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data is worthless without data management services n.
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Concept of Data Management Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Concept of Data Management Services

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Concept of Data Management Services
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Concept of Data Management Services

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  1. Data is worthless without data management services

  2. Data can be extremely valuable. Many businesses hold large amounts of undervalued legacy data and generate vast quantities of data wealth on an on-going basis. Accessing and extracting the maximum value from that data can be difficult without the right strategies, tools and processes in place. • The concept of data management services arose in the 1980s as technology moved from sequential processing to random access storage. Since it was now possible to store a discreet fact and quickly access it using random access disk technology, those suggesting that data management was more important than business process management used arguments such as "a customer's home address is stored in 75 places in our computer systems. • However, during this period, random access processing was not competitively fast, so those suggesting “process management” were more important than data management services used batch processing time as their primary argument.

  3. As software applications evolved into real-time, interactive usage, it became obvious that both management processes were important. If the data was not well defined, the data would be mis-used in applications. If the process wasn't well defined, it was impossible to meet user needs. Organising your data efficiently and analysing the full value within it will drive: • Operational efficiencies • Valuable market insights • New strategies and business opportunities Resulting of data management services:

  4. Extract the full value of your data • Ensure your data security is robust • Enable your businesses to achieve a true competitive advantage • The first challenge of data management is capturing all of your available data. • We then go on to align the data we find with your business processes and market opportunities. Our ability to generate accurate and genuinely useful insights very quickly is what we believe sets us apart. • Using a mix of technical tools and robust data science methodologies we will take your data and shape it so that you have access to analytics that are specifically focused on your business needs. The way the analytics are presented will make it easy to extract the competitive advantage held within your data.

  5. The key to data management services success is: • Speed • Accuracy  • Relevance • Genuine insight • Data is worthless if you can't interpret it. No matter how good the data you hold is, if you can’t extract its insights, you can’t extract its value. The quicker you can get to an insight, the more potentially valuable your data can be in gaining competitive advantage. • The Virtual Forge is continually building on our deep-seated experience of designing data analytics solutions specific to clients’ needs.