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Ayurvedic Inventory Software PowerPoint Presentation
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Ayurvedic Inventory Software

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Ayurvedic Inventory Software - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ayurvedic Inventory Software
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  1. Ayurvedic Inventory Software By Ray Info Solutions +91-99899 32827

  2. Welcome to AIS Ray’s Ayurvedic Inventory Software is developed to automate the complete Ayurvedic Inventory. Ray’s Ayurvedic Inventory Software include pharmacy point of sale, back office, dispensary and wholesaler integration, reporting. These powerful solutions help pharmacy operators control margins, increase sales per customer, and reduce inventory shrink. Persons using Ray’s Ayurvedic Inventory Solutions do not require being computer experts. Any person at the shop counter can be trained to use Ray’s Ayurvedic Inventory Solutions.

  3. Modules & features Product Grouping Product Mapping Manufacturer & Supplier mapping POS (point of sale) Whole sales Purchase Orders Sales Orders Inventory Accounts Billing & Reports User Settings Customers Re Order Level Alerts

  4. User Login : Use valid User name & password to authenticate the Inventory application.

  5. Intro to Menus and Sub Menus • Manage Products • Product Group • Manage Taxes • M & S • Manage Doctors • Manage Customers • Single Entry • Multiple Entry (M/S) • Multiple Entry (P) • Product Comp • User Management • Branch Administration • Stock Register • Stock Batch Detail • Stock Transfer • Stock Damage • Physical Verification • Product Flow • M/S Report • Customers Track • Customer Bill • Sales (Retail) • New Order • Process Sales • Process Orders • Day Book


  7. Product Grouping: This module will help to make group for a product which will map Product Type, Unit of Measure & Potency. This will useful while updating the stock.

  8. Manage Tax: Using this form user can manage various taxes and also can edit later.

  9. Manufacture & Suppliers: Using this form Manufactures & Suppliers can be created to map products. User can edit or can view all suppliers or manufactures by searching. User also can upload list of manufactures or suppliers without entering one by one. Multi S/M Upload

  10. Adding Manufacturer:Added manufacturer successfully. M/S Count

  11. Manage Product:This form is used to add Item(product) names. An item can have multiple states like pills, liquid etc. This added item will reflect in product mapping.

  12. Manage Doctors(Referrals):This screen is used to enter and store the referral( doctors/else) information. List of Referrals can be upload from CSV files

  13. Manage Customers:This screen is used to enter and store the regular customers information. List of Customers can be upload from CSV files


  15. Product Mapping-Single Entry: This form is used to map an item with Manufactures/Suppliers, Cost & Sales Price, Tax, UOM, Potency, Reorder Level and Discounts. Single item can be mapped using this form.

  16. Product Mapping- Multiple Entry: This form is also used map multiple products at a time. This will make the user easy to map multiple items.

  17. Multiple Entry- M/S :This form is used to map multiple Manufacturer/Supplier to a single Item from a single Group. Single item can have multiple Manufacturer/Suppliers


  19. Sales: Retail:-This form is used to enter the product purchased by the retailer/customer and used to update SO and print a sales receipt.

  20. Thank You