an at exchange for public schools to share at devices n.
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An AT Exchange for Public Schools to Share AT Devices PowerPoint Presentation
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An AT Exchange for Public Schools to Share AT Devices

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An AT Exchange for Public Schools to Share AT Devices - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An AT Exchange for Public Schools to Share AT Devices. Arlene Lugo, ATP - Connecticut Kathy Adams, OTR/L, ATP - Maine Sharon Alderman, BA Elem Ed - Vermont * Modified from an ATIA presentation in January 2009. Teamwork!. Learning Objectives. Overview of the AT Act Programs

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an at exchange for public schools to share at devices

An AT Exchange for Public Schools to Share AT Devices

Arlene Lugo, ATP - Connecticut

Kathy Adams, OTR/L, ATP - Maine

Sharon Alderman, BA Elem Ed - Vermont

*Modified from an ATIA presentation in January 2009

learning objectives
Learning Objectives
  • Overview of the AT Act Programs
  • Identify the need for tracking AT devices used in public schools
  • Demonstrate how the “AT School Swap” website can meet the needs of schools to maximize the effective use of AT
  • Show how State’s AT Act Programs collaborate to create & share resources
goals of the at act programs
Goals of the AT Act Programs

Work to increase access to and the acquisition of AT in 4 functional areas of life—across all ages & all disabilities



Community Living

Information Tech & Telecommunications

at exchange reuse by the new england s at act programs
AT Exchange/Reuse….by the New England's AT Act Programs
  • Collaboration and Coordination between Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island
  • In 2007, the NE programs created the regional AT Exchange >>
  • www.getATstuff.comsite gives each state the AT Data required for RSA federal reports
  • In 2008: 70 AT devices were exchanged & $141,608 was “saved” by consumers $$$$$
  • So far in 2009…. 111 devices have exchanged with $412,725 saved !!!!
at exchange reuse
AT Exchange/Reuse
  • The www.getATStuff.comvendor is AgoraNet >>
  • Through using the public AT Exchange site, we realized that it was replicable for use by schools…again, CT took the lead!
note performance measures cannot be used in rsa data report why
NOTE: Performance Measures cannot be used in RSA Data report—Why?

** Reference >>> RSA, Annual Report for State Grant forAssistive Technology Programs,

OMB # 1820-0572, section on Reutilization

  • Schools may obtain AT devices through AT Exchanges
  • Schools are obligated to provide an AT device when it is identified in a child’s IEP
performance measures cannot be used in rsa data report why
Performance Measures cannot be used in RSA Data report—Why?
  • For students where AT is acquired through a Device Exchange…… the performance measure questions are not answerable
    • because the issue of affordability or availability are not allowable reasons to limit access to AT that has been identified to meet the educational goals of students.
  • So, exclude from the data collection on performance measures, those individuals who acquire devices through the AT School Swap exchange.
how did we identify the need
How did we identify the need?

Surveypotential users….


  • State Special Ed Directors Conference: >90% will use an AT swap site
  • “We can always use ways to save money in our budgets-this will make our funds go further”


  • 86% of schools stated they would be willing to share AT
  • Comments: “This could be a collaborative opportunity that goes well beyond AT”
  • “This is key for us, we need support, connection with others, assistance in assessment”
  • “Yes, we are really just tapping the surface of this area.”
survey input
Survey input…


  • “Keeping the inventory updated and available to all of us...changes happen so rapidly. There will need to be someone dedicated to keeping this going.”
  • “Because of the distance between schools in the state, we would need a good description of the device as we could not see the device before purchase. The challenge with any database is making sure it is always up to date.”
identifying the need
Identifying the Need….

Attended Conferences & Presentations with Stakeholders……

-State Department of Education

-State Special Ed Directors

-State Special Ed Advisory Council

-OTs, PTs, SLPs

-State School Board Association

-University: Special Ed and General Ed Faculty

----who else would you approach?

why the need for reusing at
Why the Need for Reusing AT?
  • There are shrinking pubic dollarsinschool budgets $$
  • Equipment is often abandoned due to changes in need, growth, the child leaves the system/ moves away or it was inappropriate in the first place….Often the device is still new!
  • Exchanging AT recycles good equipment that may otherwise never be used---and has already been paid for!
  • Schools/students/families may need duplicate devices
  • Offers great savings on the cost of equipment—
  • Short-term loan of AT for use in assessments
at schools swap in ct
AT Schools Swap in CT…
  • Connecticut took the lead using the model of “Get ATStuff” to create an AT Exchange for school systems
    • The site is available only to schools
  • In Spring 2008, Promoted the AT School Swap site with a Professional Development workshop to schools: “Transition and Technology”
    • For general educators, special educators, paraprofessionals, special education directors, other administrators who attended as a “School Team”
ct at schools swap
CT--- AT Schools Swap
  • Each School Team received an AT Toolkit--with low to mid tech devices
  • Participants were given a chance to see the

ATSchool Swap site and could sign up for an account at the training

  • Bonus: Mimio Interactive Smartboards

are available for loan to school who

sign up for the AT School Swap

can be used
can be used ….
  • To keep track of the AT Inventory in schools
  • To recycle unused AT through loan or surplus to other schools
  • Bulk upload of devices is possible through use of a spreadsheet
  • Help to complete the AT inventory is available through the CT Tech Mentor Program….use interns/students
at school swap demo site
AT School Swap Demo Site
  • Provided by the Connecticut AT Act Program

log in: demo, demo 

developing vermont s at school swap
Developing Vermont’s AT School Swap

is modeled after the CT AT School Swap

  • Introduction to VT Special Ed Directors via e-mail Requested participation - Survey Monkey April 08

  • Tele Conference introduction

of Demo Sites & site July 08

  • Executive Committee Special Ed Directors August 08
  • Vermont.ATschoolswaplaunched September 08
vermont s at school swap
Vermont’s AT School Swap
  • 14 Districts with numerous schools participating across Vermont
  • Presented at the Training with Joy Zabala (Oct 08) sponsored by Vermont Family Network, University of Vermont Interdisciplinary Team (TRIPSCY), Dept of Ed
    • Enthusiasm remains high, inventories being gathered, decisions re: sale, loan, free, trade
    • Districts getting equipment via
  • Continued w/ teleconference introductions to the site
  • Inventory assistance - AT Program Personnel
maine s plans for an at school swap
Maine’s Plans for an AT school Swap
  • Developing an MOA with State Special Education Directors Association
  • Plan to replicate the CT AT School Swap model
  • Assessing costs $$$$ in collaboration with the State Dept of Education
  • Plan to launch the site in 2009
thank you
Thank you!

Visit these sites…….

The AT School Swap demo site (see slide 17)