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Boost Your Clean Energy Courses. Welcome. Welcome. What & Who Purpose Design Test Drive Your Questions Your Participation. What & Who: Community Energy, Inc. Atlantic City. 1 st wind in NJ, IL, MA, NH and PA marketing. Keystone Solar. On-site Solar at Universities.

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  • What & Who

  • Purpose

  • Design

  • Test Drive

  • Your Questions

  • Your Participation

What who community energy inc
What & Who: Community Energy, Inc.

Atlantic City

1stwind in NJ, IL, MA, NH and PA marketing

Keystone Solar

On-site Solar at Universities

What who
What & Who

  • Who is in the audience?

  • Why did you attend this workshop?

  • What disciplines interest you?

Purpose of workshop
Purpose of Workshop

Universities jumpstarted wind in the Northeast

(now 1,000 MW in PA alone!)

Solar requires that same type initial exemplar project

We want to give back: provide student access to real world projects to pave their way to careers in renewable energy

F m and cei higher education partnering with business
F&M and CEI: Higher Education Partnering with Business

Keystone Solar Project

Green Power


Solar Development Course Materials Which Do Not Exist Anywhere Else. (Praxis)

Praxis Course Materials

F m course offerings
F&M Course Offerings

  • ENV 117 The Environment and Human Values

  • ENV 170 Tooth and Claw:  Conserving Ecosystems with Predators

  • ENV 216 Environmental Policy

  • ENV/STS/ANT 234 Population

  • ENV/STS 312 Environmental History

  • ENV/STS 313 Nuclear Power, Weapons, and Waste Disposal

  • ENV 314 Comparative Environmental Politics

  • ENV 372 Environmental Law

  • ENV 375 This is Garbage

  • ENV/BIO 374  Wildlife Conservation for a Changing Planet

  • ENV 454 Environmental Problems

  • FND Seas and Sustainability

  • FND Energy and Society

  • FND Coral Reefs: Microcosm of a Complex System

  • FND Food, Plants, and Nutrition

  • FND Conservation Biology

  • FND Global Change

  • FND The Nature of Oceans

  • FND Water, Life, Society

  • FND Environmental Issues in Chemistry

  • GEO 118 Introduction to Oceanography

  • GEO 221 History of the Earth

  • GEO 226 Surface of the Earth

  • GEO/ENV 250 Environmental Resources and Geographic Information Systems

  • GEO/ENV 344 Global Change/Natural Resources

AMS/ENV 280 American Landscapes

AMS/ENV 401 From Wilderness to Environmentalism

BIO 110 Principles of Evolution, Ecology, and Heredity

BIO 309 Plant Physiology and Biochemistry

BIO 323 Ecological Concepts and Applications

BIO 325 Marine Biology

BIO 336 Evolution

BIO 340 Plant Ecology

BIO/ENV 342 Forest Ecosystems

BIO 345 Nature Essays

BIO 374 Tropical Field Biology

BOS 200 Organizing in the 21st Century

BOS/ENV 335 Business and the Natural Environment

BOS 4xx Eco-preneuership

BOS 4xx Crisis Management

CHM 342 Environmental Chemistry

CHM 374 The Chemistry of Solar Energy Conversion

ECO 238 The Economy of Cities

ECO/ENV 240 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

ECO 320 International Trade

ENG/ENV 260 Nature and Literature

ENV/STS 172 Great Watersheds

ENV/GEO/STS 114 Earth, Environment, and Humanity

Course materials design
Course Materials Design

  • Objectives

  • Course Materials

  • Organization

  • How to Use

Course materials
Course Materials

  • Solar 101

  • Policy

  • Business

  • Technology

  • Business


Electrical Engineering



It Takes a Village


  • Embedded videos to introduce and explain

  • Link to the actual documents

  • “It Takes a Village”

How to use
How to Use

  • Independent Study / Internship for Credit

  • 2-3 week module within existing course

  • Classroom course

  • Online course

  • Career Information for Career Management Center (“It Takes a Village”)

  • Custom select a “special project”

  • Team Collaboration

Demo site identification
Demo: Site Identification


  • Example of a thread: Site Identification

    • Video explaining parameters for choosing a site

    • Video explaining how to use GIS to identify sites that fit parameters

    • Documents

      • Wetlands Report

      • GIS data sets

      • GIS Exercise and answer sheet

      • Letter to landowners to initiate conversation about using land for solar

Demo pathways to careers
Demo: Pathways to Careers


  • Example of a thread: “It Takes a Village”

    • Videos of professionals discussing their careers

    • Most common student questions answered: Why solar? Why did you choose this path? How did you get to where you are? What do you on a daily basis? What one piece of advice would you give to today’s students who want to do what you do? What’s your favorite part of your job?

How the materials are being used by franklin marshall
How the Materials are Being Used by Franklin & Marshall

  • Piloting and reviewing the materials

  • Familiarizing faculty

How the materials could b e u sed in the future
How the Materials Could Be Used in the Future

  • Sarah’s vision: Integration into intro-level courses

  • Erika Jozwiak

    • Link 2

Workshop group discussion
Workshop Group Discussion

How do we structure the greatest value for students?

  • What else would be valuable….

    • Real time video?

    • Webinar’s?

    • Site visit?

    • Training?

    • Other?

Who else would be interested in participating?

How you can help
How you can help

  • Guide further design and delivery

  • Engage others

  • Encourage your Institution’s sponsorship

Learn more
Learn More

Byron Woodman


Sarah Dawson

Joel Thomas

Erika Jozwiak