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Networks. What is a Computer Network?. A group of computers and/or devices connected together. Types of Networks. LAN WAN. Configuration of Networks. Hard-wired (Ethernet) TCP/IP is the only protocol you need to worry about

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what is a computer network
What is a Computer Network?
  • A group of computers and/or devices connected together

Types of Networks

  • LAN
  • WAN
configuration of networks
Configuration of Networks
  • Hard-wired (Ethernet)
    • TCP/IP is the only protocol you need to worry about
    • Protocols are the agreed-upon ways that computers exchange information. A protocol can be thought of a set of rules that keeps everything flowing correctly. A set of stop lights represents a traffic protocol that helps avoid collisions.
    • TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. It is the protocol of the Internet.
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi)
    • Wireless router and access point
    • Radio signals (2.4 GHZ or 5 GHZ)
  • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)
  • Cable Modem
  • Modems
  • T1,T3 A T3 line is an assembly or group of T1 lines. Each T3 line consists of 28 T1 lines. Signaling speed of each T1 line is 1.544 MBPS that makes a T3 line of 45 MBPS (28 x 1.544 MBPS)
  • Wi-Fi
advantages of networking
Advantages of Networking
  • Sharing Internet access
  • Sharing devices (printers, CDROMs)
  • Sharing folders and files
  • Game playing
disadvantages of networking
Disadvantages of Networking
  • Security
  • Spread viruses
  • Game playing
network speeds
Network Speeds
  • Modem: 56.6kbps
  • Broadband: Varies

ResidentialHigh Speed Internet Packages:

Download Upload Monthly Price

2MB 256K $29.95

3MB 256K $39.95

4MB 512K $49.95

what equipment is needed
What Equipment is Needed?
  • Network adapter w/ driver disk
  • Hub, or switch, or router
  • Network cable
networking the big picture
Networking – The Big Picture
  • Prepare your Computer
  • Install Network Card
  • Install Drivers & Related Software
  • Configure Networking Software
configure for lan access
Configure for LAN Access
  • Go into the Network Neighborhood properties
configure for lan access cont d
Configure for LAN Access cont’d
  • On the Identification tab, configure the name of the computer (compxx) and the name of the workgroup (acse)
configure for lan access cont d1
Configure for LAN Access cont’d
  • Configure for File and/or Printer Sharing
last thoughts
Last Thoughts…
  • Take advantage of the ability to share network resources (folders, printers, devices)
  • Think about network security