Ibm pureapplication system encryption
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IBM PureApplication ™ System Encryption. Today’s CIO’s Challenges:. Consolidate and Simplify the Infrastructure Cybersecurity Access Integrity Control Privacy-Consumer Data Protection Confidentiality Intellectual Property Protection Theft Prevention Compliance

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Ibm pureapplication system encryption

IBM PureApplication™ System Encryption

Ibm pureapplication system encryption

Today’s CIO’s Challenges:

  • Consolidate and Simplify the Infrastructure

  • Cybersecurity

    • Access

    • Integrity

    • Control

  • Privacy-Consumer Data Protection

  • Confidentiality

    • Intellectual Property Protection

    • Theft Prevention

  • Compliance

    • Supporting a multitude of differing EU & North American Consumer Privacy, Financial and Healthcare Regulations

  • Private & Public Cloud Enablement

  • Foreign Government and/or Corporate Espionage

  • AND….Reduce Costs!!

Costs of cybercrime
Costs of Cybercrime

  • From the Ponemon Institute

  • (conducts independent research on privacy, data protection and information security policy)

  • Interviews with 60 large U.S. Companies:

  • Average annualized cost of Cybercrime rose 26% in 2013 to $11.6 million per company

    • Loss or theft of information

    • Disruption of Business Operations

    • Revenue Loss

    • Destruction of property, plant and equipment

    • Detection, Investigation, Incident Response, Containment Recovery

  • Average 122 successful attacks per week, up 18% from 2012

  • Invest in Adequate Cybersecurity Resources

  • Monitor systems for early detection

  • “Many attacks are subtle, stealthy and probably will beat your system”

  • Solutions – Bringing Costs Down

    Ibm pureapplication system encryption

    Worldwide Regulatory Environment

    No single standard for “what/how much to encrypt”

    Best Practice:ENCRYPT ALL DATA!

    Customer environments
    Customer Environments

    Geographic Redundant Data Centers & Communications

    • Enterprise Characteristics

      • East / West or NY / Jersey (Financial Markets)

      • Real Time or Delayed Take-over depending on Cost Parameters

      • Multi-Nationals require Business Recovery

      • Fully Operational Facilities, not stand-by “cold” environments

    • SMB Characteristics

      • Meet HIPPA ex: Doctor’s Office

      • Solve Compliance Issue

      • Provide Secure Entry Level High Availability Solution

    Redundant Equipment Configurations

    • Reduce Op-Ex via

      • Vendor Standardization

      • Repeatable Configuration

      • Deployment & Operational Guidelines

    • Remote Management from a single Control Center

    • High Data Availability via Data Replication (acceptable lag/transaction loss)

    Spx secureparser encryption pattern differentiators
    SPx (SecureParser) Encryption Pattern Differentiators

    • SPx is an OEM IBM Part Number (D10N0LL), not an ISV third party solution

    • Provably Secure Data at Rest Protection

    • FIPs 140-2 Certified

      • AES 256; HIPPA and FISMA data compliance at start up

  • No External Key Management System

    • No additional Cost

    • No additional Personnel

    • Integrated with the PureApps Management System

  • Scales with the PureApps System

    • Software only

    • 2 clicks, 1 drag and drop to secure any directory

  • Virtually NO System Overhead Tax

    • <8% CPU utilization for encryption, randomization and authentication of the data (most software encryption solutions require up to 30% additional CPU utilization)

    • No additional storage requirement with SPx encryption

  • Enables Secure Multitenancy for Enterprise Environments

    • Consolidate and optimize the Infrastructure without compromising privacy and confidentiality

  • Ibm pureapplication system encryption

    Encryption Solution Decision Maker Criteria

    Decision Maker’s Criteria:

    CIO : Regulatory i.e. SARBOX, HIPPA, Provably Secure CFO’s : Costs Cap-Ex & Op-Ex(3)

    CTO’s : Meeting Internal Customer Requirements Operations: Solution Time to Operation & Complexity of Support

    Encryption feature comparison
    Encryption Feature Comparison

    IBM, NetApp and EMC

    Ibm pureapplication system encryption

    Case Study #1: Encryption Solution Pricing* for SAN (FCoE)

    • None of these comparisons account for any additional gap with respect to scalability e.g. additional competitive equipment due to scaling not accounted for.

    • Prices are MSRP

    • Pricing for Hardware and Software only. Does not include additional administrative and operational requirements for the NetApp and EMC solution.

    Ibm pureapplication system encryption

    Case Study #1: Encryption Solution Components