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Waad Nadhir has been in the real estate business for more than twenty-five years.Once you prepare and outline your pitch for the banks, print multiple copies of it. Visit several banks and personally deliver your proposal. Doing so will show the bankers that there is a real person behind the potential deal. It will also help your proposal not end up in “to be read at some point later” pile. Also, let every bank you visit know that you are talking to multiple financial institutions.

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Waad Nadhir

Real Estate Negotiations

As co-founder and President of BOSC Realty Advisors, Waad Nadhir has an extensive experience in real estate negotiations.You may have a lot of work ahead of you even after you find a commercial real estate property you’d like to buy. Let’s assume that you found a property that you’d like to acquire and it costs $500,000. If you have $500,000 in cash in the bank, then you can simply make an offer for the asking price, sign a contract, wire the money and close the deal. If you have an approved line of credit for a bank for the required amount, then the transaction will also be easy.

Waad Nadhir

Commercial Real Estate and Return on Investment

Waad Nadhir has been in commercial real estate business since 1989.The concept of return on investment or ROI is one of the most commonly used factors in evaluating real estate deals. However, this factor comes with a lot of variables and nuances.For example, if ROI is rental income divided by the price of the building, do you measure gross income or net income? If you are talking about net income, are you looking at pre-tax or after-tax numbers? Also, do you take mortgage interest into consideration when calculating your expenses?There are two big issues with ROI in commercial real estate investing. The first one is that there is no such thing as a generally great ROI because every investor has his own or her goals, resources and circumstances.

Waad Nadhir

How to Negotiate Commercial Real Estate Leases

Waad Nadhir has negotiated multiple commercial real estate leases since he created BOSC Realty Advisors in 1989.Leases play a critically important role in commercial real estate. A commercial property may be considered to be worth almost nothing if it has been sitting on the market for a long time. This is why in commercial real estate you need negotiation skills not just when buying or selling real estate, but also when finding tenants and negotiating lease terms with them.

When negotiating commercial leases try to avoid bargaining based on rental price. Always do your best to establish this amount as being non-negotiable.

Waad Nadhir

Differences between Commercial and Residential Financing

Waad Nadhir has been in the real estate business since 1989 and is an expert when it comes to real estate financing.There are two big differences between commercial and residential financing of properties.Lenders look at residential properties as personal residences. To qualify for a residential property loan, you need to show your creditworthiness first.Lenders view commercial properties differently. They know that a commercial property is a place of business, which is why they are first interested in the ability of a commercial property to generate income. Your primary goal when seeking to finance for a commercial property is to show that it will bring more income than it will take in expenses and mortgage payments.


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