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Clean Energy Trust PowerPoint Presentation
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Clean Energy Trust

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Clean Energy Trust - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Clean Energy Trust
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  1. Clean Energy Trust

  2. 17+ million businesses in Nigeria (86% of total) rely on generators for ~70% of their power • Expensive ($0.40 - $0.60 /kWh) • Dirty (29 million metric tons of CO2 /yr) • Social headache (adds 40% to cost of goods/services) Big Problem Insert collage of pictures - banks, fast food chains and cell towers operating diesel generators

  3. $14 billion /year opportunity, growing at 7+% p.a. as economy/population expands • $10 billion /year spent on generators plus $4 billion on related diesel fuel Provides Huge Opportunity Population: 170 million 7th most populous in the world GDP (2012): $262 bn 2nd largest in Africa (6+% growth p.a.) Generating capacity: Grid: 4,000 MW Generators: ~6,000 MW (~60 million generators)

  4. Data-driven, bottom up approach to reducing diesel consumption • Diagnostic tool locks in customers with energy efficiency savings while providing platform to deploy Solar PV solutions and other complementary services (utility services) Our Solution – The BPS Platform Generation – Distributed Solar Diagnostic Tool – Beacon Monitor 1 3 2 Utility Services Broad footprint (5,000+ commercial locations) provides platform to offer utility services E.g. smart grid, demand response, energy management etc. Uses Monitoring data to develop PV based generation Offsets further 40% of diesel use PPA model - BPS develops, owns and operates, target <3.5 year payback on installation cost Monitors and controls energy use Reduces diesel usage 20+% (energy efficiency) Client acquisition tool – locks in customers and provides recurring revenue (razor/razor blade model) 4 4

  5. 1 Combination of hardware and software developed by BPS but hosted on partner vendors’ platforms Diagnostics - Beacon Monitor Overview Adapted technology to work in unique African environment Developed understanding of unique needs of commercial facilities in the region

  6. 1 Measures and records power use, source (grid or generator), generator run time (hours) and associated diesel consumption (liters) in 15 minute intervals Diagnostics - Beacon Monitor Information Data is used to size diesel generators and related electrical equipment and also as an audit tool to monitor and manage energy costs

  7. 1 Restaurant operated 300 kW diesel generator Annual diesel burn and cost were ~36,000 gallons and $144,000 respectively Diagnostics - Beacon Monitor Case Study Ongoing ~$50,000 /year savings offsets $3,000 annual fee (razor/razor blade model provides recurring revenue) 12,000 reduction in diesel fuel usage lowers CO2 footprint reduced by ~360 metric tons /yr., equivalent to taking 70 cars off the road! Now deploying Monitor across all 18 Kilimanjaro restaurants AND developing solar PV to provide further offset 40% in diesel use Demonstrates client acquisition strategy – target multi-facility owners, demonstrate value at initial location, replicate & sell other services e.g. solar Beacon Monitor allowed “right sizing” to 150 kW Saved ~$40,000 in replacement cost(offsets one-time BPS fee of $15,000 – with 60% target gross margin)

  8. 2 • Beacon Monitor provides data to design/develop PV solution (allows further 40% diesel reduction) Generation – Harnessing Solar PV Insert picture of demo “PV canopy” installation • Pool of Beacon Monitor users provide captive base for solutions such as PV generation • Already demonstrated value (established trust) • Data enables sizing, design and installation of appropriate PV solutions • Data provides basis to access debt financing

  9. 3 • Large footprint would enable Beacon provide utility scale services which don’t currently exist in Africa e.g. The Future – Utility Scale Services • Grid management to ensure stability (e.g. Comverge, Enernoc, Itron) • Demand response (e.g. Comverge, Enernoc, Itron) • Network of renewable distributed generation (e.g. REC Solar, SolarCity)

  10. Beacon Monitor II is a more robust, interactive platform with demand destruction capabilities (remotely control individual equipment to reduce energy use), and ability to support thousands of locations Company Evolution – Develop Platform for Scale Insert picture of new Monitoring user interface • Scalable software platform to achieve broad commercial footprint • Target 5,000+ facilities within three years • Platform to unlock PV and other complementary services

  11. Founded in Chicago, February 2010 Senior team has strong sector experience and track record of achieving results in Africa BPS Team BimAdisa, Founder/CEO NnamdiAgbakwu, VP Beacon Monitor ChikezieNzewi, SVP Operations J.S. Roy, VP Solar PV 7+ years developing solar PV projects Prior tenure at Socore and Power2Switch BSC Industrial Engineering, Michigan, MBA Chicago Booth 12+ years implementing energy efficiency projects Led development of several award winning LEED projects BSC Mechanical Engineering, San Francisco State University 12+ years implementing energy efficiency projects Led development of several award winning LEED projects BSC Mechanical Engineering, San Francisco State University 8+ years in financing and developing renewable projects Prior tenure at Deutsche Bank, Rolls-Royce and British Airways Beng Aerospace Engineering, MBA Kellogg

  12. Summary - Why BPS Attractive high-growth market Already showing results Building platform for sustainable advantage Simple yet effective solutions Solving a big problem $14 billion /yr. market in Nigeria alone $35 billion across sub-Saharan Africa No technology risk Adapting existing solutions in unique environment 60+ million generators Producing expensive, dirty power Relatedsocial problems 11 locations, $1 million /yr. revenue run rate 35% gross margins 20+% average diesel reduction achieved 5,000 + commercial facilities Provides footprint/channel for multiple services Enhanced by brand and IP

  13. For additional information, contact: BimbolaAdisa +1 773 875 2028

  14. Appendix

  15. Risks & Considerations