what s new in arcgis 9 3 and schoolsite 9 3 l.
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What’s New in ArcGIS 9.3 and SchoolSite 9.3 PowerPoint Presentation
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What’s New in ArcGIS 9.3 and SchoolSite 9.3

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What’s New in ArcGIS 9.3 and SchoolSite 9.3 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What’s New in ArcGIS 9.3 and SchoolSite 9.3. A Summary of All New Features ArcGIS 9.3. http://www.esri.com/software/arcgis/about/whats-new.html. ArcGIS 9.3 Released in June. Improved help and new Resource Center Error help codes and lookups Faster startup of Add Data dialog

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What’s New in ArcGIS 9.3 and SchoolSite 9.3

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a summary of all new features arcgis 9 3
A Summary of All New Features ArcGIS 9.3
  • http://www.esri.com/software/arcgis/about/whats-new.html
arcgis 9 3 released in june
ArcGIS 9.3Released in June
  • Improved help and new Resource Center
  • Error help codes and lookups
  • Faster startup of Add Data dialog
  • Convert graphics in ArcMap to feature classes
  • Easy access to ArcGIS Online content
  • Address range mapping (Maplex extension)
  • Multiple field table sorting
  • Improved interactive geocoding editor
  • Viewer windows in ArcMap
  • New map export to PDF functionality
  • Geocoding in ArcReader
  • Export ink/markups from ArcReader to ArcMap
  • Many others…!

Many New Improvements

new arcgis resource center
New ArcGIS Resource Center
  • Accessed through ArcMap with your ESRI global login account
  • Access to online help, ArcGIS Online map resources, tutorials and videos
  • http://resources.esri.com
easy access to arcgis online content
Easy Access to ArcGIS Online Content
  • Supports direct access to ArcGIS aerial imagery and other map layers
  • Accessed through ArcMap with your ESRI global login account.
error help codes and lookup
Error Help Codes and Lookup
  • New crash reports submitted to ESRI
  • Help contains geoprocessing error codes to assist in correcting problems
convert graphics to features
Convert Graphics to Features
  • Quick way to create new data feature classes without using ArcCatalog
    • Sketch graphics and optionally name each graphic
    • Convert to new feature class
    • Use in analysis or map-making
multiple field table sorting
Multiple Field Table Sorting
  • Advanced sorting on up to 4 fields
bookmarks easier to manage
Bookmarks Easier to Manage
  • Add, remove, share spatial bookmarks
  • Can be saved and given to others
improved geocoding
Improved Geocoding
  • Improved Geocoding Status
  • Speed (typical 20,000 students in 1 minute)
improved geocoding12

Address Locator Manager

Address Inspector

Geocode Addresses

Review/Rematch Addresses

Improved Geocoding
  • New Geocoding toolbar
  • Consolidates all geocoding functions in one location
  • New Address Inspector Tool
improved geocoding13
Improved Geocoding
  • Improved Interactive Reject Processing (Editor)
  • Modal dialog box, ie. can now leave open and continue working in ArcMap!
improved geocoding14
Improved Geocoding
  • Can hide and open different panels
improved geocoding15
Improved Geocoding
  • New Pick Address from Map
  • Just point-and-click to match to a location on the map
improved geocoding pick address from map
Improved GeocodingPick Address from Map
  • New Pick Address from Map
  • Just point-and-click to match to a location or address on the map
geocoding in arcreader
Geocoding in ArcReader
  • Distribute your Address Locator with your map data and ArcReader
  • School sites lookup addresses
export ink markups from arcreader to arcmap
Export ink/markups fromArcReader to ArcMap
  • Publish Map with ArcPublisher extension
  • Non-technical user downloads/installs free ArcReader
  • Markups and comments in ArcReader exported
  • Markups and comments opened in ArcMap
  • Changes made in ArcMap

ArcMap 9.3 with Publisher

ArcReader 9.3 (Free Download)

enhanced view windows
Enhanced View Windows
  • Compare maps/data from two Data Frames
  • Edit in one viewer window while viewing other data in another viewer window
new map export to adobe pdf functions
New Map Export to Adobe PDF Functions

ESRI worked closely with Adobe to support map functionality in Adobe 9

  • Map layers on and off in PDFs
  • Map features can be identified in PDFs with attributelisting
  • Requires Adobe Reader 9
enhanced cartographic symbols
Enhanced Cartographic Symbols
  • New symbols available
schoolsite 9 3 release end of july
SchoolSite 9.3Release end of July
  • Support for ArcGIS 9.3 and 9.2
  • Improved projection calculation of K classes
  • Export projections to Excel®
  • New development summary report
  • File geodatabase support

Future Enhancements

  • 4 school boundary support
  • Automated mobility calculations utility
  • Mapping center

SchoolSite Desktop: Many New Improvements

support for file geodatabases
Support for File Geodatabases
  • DDP SchoolSite now supports all ESRI formats:
  • Shapefiles
  • Personal Geodatabases (Access MDB)
  • File Geodatabases (larger/faster)
  • ArcSDE Geodatabases
  • Coverages (really, really old)
new development summary report
New Development Summary Report
  • Create a Development Summary by Study Area with a few clicks
    • 3, 5, 7 and 10 Year Summary will include study areas with development in the specified timeframe
    • Maturation Summary includes Existing Units*, all Planned Units**, Additional Units and Total Units for EVERY study area

*Exiting Units are available if an Assessor file was specified upon projection creation or input manually

**Planned Units are available if a Tract file was specified upon projection creation or input manually

export projections reports to excel
Export Projections/Reports to Excel®
  • Ability to export to Excel®
    • Redistricting Plan Reports
    • Projection Factors
    • Projection Results
export projections reports to excel26
Export Projections/Reports to Excel®
  • Export to Excel
    • Student Population Projection Reports
      • District Wide
      • Attendance Area
      • Study Area
revised improved k class projection
Revised/improved K class projection
  • Incoming Kindergarten Class has always been the most difficult grade to forecast
  • Difficulty compounded in areas of future residential development
  • DDP’s projection model had a slight, we are talking really small, flaw in calculating incoming kindergarteners in study areas with future development
revised improved k class projection29
Revised/improved K class projection
  • Old Method for K class
    • Kindergarten student population roughly correlates to births in the area.
    • As births trends fluctuate so does K class population
    • DDP model assumes K students show up five years after birth
    • Future K class size calculated from births for the years following base year used in projection for each study area (Actual column in report)
revised improved k class projection30
Revised/improved K class projection
  • Old Method for K class
      • Study areas future containing residential development
      • Evident especially in study areas that have no current kindergarteners
      • When development has been – no new kindergartens are added to study area
revised improved k class projection31
Revised/improved K class projection
    • New units = new students
    • SYF calculates new students as units are occupied
    • All new students will not arrive year of occupancy
    • Mobility accounts for grade 1-12 students arriving after unit occupation
    • Maybe a modified SYF will take care of the kindergarten students
      • Apply Kindergarten SYF only to study areas containing development
      • Account for all units built in a study area prior to incoming kindergarten year
revised improved k class projection32

Total units built in all prior years

Revised/improved K class projection
  • SOLUTION (hear the angels sing)
    • Calculate sum all units built prior to projected kindergarten class
revised improved k class projection33
Revised/improved K class projection













    • Multiply sum of units to a modified SYF
      • Producing a future K class estimate for the study area
    • Apply only to study areas with development
    • Apply for year 2 and beyond of projections. Assumes kindergarteners produced by development prior to year 1 will already be in the student counts and SYF will account for year 1 students
    • Applied in ADDITION too birth rate factors AND students produced by the current residential development
revised improved k class projection34


1,750 units have been added to the study area


1,750 units have been added to the study area



Revised/improved K class projection
    • Appears to calculate a more realistic student population projection