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The Future of Fairfield

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The Future of Fairfield. Where are we going and what could we achieve? --a personal vision. Reality Check— Some Real-Life Examples. What ‘miracles’ have other communities/large organizations already achieved that we could emulate?.

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the future of fairfield

The Future of Fairfield

Where are we going and

what could we achieve?

--a personal vision

reality check some real life examples

Reality Check—Some Real-Life Examples

What ‘miracles’ have other communities/large organizations already achieved that we could emulate?

example 1 osage iowa community energy program with financing incentives

"I don't see any difference between a dollar brought in by a new business -- and a dollar that's saved due to energy conservation," Wes Birdsall, Supervisor, Osage Municipal Utilities

Example 1:Osage, Iowa community energy program with financing incentives

Cost: $250,000

Savings: $1,200,000/Year

# Residents: 3600

if jefferson county replicated osage
If Jefferson County Replicated Osage
  • (Estimates courtesy of Lonnie Gamble)
    • Cost: $1,120,000
    • Savings: $5,400,000 Per Year
    • # of residents: 16,181
    • 20 yr total savings: $107,000,000
    • 20 yr savings per resident: $6600
example 2 navarre region of spain
Example 2Navarre Region of Spain
  • Population ~500,000
  • By 2004, 61% of the region's energy generated by renewable sources
  • By 2010, they are planning to reach 100%
  • German Goal: 100% by 2025
  • US Goal: 25% by 2025
example 3 shaklee corp climate neutral
Example 3Shaklee Corp -- Climate-Neutral
  • First company in USA to achieve climate neutral certification – net zero impact on environment.
  • Reduced or offset carbon emissions generated not only by its own business but those of tens of thousands of its distributors
  • Model corporate citizen
carbon emissions
Carbon Emissions
  • What if
    • …Fairfield eliminates its entire carbon footprint within 10 years, emitting zero emissions, and stopped having any negative impact on the near and far environment?
    • …Or better than climate-neutral -- becomes climate nourishing?
  • What if
    • …we used Energy Efficiency, Biomass co-generation, Wind Power, Solar Hot Water, and clever city design to satisfy 100% of our energy needs -- within 10 years?
    • …our local economy became free from foreign oil dependence and oil price fluctuations?
    • …our monthly energy bills stabilized or even decreased?
  • This is true homeland security!
  • As of 2006, there were 366 impaired waterways in Iowa
  • What if
    • …our local lakes, ponds, and streams were completely safe for swimming and recreation – all the time? And within 5 years?
    • …water coming out of our taps so safe and pure we don’t need bottled water?
    • …we heated our homes with solar hot water systems -- that can pay for themselves in less than 5-10 years
    • …we eventually have no water bills for the rest of our lives?
food farming and soil
Food, Farming, and Soil
  • What if
    • …we stopped trucking our food cross-country?
    • …used our most abundant Iowa resource to grow our own food – on a year-round basis?
    • … we re-enliven family farming by actively encouraging regional farmers to make their living by growing fresh food for humans, instead of primarily food for animals?
    • …we left our soil healthier each year than the previous, stopped depleting the top soil, and didn’t need to depend on increasingly expensive (and toxic) petro-chemicals?
  • More homeland security
  • What if
    • …we create a Fairfield in which cars are not needed for most – or even all -- in-city trips?
    • …we had great pollution-free public transportation, free bicycles all over the city, etc.?
  • Think of the noise reduction, the cleaner air, the global carbon reduction -- and the increase in community as we spend more time with each other.
  • What if
    • …all new buildings in Fairfield were highly energy efficient, used renewable energy sources as much as possible, employed daylighting and passive solar strategies, used non-toxic building materials for healthy IAQ, used rainwater wisely, had solar hot water systems, had green roofs -- and were also affordable?
    • …we did energy audits on all existing structures
    • …we redesigned the square to reduce the summer’s ‘heat island’ effect and made it so cool people couldn’t stay away
  • What if
    • …we extended our city Strategic Plan to create a 10 year Strategic Green Plan to achieve all of this and more?
    • …our government had a city-level commission or department responsible for
      • Coordinating all efforts to implement the strategic Green Plan
      • Researching funding possibilities
      • Taking best practices from other communities moving in the same direction
    • …our government committed to buying goods, materials, services, and capital improvements in a manner that reflects our core values of fiscal responsibility, social equity, community and environmental stewardship?
  • All of the above is real and achievable—and a small sample of what is possible
  • We can be a model, and teach other communities how to do it—we are good at this!
  • We can turn the challenges of global warming into opportunities for
    • economic growth, environmental improvements and social cohesion – a triple bottom line business equation
    • a bright and secure future for many generations of Fairfielders.