the relationship between sport sponsorship and the media n.
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The relationship between Sport, Sponsorship and the Media… PowerPoint Presentation
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The relationship between Sport, Sponsorship and the Media…

The relationship between Sport, Sponsorship and the Media…

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The relationship between Sport, Sponsorship and the Media…

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  1. Rate: 0 ratings Views:3,898 Byal_finete Add your comment (Help) Attach image The relationship between Sport, Sponsorship and the Media… Characters left: 1000 Preview or Show next comments | View all 0 comments Mr. P. Leighton Contemporary Sporting Issues Socio-cultural Studies

  2. Today’s Session… • Look at both the positive and negative impacts of the media on sport (HW) • Understand the INTER-RELATIONSHIP between sport, sponsorship and the media. • Look at some of the positive and negative examples of the media, sponsorship and sport. • Discuss whether sport is “Evenly funded” when concerning sponsorship.

  3. Homework then… • What are some of the positive impacts of the media on sport?

  4. Homework then… • What are some of the negative impacts of the media on sport?

  5. Background: Media History • In the early 50’s less than 1 in 10 households owned a TV. • By the 1970’s 1 in 10 did not- massive shift! • What else do we have now? • Multi-room TV. • On-Demand Packages • PPV TV • Internet streaming/ YouTube • The Media then, has a massive influence on our lifestyles and on those of the Elite, they are now commodities which are bought and sold. • Historically TV companies paid little to show sport- now they pay millions.

  6. Look at the difference!

  7. The LA Olympics 1984: Men’s Marathon- run at the HOTTEST part of the day- why? Flooded pitches? 3rd and 4th Place games- what are they for? The Media and Sport: Controversy 1.

  8. The “Golden Triangle” Relationship… Professional Sport • An even match or an “Unholy Alliance”? Sponsorship

  9. Sport: A Coverage History… • In the 50’s the BBC and ITV identified and agreed on, ten sporting events which BELONGED TO EVERYONE and were not exclusive to any 1 organisation… • Olympics (Summer/Winter) • World Cup • Commonwealth Games • FA Cup Final • Wimbledon • Test Match Cricket • The Derby • Grand National • Boat Race (Oxford Vs. Cambridge)

  10. BSkyB… • Began in 1988. • Sport was the main draw for many fans. • In 1990 an act was passed that allowed sporting rights could be sold TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER. • After British Satellite Broadcasting merged with Sky in 1990 BSkyB was born. • First deal was £304Million to turn the football league into THE PREMIERSHIP as we know it today.

  11. Cricket and Football… • Channel 4 paid £50M for the rights to Test Match Cricket from 1999-2002 • ITV Paid £44M in 1992 for a 4 year deal of live and recorded Football League- forcing them to drop coverage of other sports. • Relegation from the Premiership is now seen as near death for overspending clubs- Why?

  12. Case Study: ITV Digital... • In 2002 BBC and BSkyB stepped in to save league clubs when ITV Digital collapsed. • ITV Digital had promised nearly £200M to clubs leaving them in ruin after signing players they could now not afford. • This illustrates the dependence of sport on the media and also the firm effect that TV has on one high profile sport.

  13. Case Study: Leeds United… • Leeds Utd suffered near meltdown because of the collapse. • 2 relegations later they are only now getting themselves financially stable. • Signed players they could not afford and were still paying wages until 2 years ago! • ITV Digital were at the heart on the problem…

  14. Sponsorship… The Performer The Sponsor

  15. Commercial Pressure… • Top level sport is now linked inextricably linked with big business. • Success breeds success and pressure! • Win at all costs? • What loses out to whole-sale business? • Enjoyment • Participation • Fair play

  16. Football Vs. Netball… • Sponsorship uneven across all sports- why? • High profile sports attract high profile sponsors- Low profile get nothing! • As low profile sports fail to attract media coverage- they fail to receive any sponsorship! • International and NGB’s strive to retain autonomy but cannot survive without the media

  17. Key words from today?