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How to Build and Make Real Money o n Your Email Lists

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How to Build and Make Real Money o n Your Email Lists - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Build and Make Real Money o n Your Email Lists. Nadeem Azam. Nadeem Azam. Computer programmer in the 1980s Journalist in the 1990s Launched full-services digital agency Azam Marketing in 1997. Azam Marketing. Azam’s eCRM Activities. Data hygenie and de-duplication

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Presentation Transcript

How to Build and

Make Real Money

on Your Email Lists

Nadeem Azam


Nadeem Azam

Computer programmer in the 1980s

Journalist in the 1990s

Launched full-services digital agency Azam Marketing in 1997


Azam’s eCRM Activities

  • Data hygenie and de-duplication
  • Data appending
  • Customer profiling
  • List management
  • Data analysis
  • List monetisation
  • Remarketing

Over 30 databases managed and broadcast each week for different companies including major advertisers and affiliates.

e.g. we broadcast newsletters for Trinity Mirror, such as the Mirror Football newsletter which is emailed every working day


What We Will Cover in Today’s Session

What is CRM

Why eCRM will benefit you

Data Collection

- Strategies

- Best Practice

Finding an ESP

Data Segmentation

What to Broadcast

Finding lucrative advertisers

Email Creative



What is CRM?

Acquiring customers

Enhancing relationships

Retaining customers




Organise . . . Automate . . . Synchronise . . .


Why eCRM?

What is the first thing most people do when they switch on their computers?

39.4% of industry executives said that the channel that performed strongest for them was email marketing. This was the top result by a long way (Datran 2010 Annual Marketing & Media Survey)


Why eCRM?

A Q2 2009 survey of over 5,000 senior US executives revealed that email marketing was the channel most likely to see an increase in marketing budget

Email marketing continually delivers the highest ROI for any marketing method. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing delivered $43.62 for every dollar spent in 2009


Data Collection

Prominent placement e.g. top of page or scroll-in

Strong call to action

Give away a desirable freebie e.g. an ebook, an Ipad


Data Collection

Opt-in rather than opt-out

Explain clearly what communications they will receive

Include link to Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

Alongside the form fields you require, must collect:

Registrant IP number

Registration time and date stamp

Source URL

TIP: include ‘we do not spam’ graphic on the side of the registration box to increase opt-in rates


Data Collection

Don’t buy databases

Don’t swap databases

90% of co-registration companies will send you worthless leads

Many of the guys on and other lead generation forums are crooks – avoid ‘em!

If you are going to use a third-party to grow your database, thoroughly investigate them

Make sure they’ve been in business for at least three years, have a professional looking website, and have relevant registration (Data Protection Act etc.)


Finding the Ideal Email Service Provider

There are hundreds out there...

So how do you find the ideal one for your needs?


Finding the Ideal Email Service Provider

1. Decide if you would like:

a low cost Pay As You Go service

a managed third-party solution

your own server solution

2. Read lots of reviews

3. Insist on speaking to other customers

4. Ask to see deliverability statistics for your list quality and size

5. Trial a few solutions with targeted broadcasts

TIP: Feel free to ask Nadeem for suitable ESPs after this session if you’d like some advice


Data Segmentation and Profiling

Keep different pots of data separate and sent targeted broadcasts based on their needs

Data appending services allow you to profile customers and therefore send more defined communications

Over time, active profiles should also be built (openers and clickers) by the advertising vertical they respond to. Then send to them via the best systems/IPs. Less responsive data can be re-activated with softer competition, charity or free information campaigns

But don’t waste time on complex segmentation if only a few hundred subscribers


Who to Promote

Generate the maximum Revenue Per Member - without damaging your reputation or having overly high unsubscribe rates

If you are sending a content newsletter once a week or fortnight, consider broadcasting a solus or offers email in between the content newsletters

Form alliances with other ethical emailers to grow each other’s databases


Generate More Revenue

If you have a quality database, you could consider nalternatives to advertising companies on a commission-only basis at your expense

Alternative revenue models to consider: CPM, CPC,tenancy fee

Don’t be brainwashed by advertisers wanting no-risk advertising: far more spend goes on CPM advertising than CPA


Generate More Revenue

Ask advertisers for their actual - not target - cost per acquisition and visitor to conversion rate. Then you can work backwards.

e.g. if the actual CPA is £50.00 and a website converts at 5%, then they should pay you £2.50 CPC. Because, for every 20 visitors you send them (£50), then will get one new lead at their actual CPA

By knowing your average open and click rates, you can also switch a CPA to a CPM advertising agreement e.g. if 10% of your broadcasts are opened and there is 10 clicks for every 100 opens then in the above scenario you should ask for £25.00 CPM

Or can ask for a fixed tenancy fee to be in your newsletters e.g. £250.00 to be featured + the regular, or ideally higher, CPA/CPS


Generate More Revenue

Create a glitzy media pack PDF with information about your databases

Emphasise to advertisers the value they are getting with the exposure of their brand in your broadcasts and educate them that each email you send costs you money


The Technical Set-Up

Use perfect send domain name. Ask your subscribers to white-list it

Make sure domain name has not been blacklisted by using a tool like

Authenticate domain names (SPF records and Domain Keys to be set up by your ESP)

Broadcast from quality, pre-warmed IPs

Set-up feedback looks with ISPs (Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL).


Subject Lines

What’s wrong with these?


“a4u Expo Newsletter: Get a free ticket to a4u Expo, 11-13th October 2010, London”

“5% Discount Voucher Code off Super Drug for Today!“

Personalise…. make topical… target to recipient demographics


Email Creative Dos and Don’ts

Do keep copy short and to the point.

Do design e-mails to communicate even with broken graphics in case an image gets blocked

Make the calls to action text links rather than HTML so recipients can always read them.

Also at least one call to action text link should be visible in preview pane. Can use a ‘second subject line’

Don't abandon using HTML images in outbound e-mail efforts altogether, as HTML outperforms text e-mail.

Do make sure that your logo or other recognizable elements of your brand appear inside the e-mail preview pane or viewing area.

Do consider using spam-scoring technology that will scan the entire e-mail and tell you how likely it is to be blocked by filters.

Don't forget to put a deadline in the subject line — this can drive up response rates.


Email Creative Dos and Don’ts

Obsessively analyse metrics

Click distribution


Improving Deliverability and Open Rates

Check your spam score with tools. A couple of good free online ones are:


Improving Deliverability and Open Rates

Send from ‘The XYZ Team’ rather than XYZ

Include brand names in subject lines: “5 GBP voucher from Argos, 80 GBP reductions at Dell and more”

Test, test, test…

Split-test subject lines

Test different creative layouts. Do a ‘heat map’ study. Also ask users.

Link to the online version of the email creative from social media sites

Test optimal delivery time. Tuesday and Thursday morning are sometimes the best times


Unsubscribe Page

The customer is leaving your shop without buying. Are you just going to stand by and watch them walk out?

Though obviously don’t make it too arduous for them to leave you


Further information