gas laws in chemistry n.
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Gas Laws in Chemistry

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Gas Laws in Chemistry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gas Laws in Chemistry. l. Mr. Philip Boese. Brawley Union High School, Brawley, California. FINAL PRESENTATION. CTAP 295 Teaching with Technology. My CTAP 295 Web Based Lesson. Mr. Philip Boese Chemistry Teacher Brawley High School

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Gas Laws in Chemistry

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gas laws in chemistry
Gas Laws in Chemistry


Mr. Philip Boese

Brawley Union High School,

Brawley, California


CTAP 295 Teaching with Technology

my ctap 295 web based lesson
My CTAP 295 Web Based Lesson
  • Mr. Philip Boese
  • Chemistry Teacher
  • Brawley High School
my expectations of ctap 295
My Expectations of CTAP 295
  • Learn to make web pages for my classes
  • Learn more about internet resources for teaching
  • Fulfill my 150 hour continuing education requirement to renew my teaching credential
  • Find out how other teachers are using internet technology in their teaching
what i actually learned in ctap295
What I Actually Learned in CTAP295
  • How to use MS FrontPage to create and edit web pages
  • How to use MS PowerPoint in the classroom
  • How to make good lesson-planning decisions about using technology in my curriculum
  • How to use MS Excel to make spreadsheets and charts
successes in lesson implementation
Successes in Lesson Implementation
  • High Student Interest in Using Computers and Internet.
  • Enthusiasm for Making Power Point Presentations
  • Some students explored extensions of the assignment not otherwise possible.
lesson implementation shortcomings
Lesson Implementation Shortcomings
  • Student effort used understanding the computer instead of the lesson.
  • Difficult to arrange computer lab time and we could have used more lab time.
  • Less student understanding of gas property relationships was developed than the teacher had hoped for.
analysis of student performance data
Analysis of Student Performance Data
  • Almost all students made gains from pre-test to post-test
  • There is almost a suggestion of a correlation between high pre-test scores and high average for all unit activities
  • Although one gender did better on the pre-test, by the end both genders scored equally high
my gas laws web quest
My Gas Laws “Web Quest”

Although true Web Quests are elaborate and very time consuming to write, I made a simple and effective one by selecting questions I wanted students to answer and understand, finding links to web pages with the information I wanted students to process and having students follow the links to find the answers.

internet integration
Internet Integration

Screen Shot of Web page used on Web Quest

summary of revisions
Summary of Revisions
  • Re-write Pre-test / Post-test
  • Greater emphasis on student drawings of molecular dynamic simulations
  • More “drill and practice” on solving gas law problems algebraically based on conceptual understanding
concluding statement
Concluding Statement
  • My students were able to see how internet resources can be used in regular subject matter instruction as this lesson was implemented.
  • This teacher learned how to integrate internet resources into the lessons, how to make web pages, how to use powerpoint, and many other skills and ideas about using technology in teaching.

I will now be working as a “Digital Mentor” training other Brawley High School teachers in the skills being developed through our “Digital High School” grant.

  • I am currently working with another CTAP295 teacher training our teachers to use FrontPage to make web pages for the BUHS web site.

As my BUHS chemistry students take the Golden State exam, they have the advantage of having explored some chemistry topics on the internet and seen others via power point slide shows.

summary and observations
Summary and Observations
  • The Information Technology Revolution is a historically significant advancement in our civilization, similar in importance to the industrial revolution and the development of agriculture.
  • Educational institutions lag behind business and industry in implementing the fruits of this Info-Tech Revolution, but through programs like CTAP 295, progress is being made.