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ITSM Software

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ITSM Software

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ITSM Software

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  1. ITSM Software

  2. What Are the Weak Links in Your IT Services? IT services consist of many components – some you own and others you obtain from 3rd parties. Like a chain that is only as strong as its weakest link, your services are only as strong as your weakest components. To provide service assurance to users and business stakeholders, your IT staff must understand not only how your services are constructed, but also their weaknesses. Here are some of the common weaknesses that IT organizations should identify:

  3. Availability Most components in your IT ecosystem aren’t designed to work continuously 24×7. They require backups, maintenance windows, periodic restarts and sometimes they fail to operate as intended or expected and must be fixed. The downtime of individual components reduces the availability of your service. Understanding what downtimes are needed for your service components and optimizing when they occur can improve your overall service availability.

  4. Performance IT services can be thought of as mini-manufacturing processes with inputs entering, processing occurring in workflow steps and outputs exiting. The throughput capacity of the service is only as big as the narrowest point in the workflow. If you try to push more volume through the service, then it won’t increase the output; your transactions will eventually slow, or even stop. This applies to both speed and capacity.

  5. Supporting attributes make your visualizations more insightful In addition to presenting the structure of your services in a visual form, Virima enables you to add supporting attributes about your components to the pictures to make them more meaningful. Some of the common attributes that are most helpful for assessing weakness and risks are: • Supplier and support team info • Availability data • Security risks and threat alerts • Patching status • SLAs

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