior Sheets: Students will receive strikes for breaking

    classroom rules. Please sign and return by Monday!

  • Fun Friday: Students who receive less than 3 strikes in a week will

    earn a FUN reward on Friday!

Curriculum standards
Curriculum Standards

  • 1st Grade Common Core Standards can be found on the

    salmon-colored brochure inside your folder.

  • Emphasis on going “deep” not “wide”.

  • Throughout the year, first grade will be posting videos, etc. to

    communicate to you how some standards are being taught in

    the classroom. Here is an example:

    Make a ten subtraction


  • Words Their Way, Word Sorts

    and activities

  • Making Words- decoding skills

  • Shared Reading

  • Writer’s Workshop mini-lessons

  • SMARTboard activities


  • Handwriting- Zaner-Bloser Manuscript

  • Writer’s Workshop

  • Mini Lesson

    - Teach grammar, language arts skills, writing skills

  • Shared Writing

    - model/instruct skills and strategies

    - think-aloud, provide support

  • Independent Writing

  • - students have the opportunity to work

    independently or in small groups to apply and extend writing

    skills taught in mini-lesson and shared writing

    - Differentiation: Individual Conferences

  • Writing Genres (narrative, informational, opinion)


Shared Reading:

Read orally, think-aloud, comprehension skills, model

strategies (whole group with student participation)

Guided Reading:

Direct instruction on skills/strategies to create

student-sustained reading. Students will work on

comprehension, vocabulary, retelling, and fluency skills.

Look for book baggies to come home!

Reading Workshop: (example of workshop plan)

Students will work in small groups or independently on reading, writing,

phonics, grammar, and word work activities to extend and reinforce

aspects of language arts skills

Social Studies/Science Integration:

Informational books will be integrated into reading to help students

generalize their reading skills while making real world connections.


  • Number Talks

  • Students investigate and discuss what numbers are and find

  • smaller patterns that create larger numbers

    • Problem Solving

    • Students will take a wide range of word problems and use

    • multiple strategies to solve

  • Math Workshop

  • Whole Group Instruction: Teacher models multiple strategies and

  • students are walked through guided practice of skills using manipulatives

  • Work Session/Guided Math: Students will work in groups,

  • independently, and with teacher to reinforce skills

  • Please look at the Parent Roadmap brochure in folder

  • Content overview
    Content Overview

    • Please refer to the standards flyer for science, social studies and health curriculum.

    • We will be integrating content into reading and writing this year

    • Switches between science and social studies

    Grades and rubric style report card
    Grades and Rubric Style Report Card

    • Can your child show consistent knowledge of the skill?

    • Mastery is expected by the end of the marking period.

      (Please see Parent Rubric in folder)

    • No averaging

    • Pay close attention to homework and classwork.

    • Please use parent report card guide to know expectations for each 9 weeks.

    • Academic Alerts sent at 4 ½ week mark if needed.

    Grades and


    Report Card

    3+ Exceeds Standards- applies and inferences beyond expectations

    3 Meets standards- consistently and independently

    2 Progressing toward meeting the standard

    1 Limited or minimum progress

    toward meeting the standard

    Practice Work – stickers/smiley faces/checkmarks/comments

    Graded Papers – 3+, 3, 2, 1

    Please be aware that standards are performance based. Children will be assessed in a variety of ways, which will include checklists, rubrics, teacher observation and paper/pencil tasks.

    Grades and rubric style report card1
    Grades and Rubric Style Report Card

    Learning Skills and Behaviors:

    (Refer to Behavior Sheet)

    S = Successful

    P = Progressing

    N = Needs Improvement

    First grade assessments
    First Grade Assessments

    • Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA)(Decoding, fluency, and comprehension)

    • 1st Grade Sight Words (Sight Word Book)

    • Primary Spelling Inventory

    • Writing Rubrics

    • Computation Test

    • Problem Solving

    • CogAT– September 18-20


    • Homework Binders will be sent home each week, DUE ON FRIDAY

    • Homework cover sheet will include weekly phonics focus, reading, writing, and math activities. Select one assignment from each category to work on every week. Students will need to generate their own phonics focus words each week based on that week’s focus skill.

    • Nightly Reading- 20 minutes, record on log. Complete short weekly reflection on reading log.

    • Battles with Homework…If you are battling with your child try this…

      • First make sure your child understands how to do the homework

      • Then set a timer for 30 minutes and let your child work

      • If they have still not completed it during that 30 minutes, put it away….please see me

      • Homework should not take more than 30 minutes to complete each night.

    Mrs barton s pet peeves what you really need to know
    Mrs. Barton’s Pet Peeves…what you really need to know! 

    • Taking Responsibility: 1st grade is different from Kindergarten. Students are expected to work much more independently….this will come with time and practice!

    • Here is a quote I like to share…

      • “In the final analysis it is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.” Ann Landers

      • Children are going to make mistakes…we don’t have good days everyday, but it is important that we learn from our mistakes, accept responsibility, and move on!

      • Classroom interruptions: I give 100% of my attention to the students everyday and expect the same in return. It is challenging to get 20 children back on track after distractions. If you need to meet with me, please contact me and we will set up a time

        (Chocolate and Starbucks has been known to cure me of any irritations the above may cause) 

    Absence and dismissal policy
    Absence and Dismissal Policy

    • Please send a note from home if there is an absence or change in dismissal. Must be in writing(not e-mail)

    • If you have a change of dismissal during the day, please call the office!!!

    • If a child is out, please send a note on the day they return. You are only given 3 unexcused absences.

    • There will be no dismissal changes after 2:00 p.m.

    • Regular attendance and prompt arrival are vital to your child’s success in first grade.

    Carpool policy
    Carpool Policy

    Carpool Policy

    • PLEASE BE PATIENT when dropping off and picking up. We have many car riders. 

    • Every student will be given a carpool number (even if they are not a regular car rider)

    • Number will be in 2 places: on car mirror and child’s backpack.

    • Students will be lined up and sent to cars using that number.

    • PLEASE do not remove this number from your child’s book bag.

    • If you do not have your car rider sign, you will need to go to the office and show ID to sign out your student.

    Bus policies
    Bus Policies

    • Children under the age of 9 must have an adult to meet them at the bus stop. Any child that does not have an adult to meet him/her will be brought back to the school.

    • All children under the age of 9 will have a bus tag attached to their book bags. This tag is an indicator for the bus driver that your child is under the age of 9.

      Please do not remove this tag!

    Cafeteria information
    Cafeteria Information

    • Menus are available on the Kemp website.

    • Prices

    • -Student $2.15

    • -Adult $3.25

    • Lunches may be pre-paid(encouraged)

    • Breakfast is served for $1.25

    • Extras may be limited by parents only 

    • Fast food is not allowed in the cafeteria.

    • Students eating breakfast must be in line by 7:45

    • Birthday treats may be passed out in the cafeteria.


    Any money coming to school for PTA, lunch, field trips, ASP, etc. should be placed in an envelope labeled with the following:

    - child’s name

    - teacher

    - money amount

    - purpose for the money

    Clinic medication policies
    Clinic/Medication Policies

    • ALL medications must be sent to the clinic in the original container.

    • Please send a note with all meds

    • Cobb County Policy- students must be well for 24 hours before returning to school.

      (medicine free with no fever, vomiting, or diarrhea)


    • Daily Folders

    • Class Blog

    • PECS

    • Phone number-Kemp (678) 594-8158

    • E-mail: [email protected]

    • E-mail is the fastest way to get in contact with me.

      I will get back to you as soon as I can!

    Helpful contacts
    Helpful Contacts

    • Principal – Mrs. Mason

    • Assistant Principal – Dr. Campoli

    • Assistant Administrator: Mrs. Kale

    • Counselor – Michelle Stevens

    Opportunities to help
    Opportunities to Help

    • Small group library reading helper/AR helper/Mystery Reader

    • Special Center rotations (Fall Centers, Thanksgiving Feast, Valentine’s Day, End of Year)

    • Holiday Party

    • Preparing materials at home

    • Volunteer opportunities will begin once the class gets in the rhythm and routine of first grade. This takes anywhere between 4 and 6 weeks. I will contact you when we are ready for volunteers!

    • Please thoroughly read the Kemp volunteer form, sign and return if you would like to volunteer.

    Take a look inside the folder
    Take a look inside the folder…

    • Health Form

    • Volunteer Form (2)

    • Classroom Directory

    • Please return all forms ASAP! 

    • Math Parent Roadmap (IMPORTANT!)

    • Standards Brochure

    • Report Card Rubric

    • Sight Word List

    • Reading Strategies

    • Handwriting

    Still have questions?If you have any questions, please use the “parking lot” on the board. I will get back with you and address your concerns.Parent quiz

    I am looking forward to a

    WONDERFUL year!