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WELCOME TO TRC. INFORMATION. TRC is a company on charge of the commercialisation of petroleum derivatives. We have a range variety of products and services and, however a large and efficient group of persons to satisfy our costumer ‘s needs through the following departments:

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TRC is a company on charge of the commercialisation of petroleum derivatives.

We have a range variety of products and services and, however a large and efficient group of persons to satisfy our costumer ‘s needs through the following departments:

Reception tarracosim@sefed.es

Marketing mak.tarracosim@sefed.es

Logistic log.tarracosim@sefed.es

Labour and accountancy lab.tarracosim@sefed.es

Our time table is: 9 am to 3 pm ( Monday to Friday) and for simulated company, we attend on phone, from 11:30 am to 3 pm.


Hotel d’Entitats

C/ Pons d’Icart S/N 6º planta

43004 Tarragona – Spain

Telephone : (34) 977 22 66 94

Fax : (34) 977 21 30 98


LIMPSA This product cleans and takes the grease out of the moons of the vehicles, on the other hand as much outer as by the interior.

LIQUID FOR TRANSMISSION TRC HD It transforms, controls and it transmits the mechanical stresses.

CLEANING LIQUID TRC WASH Neutral product used to realise the cleaning, waxed and protection of any nonporous surface.

FLUSIM is in charge to maintain the motor with the constant temperature (90º- 92º) for his correct operation.

LUBRICANT MULTIPURPOSE TRC MULTI Aerosol multipurpose that can clean, to protect of oxide, to lubricate any piece where the friction exists, to move the humidity, to loosen mechanisms, screws, spirals or any other joined metal.

HYDRAULIC LIQUID TRC HF. This lubricant contributes to a smaller fuel consumption and extends the life of the gears.

These products make possible the transmission of the force exerted on the pedal ‘s brake to the cylinders of traveling brake of automobiles.




ACETYLENE GAS CYLINDER OXYFLAM Rechargeable Bottles of acetylene for of autogenously equipments weld. They are: 14 cm diameter, 60 cm length, empty weight 10kg approximately and capacity of 5 litres.

GAS BUTANE. The main application of the gas butane is the one of fuel in homes for cooking and hot water.


The reception, as the main door and the principal point of contact between the customers and the company. is responsible of the telephone and the fax service, the courier reception and distribution and the attendance control of the persons who study and work in the simulate company.



This department is responsible of the promotion and distribution of our products. Sale section is on charge of the stock control, from the order form directed to the store. After getting the confirmation , prepares the bill with its corresponding deliver note and pass the transportation demand to another simulated company n charge of general the transport

logistic department
  • This is the department responsible of store and purchase. The store collects and administers the orders of the sales management (marketing) and controls the stocks, in order to serve customers with lowest price. The purchase service administers all the process of acquisition with the suppliers and selects the best products at the appropriated financial and delivery condition


Accountancy is a department on charge of the accountancy and registry of the company activities: cash, payment , purchase, etc.

Labour is a department on charge of human resources: contratation of the employees, their inscription and cancelation in the social security register, the TC payments and payrolls elaboration.

initiatives of events with the collaboration of the employees
Initiatives of events with the collaboration of the employees

The pupils/employed of SEFED took part in a succession of formative actions which at the same time also emerge by initiatives taken by themselves.

The pupils who requested it carried out international stays of three and/or four weeks of administrative practices in the United Kingdom.

Percentage of insertion

46% of pupils carried out the program and found employment. In addition we can say that 71% of pupils completed the program SEFED.

some projects like
Some projects like

Attendance to the 8th international Forum of simulated company in 2008.

The participation in the 6th FITTA

Living room of formation and work. It had place at the fairs and congress palace Tarragona with the intention to direct the future of the workers, the students and the companies.

The object of this forum was to complete the training reorganised in different centres and exchanged commercial experiences. There were more than 5000 visitors in the stands of simulated companies coming from 90 centres of Catalonia. The international aspect was given by the 23 stands of the centre like Germany, Italia, Australia, Sweden, Slovenia, Canada, France, Brazil, Finland, Bulgaria and Rumania.

1st Provincial Meeting Point

Meet simulated companies (SEFED EBRE, PROCAMP, TERRISSAL and TARRACOSIM) on September 30, 2008 to expose and exchange their products.