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Finistère … part of Region Bretagne PowerPoint Presentation
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Finistère … part of Region Bretagne

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Finistère … part of Region Bretagne - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Finistère … part of Region Bretagne. An international competitiveness cluster. Major companies & 159 SMEs (28 500 emp.). Universities & High School 2000 graduates / year. 315 members develop innovative products and services 116 cooperation projects representing 400 M€ R&D budget

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Finistère … part of Region Bretagne

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Finistère …

part of Region Bretagne

An international competitiveness cluster

Major companies

& 159 SMEs

(28 500 emp.)


& High School

2000 graduates / year

  • 315 members
  • develop innovative products and services
  • 116 cooperation projects representing 400 M€ R&D budget
  • over 5 themes:
    • Maritime safety and maritime security
    • Shipbuilding and leisure boatbuilding
    • Marine, fossil and renewable energy resources (inc. ocean energy-renewable energy)
    • Marine biological resources
    • Coastal environment planning and development

2 900

public & private



Innovative Technologies


  • Goal / innovation : The 5 MW prototype will be installed off the Brittany coast at depths of over 50 meters and will be connected to the electricity grid. It will require a specially designed, lightweight robust turbine housing that will be erected on a semi-submersible platform anchored to the seabed using catenary mooring cables.
  • Global amountof R&D : 38,9 M€
  • Companies:NASS & WIND, DCNS, SAIPEM, (through its subsidiary SOFRESID Engineering), In Vivo Environnement.
  • Research centres: Ifremer, ENSTA Bretagne.

Innovative Technologies


  • Goal / innovation :3,5 MW offshore floating wind turbine is erected on a tension leg platform (TLP). This inovative concept is dedicated to deep offshore application
  • Global amount of R&D : 17,8 M€
  • Companies:Blue H France, Institut de la corrosion, Timolor, Lorima, Actimar, Astrium.
  • Research centres: UBO, École Centrale de Nantes, CETI

Innovative Technologies


    • Goal / innovation :Exploitation of tidal currents energy through a fully immerged turbine. A pre-industrial 10 meters turbine (350 KW) will be installed in Brittany.
    • Global amount of R&D : 10,2M€
    • Companies: Sabella SAS, SAIPEM(through its subsidiary SOFRESID Engineering),
  • Dourmap, CIB-Meunier, In Vivo Environnement, Institut de la corrosion
    • Research centres: UBO, Irenav, EGIM Marseille.

Innovative Technologies


  • Goal / innovation :Demonstrator of a 1 MW tidal current turbine
  • Global amount of R&D : 28 M€
  • Companies: ALSTOM, EDF,STX, NEXANS, SECTOR, Stat-Marine,
  • Research centres: ECN, IFREMER, IUEM, CETIM, INP Toulouse, ARTS.

Innovative Technologies


  • Goal / innovation :the MegaWatForce underwater turbine will harness the power of currents. A key feature is that no electricity will pass underwater: water under pressure will pass along a submerged pipe to where the electricity is produced, namely a turbine generator installed on shore or on a floatting platform.
  • Global amount of R&D : 8,2 M€
  • Companies: GuinardEnergies, Doris Engineering, Freyssinet, BEC.
  • Research centres:EPFL, Ifremer

Innovative Technologies


  • Goal / innovation :the Blustream underwater turbine will harness the power of currents.
  • Global amount of R&D : 11 M€
  • Companies: Le Gaz Integral, Guinard Energies, Bernard&Bonnefond.
  • Research centres: Ifremer, Ensta Bretagne

Innovative Technologies


  • Goal / innovation :Bilboquet project aims at creating a new high-output electricity generating system, based on wave energy conversion, using the movement of a guided buoy to drive a generator.
  • Amount of R&D : 3,8 M€
  • Companies: D2M, CMD, CervVal, Breizadic, Adetel Equipment, Oceanide, Bureau Véritas
  • Research center:Ifremer

Innovative Technologies


  • Goal / innovation :The ESPADON project will demonstrate the industrial and economic feasibility of a cold water pipeline for the production of Ocean Thermal Energy (OTEC), will ensure its reliability and will measure its environmental impact. The project will provide the basis for developing an OTEC plant capable of generating renewable energy for isolated offshore sites and islands.
  • Global amount of R&D : 6 M€
  • Companies:DCNS, Total
  • Research center:Ifremer

Innovative Technologies


  • Goal / innovation :produce biofuel from the use of microalgaes cultivated in a former kaolin quarry
  • Global amount of R&D : 2,1 M€
  • Companies: SARPIndustries, Sodaf Geo Étanchéité, Imerys ceramics France
  • Research centres: IFREMER.

Innovative Technologies


  • Goal / innovation :alternative solution to offshore measurement mast to measure wind speed profile
  • Global amount of R&D : 1,8 M€
  • Companies: La Compagnie du Vent, NKE,LEOSPHERE.
  • Research centres: IFREMER.

Innovative Technologies


  • Goal / innovation :Instrumented buoy for ecology monitoring. To be installed in offshore wind park, it will be able to measure the number of fish, cetaceans and birds cruising in the area and record their trajectory and behaviours
  • Global amount of R&D : 3 M€
  • Companies: BIOTOPE, NKE.
  • Research centres:IRD, IFREMER.