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Unit 1 Cultural relics PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 1 Cultural relics

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Unit 1 Cultural relics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 1 Cultural relics
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  1. Unit 1 Cultural relics • 词汇 • 短语 • 句型 • 练习

  2. 词汇 • Survive • Vi Continue to live or exist ⑴ Of the six people in the plane that crashed, only one survived. ⑵ These plants cannot survive in very cold conditions. ⑶ The family are struggling to survive on very little money. • Vt. Continue to live or exist in spite of nearly being killed or destroyed by sth ⑷ The front passengers were lucky to survive the accident. ⑸The plants may not survive the frost.

  3. Survival n. surviving The doctors told my wife I had a good chance of survival. England are fighting for survival in the match. • Survivor n. person who has survived • He was the only survivor of the plane crash. • She's a cancer survivor/a survivor of cancer.

  4. remain • The fact remains _________________ • 事实尚待证明. • 2. It was merely midnight but the shops • remained ______(open) • 3. The death of the boss still remains _________ • (是个迷) • 4. The lady said she would buy a gift for her daughter • with the ____________ (remain)20 dollars. • = with the 20 dollars _________ (leave)

  5. 1)The pilot asked all the passengers on board to remain ________ as the plane was making a landing .( 2004年上海春季) A seat B seating C seated D to be seating • 2)Have a trip abroad is certainly good for the old couple, but it remains_______ whether they will enjoy it. (2002高考试题:) A. to see B. to be seen C. seeing D. seen

  6. 词汇辨析 remained remained • Remain leave • ①He ________ silent all the time when talked to. • ②In spite of their quarrel, they _________ the best of friends. • ③The doctor ordered him to _________ in bed for a few days. • ④She left with the _________ 20cents. • ⑤Only a few hundred of these animals ______ today. • ⑥There is nothing _______ in the fridge. • ⑦A great many things remain _________(do). • ⑧The accident ______ a scar on her leg. remain remaining remain left to be done left

  7. 词汇辨析 worth • Worth, worthy, worthwhile ①The book is _______ about 20 yuan. ②I think this matter is _______ our attention. ③The question is not worth _______(discuss) again and again. ④The article is _______ of careful study. ⑤The article is worthy _________ (study) carefully. ⑥The article is worthy __________(study) carefully. ⑦It is _______ to try this experiment . ⑧She considers teaching a _______ career. worth discussing worthy of being studied to be studied worthwhile worthwhile\worthy

  8. 寻找--- 属于 作为回报 充当 处于战争之中 少于 仍然是个迷 值得做 拆开 高度评价 轮流做某事 search of 2.belong to 3. in return 4. serve as 5. at war 6. less than 7.remain a mystery 8. be worth doing sth 9. take sth apart 10.think highly of 11. take turns to do sth • 短语

  9. belong to 1) The house was belonged to an old lady. 2) China is a country is belonging to the Third World. which belongs/ belonging

  10. 介词+名词 (表状态) at war/work/home/table/rest on show/duty/sale/holiday/fire/watch/ business/leave in trouble/danger/battle/doubt under repair/discussion/construction

  11. in return ( for)作为…的报酬/回报 What will you do _____ for his kindness. A. in general B. in return C. in honor D. in praise 1. He gave me a book as a gift, and I bought him a pen _________. 2. Each of us collects the mail ___________. 3. The clean environment can help a city to gain bid for the Olympic Games, and __________it can promote the city's economic development. in return in turn\by turns in turn

  12. In honour of • In memory of • In praise of • In search of • In need of • In place of

  13. 句型 • There is no doubt that the boxes were put on a train for Konigesberg,---.(P2)

  14. doubt Vt. • Nobody doubted his ability. • I don’t doubtthat… 我确信\不怀疑--- • Do you doubt that…? 你怀疑---吗? • I doubt whether / if… 我怀疑

  15. doubt n. • without ( a ) doubt =certainly 无疑地 • in doubt =uncertain, undecided 不肯定的,不确定的 • no doubt =very probably 无疑地,确实地 • He is without doubt the cleverest student I’ve ever taught. • successful: • The future of the stadium is in doubt because of a lack of money. • We will, no doubt, discuss these issues again at the next meeting. • No doubt (that )you'll want to unpack and have a rest before dinner.

  16. There is no doubt that---\about sth. 毫无疑问--- There is no chance that--- 没有---的可能性 There is no need to do sth. 没有必要做某事 There is no \much point in doing sth . 做某事毫无意义 It is no wonder that--- 难怪--- It is no use\good doing sth. 做---没用

  17. 1) There is no doubt _____ John will come on time. A. if B. why C. that D. how 2) We don’t doubt _____ he can do a good job of it. A. what B. why C. whether D. that

  18. 巩固练习

  19. 单词拼写 ecorate 1.Before the Christmas Eve, people will d__________ the houses and streets. 2.The number of whales is rather small and it is very r________ to be found now. 3.Her parents died in the accident, but luckily she s___________. 4. There was a choice of four prizes, and the winner could s__________ one of them. 5. Have you seen the d__________ for the new shopping centre? They are on show at the museum. are urvived select esigns

  20. 单词拼写 emove 6. The men came to r______ the rubbish from the backyard, which is very dirty. 7. A bomb e________ at one of London's busiest railway stations this morning. 8. The Titanic was a passenger ship which s______ to the bottom of the ocean in 1912. 9.A s__________ is a person who works on a ship as a member of its crew. 10. There are two e______ ,by which you can enter the cinema - one at the front and one round the back. xploded ank ailor ntrances

  21. 短语填空 In search of, belong to , in return, at war, take apart, think highly of, serve as, to one’s surprise, take turns to do sth, less than • He had given me so much help that I really wanted to do something for him ____________ . • 2. There are many people present at the English contest, who __________ the different classes. • 3. Mr. Smith _______________ our city, which was a great encouragement to us. • 4. The girl looked everywhere ____________ her lost pen. in return belong to thought highly of in search of

  22. at war 5. At that time Germany was _________ with almost all the countries in the world. 6.The judge said the punishment would ________ a warning to others. 7.The boy ________ his toy car, but couldn’t put it together again. 8.Much ________, she found her necklace missing on her way home. 9.It is not only he that cleans the room. We ____________ it. 10.Doctors are _________ helpful in treating this condition. served as took apart to her surprise take turns to do less than

  23. Translation 1.我认为他说的有道理。(consider) 2.依我之见,这部电影很值得一看。(worth) 3.你知道这花瓶是属于谁的吗?(belong ) 4.她给我们食物和衣服,没有要求有任何回报,这让我们很高兴。(in return, which) 5.他们收到了一份礼物, 难怪他那么开心。(no wonder) 6.她又聪明又勤奋,毫无疑问我们看重她。(no doubt, think highly of)

  24. I consider what he said reasonable. • In my opinion, the film is well worth seeing. • Do you know who this vase belongs to? • She gave us food and clothes and asked for nothing in return, which make us very happy. • He had received a gift. No wonder how happy he was. • She is both clever and hard-working. There is no doubt that we think highly of her.

  25. 据报道一起古青铜器(bronze vessel)盗窃案不久 前被河南警方破获。这件稀有的文物原属于夏代 的一位皇帝。四年前从北京到广州作为礼物送给 广州博物馆的途中被盗走。从此警方一直在调查 这件事件。他们在寻找证人和有关这件铜器的有 效证据。 几个月以后,警方接到一位少女(maid)的举 报,说她发现几个家伙将一件式样奇特的金属器 皿偷偷地运往一个村子。她怀疑此事并报警。当 警方装扮成买主出现在他们面前时,这个女孩的 话被证明属实。他们正准备加热并融化这件珍宝 时,突然被当场抓住。幸好这件文物保持原样。 另外,作为回报,女孩受到了高度赞扬并得了一 大笔奖金。

  26. It is reported that an ancient bronze vessel robbery recently was solved by the police in Henan Province. The rare relie ones belonged to one of emperors in Xia Dynasty. It is 4 years since it was robbed on its way from Beijing to Guangzhou as a gift for Guangzhou Museum. Since then the police had been looking into the incident. They were trying to find out the eyewitnesses and being in search of any practical evidence of the vessel. Several months later, the police were informed by one maid. She said that she found a metal vessel with fancy design was on its way secretly to a village with the help of some guys, doubting it and reporting it to the police. It proved true

  27. when the police pretended to be buyers before them. The guys were about toheat and melt the treasurewhen they were caught. Luckily the vessel remained in a good state. Besides, in return, the maid was highly thought of and rewarded a large sum.

  28. 考虑, 打算 认为 把…当作 • Consider: • 1)consider +n / doing / wh- + to do :____________ • 2) consider + clause:_________________ 3) consider sb. /sth as :_________, 其同类词组: 4) considering … • regard …as … • treat …as … • think of …as… • look on…as… • take…as… 就……而论

  29. 1. Many things _____impossible in the past are quite common today . A having being considered B considered C. to be considered D. considering 2. Charle is generally considered ______________ the first computer. (invent ) 3. _____________(consider) he was new at the job, he did quite well. 4. All things _____________(consider) , he is the right person for the job. to have invented Considering considered

  30. search: • The police ____ the prisoner to see if he had a gun. • A. searched for B. searched • C. was in search of D. was in their search of • 2. They came here ____ the car they had lost. • A. search B. search for • C. search about D. in search of

  31. prove: • 1) The great invention he made _____ of great benefit to the whole world. • A. is proved B. has proved • C. has been proved D. is proved to be • 3) It __________(prove) to be much more __________than she had supposed. • 事情比她预想的要难得多。 proved difficult

  32. 1. _____ a few faults, she is a trustworthy teacher. A. Apart B. Apart from C. Beside D. Besides 2. I don’t think you can ____ the two brothers apart. A. say B. tell C. speak D. read

  33. take apart :拆开,拆卸 He took the machine apart and spread the bits all over the floor. apart from: (1)除…以外(别无) expect (2) 除…以外,还有  besides Apart from the cost, the dress doesn’t suit me. tell … apart识别, 区别

  34. wonder: • 1.--Excuse me, sir. Would you do me a favor? • -- Of course. What is it? • --I______ if you could tell me how to fill out this form. • am wondering B. did wonder • C. had wondered D. would wonder • 2. It’s _____ that you didn’t lose your way in the dark. • A. a wonder B. wonder • C. wondering D. wondered

  35. 10. wonder 诧异,惊奇;想知道 wonder at sth 对某事感到惊奇 in wonder 惊奇地 It’s a wonder ( that)… 奇怪的是… ( It’s ) no /little/ small wonder…难怪… No wonder he is not hungry, he has been eating sweets all day.