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APPLYING TO UNIVERSITY. Choosing the right University. 19 higher education institutions vary in subject areas , specialist focus, student population, location, size and style of teaching

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Applying to university

Choosing the right University

  • 19 higher education institutions

  • vary in subject areas, specialist focus, student population, location, size and style of teaching

  • campus based universities; distance-learning university; educational partnership institution; art schools; conservatoire

Applying to university

Consider subjects that:

  • you enjoy at school

  • you are good at

  • relate to a job/career you are interested in

    Do your research now:

  • read through prospectuses

  • he conventions

  • institution open days

  • subject specific events

  • careers fairs

Choosing the right Course

Making Sense of University

Choose UWS/2009

Applying to university

Universities and Colleges Admissions Service

  • Fee of £23 (2014 entry) or £12 for applications to only one course

  • CUKAS application fee of £16

  • You can apply for up to five different courses

Applying to university

Medicine Dentistry Veterinary

  • Deadline of 15th October

  • Maximum of four choices in any one of Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine and Science

Oxford and Cambridge

  • Deadline of 15th October

  • You can apply to one course at either Oxford or Cambridge

Applying to university

Entry Criteria

  • Academic qualifications

  • New national qualifications replacing Standard Grade and Intermediate 1 and 2, along with revised Higher and Advanced Higher, continue to provide benchmark for University admissions criteria

Applying to university

  • Personal Achievements

    Personal statement

    highlighting evidence of wider experiences and/or achievement, such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award, volunteering, caring or part-time employment

  • Satisfactorily performance at interview or audition

Entry Criteria

Applying to university

Entry criteria can change from one year to the next

Will vary depending on course and institution

Entry criteria can change from one year to the next

Will vary depending on course and institution

Applying to university

Advanced Entry

Advanced Highers, Baccalaureates and Completion of an HNC or HND can lead to advanced entry to a UWS degree programme

Applying to university

Art and Design

  • Deadline of 15th January or 24th March for art and design courses - check each institution for their preferred date

  • You can apply for up to five courses

Applying to university

  • music courses

  • UCAS

  • CUKAS - for applications to an academy of music

  • CUKAS applications require:

  • Academic Referee

  • Music Referee

Applying to university

Personal Statement

  • Acompelling,engagingandwell informed applicant

  • Interests,talentsandaccomplishmentsthat demonstrate your personality

  • Career aspirations

  • Details of jobs, work experienceand voluntary work

  • Statement must be your own work and not copied from other material

  • Should be relevant to all your course choices

Applying to university

Personal Statement

Applying to university

  • 1 September 2013

  • UCAS starts accepting applications online at

  • 15 January 2014

  • UCAS deadline for most applications

  • Admissions Officers assess your application

  • You may be invited to:

    • Attend an interview

    • Submit a portfolio of work

    • Sit an admissions test

Applying to university

  • Admissions Officers can make one of three decisions:

  • Conditional Offer

  • Unconditional Offer

  • Unsuccessful

  • April/May

  • Universities and colleges must have sent decisions on all applications received by 15 January

  • mid May

  • Applicants must make their decisions on first choice of institution and insurance choice

Applying to university

  • Extra

  • February - June

  • Opportunity to apply to one course if you have received no offers or have changed your mind

  • Adjustment

  • 18th - 31st August

  • Opportunity for applicants who exceed the conditions to reconsider their selection

  • Clearing

  • August - September

  • Opportunity for students with conditional or no offers to find a place at Universities with vacancies

Applying to university