Your sports bike dream can be reality!
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Your sports bike dream can be reality! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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While choosing a sports bike in India you will have to be very thoughtful. Always check weather the bike that delivers well on the road and is efficient on your pocket too. Select a sports bike from\n

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Your sports bike dream can be reality

Your sports bike dream can be reality!

Getting to buy a sports bike is every man’s dream.

Everyone wishes to have a sporty bike to zip through traffic or vroom that

engine to get heads turning. Well, with the progress made in the biking

segment in India, there are plenty of bikes that are available in the market that

can give you just that. The right sports bike would be a dream in this current

market, but that is exactly what you want and get too. It is not as easy as you

think though, because you have to make some quite tough choices when it

comes to choosing the right bike. You want to ensure you have chosen a bike

that delivers well on the road and is efficient on your pocket too. So, what

would be the top few picks to make in the Indian market today?

1.Yamaha YZF R15: Definitely a sporty bike, high on design. Great stability

but not the best riding comfort. There is no doubt that the bike is very

good looking and does pack a punch on the road with a zippy throttle.

Through the engine displacement is not as high as you would want; it

does give you a fair bit of power on the road. If you were to choose it

among the best in the market today – it would be present but not

maybe the best choice. Priced well over 1 Lakh does not help its cause

too. Another negative is the fuel efficiency that comes with it. You would

be able to find many bikes that are better priced and gives better

mileage too.

2.Hero ZMR: One of the mainstays of the Indian biking market for a long

time, this bike has been an instant hit amongst many. The one problem

Your sports bike dream can be reality

though has been the evolution of the bike from its initial high. The bike

boasted of speed and stability along with a beautiful design. Would you

say the same today though? One would say not. The styling has gone

wrong according to most experts even though the performance and

mileage is right on the button. It makes out to be a wonderful bike on

the road and would be an instant crowd puller too. The 223cc engine

boasts of plenty of power too.

3.Bajaj AS 200: Never to be left behind, this version of the Pulsar beats

everyone else hands down. With an amazing body and great dynamics, it

is the top sports bike in India, not only does it completes the job on the

road but is very healthy on the wallet too. Churning out a good amount

of power at a cut rate mileage helps too. If you had to pick a bike from

the Bajaj stable today that is most wanted – this would be the one. No

doubt about the way it performs on the road, it is a beast of a vehicle.

You would not only have superior performance on the road but have the

best sports bike in the country too.