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WorkManager Concepts & Schema

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WorkManager Concepts & Schema. Course Outline. The Old “Business Rules” Traditional LBNL CAD Method New “Business Rules” Engineering Data Management WorkManager Schema New WorkManager practices Changes to OneSpace Designer. The Old “Business Rules” (i.e. none) Traditional LBNL CAD Method.

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course outline
Course Outline
  • The Old “Business Rules” Traditional LBNL CAD Method
  • New “Business Rules” Engineering Data Management
  • WorkManager Schema
  • New WorkManager practices
  • Changes to OneSpace Designer
the old business rules i e none traditional lbnl cad method
The Old “Business Rules” (i.e. none)Traditional LBNL CAD Method
  • Package file for models & MI file for prints stored to disk.

Which is the master model for a given design?

Where is the master model (whose directory)?

Which model goes with which print?

How do several people work on a design concurrently?

CoCreate does not support working with Packages!!

There is no archive of 3D models ...

  • Release is based on signed hard copy and drawing cards.

How many times must you fill out that information?

Can you easily search online for prints using category code, author, date, or keyword information?

Who approved the model?

LBL Master is NOT approved released data; only the hard copy is official!

new business rules engineering data management 1 of 4
New “Business Rules”Engineering Data Management (1 of 4)
  • WorkManager = Engineering Data Management

Also called EDM or PDM

  • Data accessed from WorkManager server over the network

Allows many people to work on a design concurrently.

  • Data for 3D models and 2D prints stored to WorkManager

All data is stored to one server, not spread through every user’s personal directory.

Allows data to be easily searched by standard information such as author, date, category code and title information.

Allows parts and subassemblies to be easily reused in many different assemblies.

Allows partial loads and suppressed container loading.

new business rules engineering data management 2 of 4
New “Business Rules”Engineering Data Management (2 of 4)
  • 3D Models are linked to 2D Prints

It’s easy to find the model that goes with a print or vice versa.

It’s easier to revise models and prints.

  • Revision control for models and prints

A new revision must be made to make changes to released models and prints. The revision is automatically incremented for you.

The designer is prompted for change notes that are automatically incorporated in the revised print.

new business rules engineering data management 3 of 4
New “Business Rules”Engineering Data Management (3 of 4)
  • Data is controlled by user ID, state, and permissions

userID = your WorkManager login

state = working, pending check, checked, or released

permissions = combination of state, userID, and group allowed to modify data

Data must be “reserved” and in a “work” state to be modified. While you have a model or print reserved, only you can make changes.

Your data cannot be modified by someone else unless you or your supervisor chooses to allow it.

Released models and prints cannot be changed. A new revision must be made to make changes to 3D models and 2D prints.

new business rules engineering data management 4 of 4
New “Business Rules”Engineering Data Management (4 of 4)
  • Electronic drawing card data and signatures

Any data the designer enters only has to be entered once in WorkManager, reducing the likelihood of typos.

Drawing card information is stored in the database and automatically fills out the title block in the associated print.

The release process in which the state of the data goes from “work” to “released” records the author, approver and dates in the database. This is the “electronic signature.”

  • Automatic release to print room

When a print is released, a PDF document is automatically generated and associated to the 2D print and 3D model and released to the print room.

The PDF version can be viewed onscreen and printed from Acrobat Reader without using Annotation or it can be exported to e-mail to someone.

The new electronic print room will automatically link these released PDF prints to the web job order system. (ETA April or May 2003)

workmanager schema 1 of 4

(License Server)


(Your Machines)

(WorkManager Server)

WorkManager Schema (1 of 4)
  • Electronic Drawing Card (metadata) and 2D and 3D documents are stored to WorkManager over network

The 3D model document data and 2D print document data as well as the electronic drawing card information or metadata are all stored over the network to the WorkManager Server.

workmanager schema 2 of 4
OSD & Database Menu

WorkManager Client

store models

or prints

load models

or prints

WorkManager Schema (2 of 4)
  • Data is loaded and saved through the WorkManager Client

Use WorkManager to to load models and prints - you can load anybody’s data – but not necessarily change it

Use the Database Menu in OSD to save new or modified data

workmanager schema 3 of 4
Masterdata Part Editor

List of Documents

Related to current

Masterdata Part

Document Editor

WorkManager Schema (3 of 4)
  • WorkManager client window has two parts:
    • Masterdata Part Editor
    • Document Editor
workmanager schema 4 of 4

Masterdata Part

3D Model Document

2D Drawing Document


WorkManager Schema (4 of 4)
  • WorkManager Masterdata = Electronic Drawing Card Data

Drawing Card information (print number, category code, title, etc.) is stored in a Masterdata Part record

  • WorkManager Documents = 3D and 2D Document Data

3D models and 2D print documents are related to the appropriate Masterdata Part by links

new wm practices 1 of 2
Search criteria


Find button

Clear button

New WM practices (1 of 2)
  • Finding data in WorkManager

Clear fields before starting a new search

Search any field in any combination

Use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard character

  • Clear before search
  • Enter search criteria
  • Hit Find button to execute query

find records created by “osborn” which contain “PART” in TITLE3

new wm practices 2 of 2
Desired document

Document Editor

Load button

New WM practices (2 of 2)
  • Loading models and prints

Once Masterdata has been located, select the appropriate 2D print or 3D model from the Related Documents list and hit the Load button

  • Select Document
  • Document appears in Document Editor
  • Hit Load button
changes to osd practices 1 of 4
Modified Part in OSD

Locked Part in OSD

Changes to OSD practices (1 of 4)
  • Modify and Read Only flags become important

The modify flag (floppy disk icon) indicates that you have made changes that need to be saved.

The read only (or locked) flag indicates that you do not have permission to make changes.

changes to osd practices 2 of 4
3D Model in a “work” state


by who?

Reserved and in “work”

3D Model Unlocked in OSD


Changes to OSD practices (2 of 4)
  • Permission to modify data is necessary

You cannot load up any model you like and change it. You must have permission to modify existing data. Permission is allowed if the data is reserved by you and in a “work” state.

You can store new versions or copy data whether it is yours or someone else’s.

changes to osd practices 3 of 4
Released 3D Model in WorkManager

Released 3D Model Locked in OSD


Changes to OSD practices (3 of 4)
  • Released models and prints cannot be modified

Released models and prints are locked regardless of who created them.

Released models and prints cannot be changed without storing a new revision or copying and storing as New Data. Period.

changes to osd practices 4 of 4
Database Menu

Saving New Data

Saving Modified Data



Database Icon

Changes to OSD practices (4 of 4)
  • Models and prints are saved using the “Database Menu”

Save new models or make changes to existing models using the Database Menu

Options are provided to save New Data, Overwrite existing data, or store New Versions as appropriate

  • Open Database Menu
  • Select Save 3D Data
  • Choose part or assembly
  • Select mode and hit Okay
more information
More Information
  • For more information

Visit the ALS CAD/E/M home page:

Read the online ALS WorkManager Introduction:


View this presentation or other class materials: