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mystery behind the service to mankind n.
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Mystery Behind the Service to Mankind PowerPoint Presentation
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Mystery Behind the Service to Mankind

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Mystery Behind the Service to Mankind
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Mystery Behind the Service to Mankind

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  1. Mystery Behind the Service to Mankind Twenty Third Word, Second Chapter, Fourth Remark

  2. Differentiation? • What is the first thing that comes to your mind that differentiates man from other creation? • What is it that makes man receive the service it does? • What is it that gives man his rank?

  3. Weakness and Impotence • Its definitely not his mind, knowledge, wisdom or power. • Its his weakness and impotence! • His weakness and impotence gives him a status above all creatures and allows him to receive the service he does.

  4. Proof? • Chick causes the mother hen to attack a lion. • Lion cub subjugates to itself a hungry and savage lioness, leaving the mother hungry and the cub full. • The hungry foxes in comparison to satisfied worms and fish. • The decrease in the comfort of children as they attain knowledge and power.

  5. Doesn’t Confidence Equal Success? • The promoters of “believe in yourself, believe in your abilities, have confidence, etc...” thinking it will lead to success are mistaken. • We can see empirically that it doesn’t work for everyone. • We then blame the failure on genetics and luck.

  6. Doesn’t Confidence Equal Success? cont. • Nothing to do with genetics or luck! • The truth it that the successful person was supplicating and expressing his weakness through his tongue of disposition. • “Only he sometimes wrongly attributes to his own power the attainment of a wish, that has been obtained for him through the supplications offered by the tongue of his disposition.” Twenty Third Word

  7. State of Being • We should always be in the state of impotence and feel our weakness. • When we are trying to fulfil our duties as a servant to God. • Learning about God. • Trade for the hereafter. • When we attempt to succeed in this world. • School • Sports • Marriage • Children

  8. Mary, the Mother of Jesus • She becomes pregnant to Jesus, while she is a virgin. • She prefers to die, fearing her explanation would not be accepted by the people around her. • So she decides to travel to the mountains expecting to pass away due to the pitfalls.

  9. Mary, the Mother of Jesus cont. • She is however protected due to her weakness. • Receives fresh dates from a dead tree for her survival. • The infant Jesus talks for her support and becomes her witness.

  10. Realm of Melekut • “Wouldn’t you want this world to be theirs and the next to be ours?” Hadith • How do we progress in the realm of melekut? • How do we become known in the realm of melekut? • The secret is: • Feeling your weakness and impotence. • Becoming infamous in this world. • The more your feeling of weakness and impotence intensifies, the more you will be showered with bounties, gifts, abilities, presents, etc...

  11. Verbal, State and Conduct • It is quite easy to say that you are weak and impotent verbally. • Are we saying it with our state of being and conduct? • That’s the secret!

  12. Difference between the Owner and the Slave • The owner will come home to: • Lay on the couch. • Ask for his coffee. • Get his feet washed. • The slave will come home to: • Continue working. • No room for arrogance. • Does not expect any praise.

  13. Soil (Toprak) • No ego, always in humility. • Stomped all over. • Spat on. • Most of life stem from soil. • Trees, plants, flowers, vegetables, fruit, etc...

  14. Consequences of Ingratitude and Denial • Mother takes the child of her back and tells them to walk. • Soon as we begin to claim ownership and praise ourselves, the bounties and the ease in life will disappear.

  15. Advances and Attainments of Civilisation • “This means that man's domination and human advances and the attainments of civilization, which are to be observed, have been made subject to him not through his attracting them or conquering them or through combat, but due to his weakness. He has been assisted because of his impotence. They have been bestowed on him due to his indigence. He has been inspired with them due to his ignorance. They have been given him due to his need.” Twenty-Third Word

  16. Conclusion • Due to the service you receive, the status you have been given, you should feel: • Unlimited gratitude. • Knowing you limit. • Humility. • Examples: • Captain of a ship. • Soldier compared to a General of the army.