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The Landry News

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The Landry News
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The Landry News

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  1. The Landry News By Devin, Geoffrey, Emily, Jon, and Jack

  2. Introduction • Hey! There is a book called The Landry News! You should read it! Some kids in Mr. Gill’s 4th grade class read that book. And they all said that was a great book to read. It’s about two people their names are Cara and Mr. Larson. To find out more things check out this power-point.

  3. There are many characters in this story here is some Cara Mr. Larson Ed Joey Dr. Barnes Miceal Morton Leeann Characters

  4. Settings • The settings were Denton Elementary School,Auditorium,Cafeteria,School Bus,and Cara Landry’s Home. • The main problem was the Landry news was wrote. Mr.Larson was mad at it. He was mad it was wrote Because it was not true to him.To cara it was true. Mr.Larson now hates The Landry news.He could get fired.

  5. Chapters 1/2 • Cara causes all of the problems in the book. Why?The Landry news. Mr. Larson read the Landry news and got mad. He ripped it up.He was so mad.

  6. Chps.3/4 • Cara meets LeeAnn, Ed, and Joey on the bus , then they talk about how Cara knows everything. Mr. Larson sees his old teacher Mrs. Spellman at the beach. Mr. Larson wants to be a real teacher because all he does is sit at his desk ,and read a magazine or a newspaper .

  7. Chapters 5/6 Cara was taping back The Landry News incense Mr. Larson ripped up The Landry News then Cara’s mom stabbed the paper with her nail, and said this is cruel this is because of dad right. Cara was sweating she doesn't even sweat in gym she was in health class she was sweating because she was scared , she felt like a coward, Cara wanted to go to school early before all the other kids to give Mr. Larson a note the note was about that she was sorry about the one part that talked about Mr.Larson.

  8. Chapters 7/8 Mr. Larson and Cara are talking about The Landry News and the bell rang. Kids were thinking of new ideas for The Landry News. Steven is reading a article that some animals were being added to The Landry News.

  9. Chapters 9/10 • Ms.Steinet and Mr. Larson are talking about a lot of things. • Cara and Joey are working on the news paper.

  10. Chapters 11/12 • The principal found the Landry news and almost fired Mr.Larson. For being lazy. Mr.Larson showed why he hates the Landry news. By writing it on the board. He wrote disgrace, foolish, stupid and a lot more.

  11. Chapter 13 was about when Dr. Barnes had a meeting with Mr. Larson about what Mr. Larson was allowing his 5th grade class to put in The Landry News. So Know Mr. Larson thinks he is going to get Fired!!! Chapter 14 is about when Cara and her friends were on the bus talking about The Landry News. And Ed said that The Landry News should be called something else. Joey said no it should not. Chapters 13 & 14

  12. This chapter is about if you have a problem with your pet or getting junk food, well there was a kid who had a problem with his cockatiel bird and the bird had a problem the problem was that the bird only said pretty bird, pretty bird, pretty bird, so he went to pets you bet and he told the person how many times I say a different word he still says pretty bird so then the person at pets you bet why do you even bother talking to a bird. This chapter is about Mr. Larson getting a brown folder with 2 papers in it the first one is from Dr. Barnes and the seven school board memembers. Chapters 15/16

  13. Chapters 17/18 This chapter is about when Cara lets Michael Morton write a paper about his parents divorce so it can be on The Landry News his parents got in a divorce by arguing so when he herd his parents say lets get a divorce he went to his room and got his bat and smashed all his trophies. This chapter is about Cara is on the bus and she's sitting next to Joey and both of them didn’t even say a word Cara felt so bad she thought the mess that Mr. Larson got into was all her fought but the silence broke Joey told Cara a question the question was are you going to keep publishing The Landry News.

  14. Chps.19/20 • Mr.Larson gets in trouble when Cara types in Lost and Found . Dr.Barnes doesn't accept it. In defense of Mr.Larson Michael Morton reads it out loud in front of everyone including his mom.

  15. Main Problem • The main problem was Mr. Larson was mad at the Landry news. He did not know it was true. Dr. Barnes does not like the part about the kid’s parents divorce.