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Introduction – Emily Bambridge PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction – Emily Bambridge

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Introduction – Emily Bambridge - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction – Emily Bambridge. Recap of the proposed changes Breeding and Stud Management - Update Activity - Update Marketing and Communications - Update Operations - Update 2012 – Learning’s and Improvements 2013 – a challenging year Conclusion. Recap of Proposed Changes.

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introduction emily bambridge
Introduction – Emily Bambridge

Recap of the proposed changes

Breeding and Stud Management - Update

Activity - Update

Marketing and Communications - Update

Operations - Update

2012 – Learning’s and Improvements

2013 – a challenging year


recap of proposed changes
Recap of Proposed Changes

The current structure has been in place since 1970

Committee is large and unwieldy

Decision making a slow process

There is no strategy, no 5 year plan and no 1 year plan to support it

Structure too flat with everyone involved in every decision

Decision making labour intensive with decision rarely made outside of the Committee

It takes an age to get things done

recap of proposed changes the new structure
Recap of Proposed ChangesThe New Structure

Secretary MD /Chair Treasurer

Stud Book Activity Marketing & Operations

& Breeding Communications

  • Individual areas become sub groups
  • Headed by individual – will become an officers position
  • Heads appoint a deputy
  • Meets as determined by themselves
  • Provides report on progress to the main committee
  • Brings proposals to the main committee for agreement
  • Sub groups should not work in isolation but should cross over and involve other areas
recap of the proposed changes what happened after the last agm
Recap of the Proposed ChangesWhat happened after the last AGM?

Agreement was given by Membership for 12 month trial

Job Descriptions drawn up

At first committee meeting:-

Heads appointed on a probationary basis for 12 months

Deputies appointed for each area

12 Month plan was developed and presented – agreed by whole committee

Sub groups then went off to deliver the plan

Priority given to impending Inspections and Spring Show

breeding and stud management update jane evers swindell progress against plan
Breeding and Stud Management – UpdateJane Evers-SwindellProgress Against Plan

Review of the Stud Book – Findings and actions taken

2012 Inspections

breeding and stud management update jane evers swindell
Breeding and Stud Management – UpdateJane Evers-Swindell

Initial Plans for 2013

Passports to be made DEFRA standard

2013 Inspections

Complete Stud Book review

Extend usage of the Grassroots system

Encourage and promote the breeding of quality Haflingers, but with responsible with considerate thought to the future welfare and safety of all Haflingers bred.

activity update kim ginns
Activity – UpdateKim Ginns

2012 Plan

Organise and hold the National Breed Show

Organise and hold a National Spring Show

Gain support for setting up Regional events

Develop a diary of events and publish to the membership

Provide activities to cover a mixture of the following:-


Show Jumping


In hand work e.g. parelli


Develop and introduce a system for awarding bursaries

Work with Breeding and Stud Management to train judges and stewards

Advertise the points competition and increase membership by 20%

activity update kim ginns1
Activity – UpdateKim Ginns

Progress Against Plan

Spring Show – Booked and Advertised – Cancelled

Co-ordinators in 3 Regions

Eastern Region Flat Work – Booked and Advertised – Cancelled

Autumn Le-trec and Jumping – Booked and Advertised – Cancelled

Driving Day – Langton Lodge – 1st July

Questionnaire so that you can let us know your thoughts on what you'd like to see

activity update kim ginns2
Activity - UpdateKim Ginns

Progress Against Plan

Breed Show held on 27, 28, 29 July

Training Bursary – £150 awarded towards own training

Advertise the points competition and increase membership

activity update kim ginns3
Activity - UpdateKim Ginns

2013 Plans

Breed Show!

Breed Show Vacancies:-


Stable Manager

Sponsorship Co-ordinator

Oxnead Sale Weekend - 18/19th May

Increase the training Bursary

Encourage entries to Windsor, Royal Norfolk, Three Counties

Riding Academy

marketing and communications update january tewson
Marketing and Communications - UpdateJanuary Tewson

2012 Plan - Progress

Facebook page - implement or shelve

Development of website and frequent updating

Links to dedicated personnel

Pages for subgroups

FOH on line



For Sale List developed and linked to FOH and website

Haflinger promotion with outside publications - 4 articles this year

marketing and communications update january tewson1
Marketing and Communications - UpdateJanuary Tewson

Initial Plans for 2013

  • New Members Welcome Pack
  • Further development of website incl links to dedicated personnel and pages for subgroups as well as expansion of the awards section (2012 trophy winners will be featured shortly!)
  • Better organisation of FOH!
  • More Merchandise
  • More events to send Society Stand to and co-ordination of volunteers to man it.
  • More articles in outside publications
operations malcolm burton
OperationsMalcolm Burton

2012 Plan – Progress

Review and amended Complaints procedure – available on the website

Ongoing work updating the Society’s constitution

Health and Safety at the Breed Show

Code of Conduct


operations malcolm burton1
OperationsMalcolm Burton

2012 Plan – Progress

Customer Charter


Quarterly reports from Chair, Secretary and Registrar in newsletter

Summary of committee discussions to appear in newsletter in the next available issue

AGM papers dispatched to members by 1st class post in compliance with regulatory requirements (currently not less than 23 days before the meeting). Ballot papers where applicable to be sent with AGM papers

Announcement of Officer and Trustee vacancies at suitable date


Issue of passports within 2 weeks

Processing of transfers within 10 days

Response to general enquiries within 2 days

Updating of studbook annually


Membership cards/ introductory literature to be sent within 14 days of receipt of subscription

operations malcolm burton2
OperationsMalcolm Burton

Customer Charter (Cont.)


Response to website queries within 3 days

Updating of website (including for sale list) every fortnight

Publication & distribution of newsletter every quarter by agreed deadlines


Agreement of date(s)/venue for inspections 4 – 6 months in advance.

Contact owners of eligible animals 4 – 6 months in advance.


Announcement of Breed Show date and venue by end of previous year

Publication of Breed Show schedule by end March each year

Publication of dressage times etc 7 days before show

Publication of Breed Show results 7 days after show


Payment of invoices within 1 month

Cheques/cash banked within 2 weeks

operations malcolm burton3
OperationsMalcolm Burton

2013 Plan

The Society's Articles

Conflict of interest policy

Conflict of interest register

Initial risk assessment

other things we have done emily bambridge
Other things we have doneEmily Bambridge

'Grassroots' (Stud Book System)

Presentation to explain full potential of system

3 People attended training

Results of 2012 Inspections

Feedback received

Costs analysis due for 2013

2013 Inspections

other things we have done emily bambridge1
Other things we have doneEmily Bambridge
  • Training Judges and Inspectors
    • Judges contacted
    • Definitive list of judges and trainee judges drawn up for 2013
    • Two new judges appointed:-
      • Angela Langman
      • Hazel Davies
  • 7 Trainee Judges identified and accepted for training
  • Some already experienced judges and potential fast track material
  • Stewarding at Breed Show for International Judge seen as educational opportunity for would be judges
  • Judges Training day and assessment scheduled for May 18/19
2012 learning s and improvements emily bambridge
2012 Learning’s and ImprovementsEmily Bambridge

Things take much longer than expected

Better communication between the team

More accurate and realistic planning

Communication is fast! Too fast.

“A lie is half way round the world

before truth has got his boots on”

Please........... contact me or one of the team if you want to know what is really going on. Facebook is not always correct!

2013 a challenging year emily bambridge
2013 - A Challenging YearEmily Bambridge

Formalise the new structure

Paperwork (Memorandum and Articles)

Actual Committee Meetings

Ensure we have the right people in the right jobs

Have they achieved their plans for 2012

Would someone else be better suited - skills audit

Draw up 2013 plans

Specific, Measurable, Timely, Achievable

Hold people responsible for achieving the plans

conclusion emily bambridge
ConclusionEmily Bambridge

The old structure of the committee is large, flat and unwieldy

The new structure has streamlined the committee

Things get done much quicker, more efficiently

Now members of a board leading a Company

2013 will see us concentrating on the things that matter to our membership:-

Delivering top class events for our members including Inspections, Breed Show, events and training etc.

Getting FOH out on time!

Regular updating of the website and increased merchandising

In the background we will also be working on:-

Formalising the new structure

Getting the Articles fit for purpose

Training our people