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Data Management Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Data Management Services

Data Management Services

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Data Management Services

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  1. Data Management Services

  2. A Simplified Look At The Data Center Infrastructure Data center solutions • Data center solutions have now become a mainstay of current computing life. These commercial applications allow companies to run their data services from a specialized remote setup. This gives them a higher amount of control, ensures the smoother functioning, and increased performance. All of this is current knowledge in the market, especially among the consumers.  Page 2

  3. Very few people have an understanding of what a data center infrastructure has, its components and general framework. If you were to oversimplify the infrastructure for the sake of creating a flowchart, you would end up with three main systems. These three main systems enable the entire facility to function. The main systems are; energy, computing, and networking. Data Center Infrastructure  Page 3

  4. There are other systems that enable the data center installation to operate, but these are the most consequential. The computing system forms the foundation of the computing resources that enable the data center to function. This encompasses all of the computing hardware such as servers and computing software such as server operating systems that combined create a resource infrastructure. This system is critical and takes up a large amount of space in the form of floor space for the installation of server machines.  Page 4

  5. Fundamental System Of Data Center Solutions • The second fundamental system of data center solutions is the energy system. A data center is primarily a series of linked computer hardware technology that enables the Virtualization of resources through a network. Such a massive amount of technology requires a massive amount of energy to run. Furthermore, because these installations are mission critical to the functioning of the companies that rely on them, the facility must always have access to energy. This means that the energy system created is composed of the main system and a redundancy backup such as auto kick-in generators. The redundancy systems ensure the power supply is constant.  Page 5

  6. Networking System for Data Center • The last fundamental system is the networking system. A data center is a remote resource center. The resources contained within the data center must be availed to the companies that require them. This usually means that the services are delivered over the internet. The amount of resources requires the creation of a reliable and consistent networking infrastructure. This must also be constantly available which means that it has its own redundancies designed into the system.  Page 6

  7. This is what the data center infrastructure looks like in real simplified terms. An understanding of the infrastructure helps understand the necessity and value of these resource facilities.  Page 7

  8. Contact us for more details: Zensar Technologies Address: Zensar Technologies Ltd. Second Floor, Wing 2, Cluster C, EON Free Zone, Kharadi, Plot No. 1, S. No. 77, MIDC Kharadi Knowledge Park, Pune - 411 014Email id: Thank You  Page 8