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APPLYING TO UNIVERSITY. 2012- 2013. Willing and Qualified. Applying to University. All applications to Ontario Universities must go through the University Application Centre. ONTARIO UNIVERSITY APPLICATION CENTRE OUAC.

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applying to university


2012- 2013

Willing and Qualified

applying to university1
Applying to University

All applications to Ontario Universities must

go through the University Application Centre

ontario university application centre ouac

The Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC), located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, is a central bureau whose key function is the processing of applications for admission to the province’s universities

The OUAC will forward applications to all requested universities and/or programs regardless of the qualifications of the applicant. The OUAC does not make any admission decisions.

Phone: (519) 823-1940Fax: (519) 823-5232

application cycle


Information Gathering

Mark Reporting


Program Information Distribution

Undergraduate study is the first level of academic work available at a university and leads to a bachelor's degree
check out admission requirements
Check out admission requirements
  • Every University could have different requirements (even for the same type of program)
  • Check out the University viewbooks and the eInfo to be certain of what your program requires
admission requirements

Meet the requirements

of the Universities



4U or 4M credits


Averages 70% +


Ex. Audition

review degree types
Review Degree Types

University Undergraduate degrees

  • BA – Bachelor of Arts
  • BSC – Bachelor of Science
  • BASC- Bachelor of Arts and Sciences
  • BA/BED – Bachelor of Education and Arts

Universities hand out degrees, Colleges hand out diplomas and some Colleges are involved in Collaborative degrees

scholarships awards university
Scholarships & AwardsUniversity

4 Types of University Scholarships and Awards

  • APPLICTION REQUIRED – submit an application to the University – found on website
  • APPLICATON NOT REQURIED – automatic consideration
  • RENEWABLE – received for more than 1 year
  • NON-RENEWABLE – entrance award one year
school based awards
School Based Awards
  • Some are automatic (based on average)
  • Fill out the consideration for awards form in the guidance office and hand in by the end of your grade 12 school year

Click on the red star select topic

Getting Started

Applying for OSAP

Getting OSAP

Repaying OSAP



Applying On-line

to Ontario’s Universities

COMPASS.101 for Ontario Secondary School Students


Mark Your Calendar Applying to University

January 16, 2013: Latest date to submit completed on-line applications to the OUAC.

February 5, 2013: Recommended last day to make changes to your application.

May 29, 2013: Date by which the universities must respond to your application for admission.

June 3, 2013: Earliest date by which the universities may require a response to offers of admission .

June 3, 2013: Earliest date by which the university may require a financial commitment from applicants.

Ontario Universities’ Application Centre 2006


Before using COMPASS.101you will need:

  • a PIN (Personal Identification Number)
  • a school number
  • a student number
  • a list of your researched options

Ontario Universities’ Application Centre 2006


Your COMPASS Access Codes

Your guidance counsellor will give you aconfidential letter containing your access codes:

  • PIN (Personal ID#)
  • School Number
  • Student Number

Your PIN is confidential!

Don’t share it with anyone else!

These numbers allow you to access your COMPASS.101 Application.

Ontario Universities’ Application Centre 2006


101 Application

Once you’ve selected your programs, you’re ready to prepare and submit your application following these six steps below:

1. Review the programs that you have on your application.

3. & 4. Your school may have already provided much of this data. Check it for accuracy and make changes where necessary.

5. The universities require you to answer nine questions. (Don’t worry—they’re easy!)

2. Number your choices in order of preference. This doesn’t affect admission or scholarships unless the university specifies this in their literature.

6. Review and report errors to your guidance office.

Ontario Universities’ Application Centre 2006

and post secondary
and Post Secondary
  • Avoid dark, juvenile or offensive addresses

Submitting Your Application

Once you click “Submit”, you will verify all the information on your application. Print it for your records. Be sure to read and accept the Applicant’s Declaration. Once you have selected the “I Verify and Agree” button, you can no longer change your application information within this session.

Click here to proceed to the payment screen.

Ontario Universities’ Application Centre 2007



Once you have chosen your method of payment, and clicked the “Finish ” button, you will immediately receive an OUAC Reference Number.

The OUAC cannot process your application without the application fee.

Ontario Universities’ Application Centre 2007


Paying for your application

You have the following three options:


Ontario Universities’ Application Centre 2006

remember to
Remember to….
  • Print the screen displaying your OUAC ReferenceNumber (2012-xxx-xxx) and further instructions; it’s the screen right after the final Submit step.
  • Record yourPIN and store it in a safe place. You will need it to review your application and respond to offers of admission.
  • Use your OUAC Reference Number and PIN to access the on-line “Review and Change Your Completed Application” system.