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LATITUDE ® Patient Management System PowerPoint Presentation
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LATITUDE ® Patient Management System

LATITUDE ® Patient Management System

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LATITUDE ® Patient Management System

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  1. LATITUDE® Patient Management System

  2. LATITUDE® Patient Management System:What is it? • The LATITUDE® Patient Management system remotely connects clinicians and patients to support more comprehensive cardiac care • Using the LATITUDE Patient Management Communicator, some of your in-clinic follow-ups can now be conducted in your home • The LATITUDE Patient Management system can also monitor your heart health and specific device information in between scheduled follow-ups

  3. What are the Benefits of Using theLATITUDE® System? • Assurance that specific device information and heart health can be checked more frequently • Confidence of knowing you may be more connected with your doctor so that he or she can see changes sooner and deliver a higher standard of care

  4. How do I set up my LATITUDE® Communicator? • Your Communicator is mailed to your home • The Communicator plugs into your regular phone line and electrical outlet • After plugging it in, on-screen instructions will guide you through the set-up process

  5. Living with your LATITUDE®Wanded Communicator • The LATITUDE Communicator can stay near your bedside to send data from your device through your phone to a secure website where only your health care support team can view your information • It is easy to use • Simply hold the wand over your device, then push the blue button to send your information • Remote monitoring, on average, typically takes 10 to 15 seconds to complete but may take more time if additional information needs to be collected • The blinking white action button reminds you when it is time to send your information • The Communicator Screen confirms your information was sent

  6. LATITUDE® Wanded Communicator Interrogate Button Communicator Wand Action Button Menu Selection Buttons Volume Control

  7. Living with your LATITUDE®Wireless Communicator • The LATITUDE Communicator can stay near your bedside to send data from your device through your phone to a secure website where only your healthcare support team can view your information • It is easy to use • It can be placed in a location that is convenient to you • After it’s set up, the Communicator can be programmed by your doctor to automatically monitor your heart health and specific device information.

  8. LATITUDE® Wireless Push-Button Communicator Interrogate Button Action Button Menu Selection Buttons Volume Control

  9. LATITUDE Wireless Touch-Screen Communicator

  10. Using your LATITUDE® Communicator • Keep connected to a power outlet and a phone line • Communicator checks: • Battery Status • Certain device information • Changes in heart rhythms • Communicator does not reprogram or change any functions of your device • Cannot change your heart rate • The date of your next scheduled action can be viewed on the Home Screen

  11. LATITUDE® Heart Failure Management Tools • Your doctor may prescribe additional in-home equipment: a weight scale and blood pressure cuff • This equipment provides your doctor with weight and blood pressure readings, to deliver timely insight into your heart failure status • These tools also make it easy for you to take an active role in managing your health

  12. How do LATITUDE® Heart Failure ManagementTools work? • Measure your weight and blood pressure as instructed by your doctor • Your weight and blood pressure readings are automatically and wirelessly sent to the Communicator • The Communicator sends this information to a secure computer system that your doctor can access

  13. What Happens Next? • The Communicator arrives at your home • Inside the box, you will find: • Your Communicator • A telephone cord • A power supply • A video set up guide • A detailed patient manual • A one-page sheet with instructions and illustrations • Set up your Communicator as soon as you receive it • After set up, your doctor can begin monitoring your device

  14. LATITUDE® Patient Support • If you or your family have questions, please call the toll-free patient support line at 1.866.484.3268 • Friendly and knowledgeable LATITUDE Patient Support Representatives will provide information, answer questions and make sure you get the help you need

  15. LATITUDE® Online Resources •– A source of general LATITUDE Patient Management system information, including answers to commonly-asked patient questions and patient stories • – eNewsletter that is intended to help people with implanted devices and heart or blood vessel conditions live full, active lives

  16. Wrap up and Brief Summary This has been a brief overview of the LATITUDE ® Patient Management system. Please see your LATITUDE patient manual for more specific information. LATITUDE® Patient Management System from Boston Scientific CRM The LATITUDE Patient Management system is used to remotely communicate with a compatible pulse generator device from BSC CRM and send data to a central database. The LATITUDE system is contraindicated for use with any pulse generator other than a device from BSC CRM. The LATITUDE system is designed to tell your doctor within 24 hours if alert conditions are detected by the Communicator. However, alert notification cannot occur if: • • The Communicator is unplugged or is not able to connect to the LATITUDE system through an active phone line. • • Your device and the Communicator cannot establish and complete a communication session. This session must be initiated by you if you have a device that uses inductive telemetry (Communicator that has a wand). • • The Communicator becomes damaged or it malfunctions Up to two weeks may go by before the LATITUDE system detects the events mentioned above, and additional time may be required for notification and resolution of the condition. The wanded and wireless Communicator uses a radio frequency (RF) communication system to communicate with an optional weight scale and blood pressure monitor. This communication can be disrupted by electromagnetic interference. Avoid placing your Communicator next to or in the immediate vicinity of other wireless products and sources of electromagnetic energy. The wireless Communicator uses RF to also send and receive signals from the implanted device (RF enabled devices only). Using the blue Interrogate button more than as prompted by your Communicator or as instructed by your physician may lead to a decrease in the battery life of your implanted device. Your communicator is designed to be used in the continental US, Alaska,Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. These devices are available by prescription only. (Rev. I)