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What Your Clothes Say

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What Your Clothes Say - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What Your Clothes Say. Clothing originated with God ( Gen. 3: 21, cp. 3: 7 ). Clothes have always said something about the person wearing them ( Gen. 38: 14, 15; Ex. 28: 2, 4ff .). What Your Clothes Say. Suggest whether rich or poor ( Jas. 2: 2 ). What Your Clothes Say.

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what your clothes say

What Your Clothes Say

Clothing originated with God (Gen. 3: 21, cp. 3: 7).

Clothes have always said something about the person wearing them (Gen. 38: 14, 15; Ex. 28: 2, 4ff.).

what your clothes say2

What Your Clothes Say

Suggest whether rich or poor (Jas. 2: 2).

what your clothes say3

What Your Clothes Say

Clothes can suggest sorrow (2 Sam. 3: 31).

what your clothes say4

What Your Clothes Say

Can present false piety (Matt. 23: 5).

what your clothes say5

What Your Clothes Say

Those with whom identified (Zeph. 1: 8).

what your clothes say6

What Your Clothes Say

Clothing identifies male and female (cp. Deut. 22: 5).

what your clothes say7

What Your Clothes Say

We read of the attire of a harlot (Prov. 7: 10).

what your clothes say8

What Your Clothes Say

Clothing can suggest lack of headship (cp. I Cor. 11: 4, 5).

what your clothes say9

What Your Clothes Say

Can reveal one as a prisoner (Jere. 52: 33).

what your clothes say10

What Your Clothes Say

Can suggest cared for (Prov. 31: 21, 22).

what your clothes say11

What Your Clothes Say

Clothing can reveal activity (Matt. 22: 11ff.)

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What Your Clothes Say

The Bible reveals not only decent dress, but dress that is appropriate for the occasion (Gen. 3: 21; Matt. 22: 11ff.)


My Appearance

I go to see a girl-friend;

My clothes are nice and neat.

I comb the hair on my head

And shine the shoes on my feet.

My best friend is getting married;

He's asked me to be "best man."

I want to make his weeding great,

So I dress the best I can.

I'll attend a funeral tomorrow;

I will look my very best.

A brand new shirt and tie,

Plus a new suit and vest.

Now it's Sunday morning;

I will worship God today.

My clothes won't be too tidy,

And my hair in disarray.

My shirt will be open,

To show the hair on my chest...

And I'm not really too concerned,

Whether or not my pants are pressed.

Why is it when before mere men.

I want to look my best,

But when I come to worship God,

I don't care how I'm dressed?