10 th grade enrollment n.
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10 th Grade enrollment PowerPoint Presentation
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10 th Grade enrollment

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10 th Grade enrollment

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  1. 10th Grade enrollment Columbia Public Schools 2014-2015

  2. Vocabulary for Enrollment • BlockSchedule: 4 classes per day that meet every other day (A day, B day) • Semester: Meets either 1st or 2nd semester • Year long: Meets entire year • Bruin Block: Mandatory 30 minute block required for all 10th graders focusing on personal and academic development, service learning, and future planning.

  3. Basic Information • All sophomores in CPS take four core classes, an AUT (unassigned time), and three other classes. • Core classes are: Biology, English 10, and World History (World Studies), and Math • Your other courses should be selected with graduation credits in mind • The selections you make now are for the full year. Please choose wisely. • Your course request form is due January 24th to your Bruin Block Teacher

  4. Block Schedule Culinary Arts 1 Culinary Arts 1 Outdoor Education Teen and Social Issues Geometry World Studies World Studies AUT Biology • If you have a semester class, make a horizontal dividing line in the appropriate column and block for T2 (semester 1) or T3 (semester 2)

  5. Basic Personal Information

  6. Request form

  7. Writing in your Course requests **If you have two semester classes, enter both courses (number and title) in the boxes, separated by a horizontal line. AP AP 0527NC 0527NC 5651ma Geometry 6610bs Outdoor education 1815pe1 AUT 0110NC 7520pa Teen and Social Issues 9951pa 9951pa Culinary 1 Culinary 1 Spanish 1 Men’s Team Sports 2 1815pe1 1 3530fl AP Human Geography MyCuisine 4 7535pa 4805SS 3 Digital Media 6 Family Studies 7505pa 5 9130pa The Acting Experience Intro to Architecture 8216fa 8 7 9685pa

  8. Graduation Requirements* • Students must have 24 credits in specific areas to graduate. • English (EN): 3 • Language Arts (LA): 1 • Social Studies: 3 • Government , World History, US History • Math (MA): 3 • Science: 3 • Biology, Physical, 1 more science (either BS or PS) • Health (HE): 0.5 • Fine Art (FA): 1 • Practical Art: 1 • Personal Finance (PF): 0.5, Practical Art (PA): 0.5 • Physical Education: 1 • Electives: 7.5 • Earned when other areas are complete or when code is EL *Please note, CPS graduation requirements do not always reflect college admission requirements. For example, 2 levels of the same World Language are often required for college admissions. Please check with your school(s) of choice regarding their admission requirements.

  9. Determining credits needed for graduation • Get your transcript from HomeAccess under the “Grades Tab” • Use your Transcript to determine the credits you have earned and what credits you still need

  10. Use your transcript to figure out what credits you’ve already earned EN = English SS= Social Studies MA= Math PS= Physical Science BS= Bio Science FL= Foreign Language GV = Government HE = Health FA = Fine Art PA = Practical Art PF = Personal Finance Etc. You can calculate your your total credits from your transcript and also see your cumulative GPA. (ex. for this student 8.5+6.5+6.75= 21.75 cumulative credits, so she needs an additional 2.25 credits for graduation)

  11. Compare your transcript to the chart of Graduation Requirements to figure out what you still need… For example: this has fulfilled all of her EN/LA credits for graduation (English 9 H, English 10 H, English 11 H, and School Publ Yearbook); however, she has not taken Health so she will need to take ½ credit of Health to graduate

  12. For Choir and Band • All students enroll with one number; auditions will inform placement in the course options. See the registration guide for more details. • Choir: 8435FA • Band: 8340FA

  13. Alternative Choices • Students do not always receive their first choice in classes • It is VERY important that you list alternative courses. • If you are requesting semester classes make sure you have at least two semester alternatives. • If you do not select alternative choices, we will choose for you. • It is not necessary to select alternative choices for core classes.

  14. Making your requests official • Signatures from the following people are necessary: • You! • A parent/guardian (have your parent/guardian initial for permission to take an early block class if one of your requests is offered during EB.) • Special Education case manager, if applicable • ELL case manager, if applicable • If you desire an early block class, your parent should initial at the bottom of the form.

  15. Entering Course Requests Through Home Access • Please click on the link below to view the short video below for instructions on how to enter your course request in Home Access. • http://www.columbia.k12.mo.us/iits/IITSSiteDocs/HAC%20Course%20Requests/multiscreen.html • A link to this video will also be available in Home Access for you to view if you have any questions as you’re entering your requests. • You can also refer to the handout provided with your enrollment materials if you have questions.

  16. To Review • Enrollment forms are DUE January 24th • Enrollment Forms are DUE to your Bruin Block Teachers • Enter course requests in Home Access by January 24th (after January 24th you will not be able to enter or edit requests in HomeAccess)

  17. SUMMER SCHOOL- It’s HOT! • Wednesday, June 11th - Wednesday, July 9th • If snow days are not used and the school year ends prior to June 2, the start date of summer school will be moved up to Monday, June 9th. • Morning session: 8:55am-12:10pm, afternoon session includes lunch and is 12:15--4:05pm • *No bus transportation available mid-day • If you fail a core class during the school year, plan on attending Summer school • You may take a maximum of 2 classes in summer (for up to 1 full credit) • Numerous credit advancement options (including several online classes) as well as credit completion courses • Applications available in Guidance. • Applications for CREDIT ADVANCEMENT courses are due by April 16, 2014 • Students may still be able to add CREDIT COMPLETION courses as needed (determined by counselor and parent) after April 16th.

  18. Rock Bridge for Dummies… • Want more information about Sophomore courses, Rock Bridge Traditions, Service Organizations, Clubs, etc.? • Check out Bearing News’ Rock Bridge for Dummies- it’s packed with tons of great information for helping you make your years at RBHS awesome! • http://www.bearingnews.org/rock-bridge-for-dummies/