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LEAD International Presentation to LEAD CIS

LEAD International Presentation to LEAD CIS. Golitsino 17-18 January 2004. LEAD’S MISSION. To create, strengthen and support networks of people and institutions promoting change towards sustainable development that is economically sound, environmentally responsible and socially equitable.

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LEAD International Presentation to LEAD CIS

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Presentation Transcript

  1. LEAD InternationalPresentation to LEAD CIS Golitsino 17-18 January 2004

  2. LEAD’S MISSION To create, strengthen and support networks of people and institutions promoting change towards sustainable development that is economically sound, environmentally responsible and socially equitable.

  3. LEAD Network

  4. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT THROUGH LEAD NETWORK NETWORK ACTIONS Communications & Public Role Training and Other Services Specific Actions NETWORK EXPANSION AND STRENGTHENING LEAD Network Institutions Other Institutions, partners & individuals Adding to the Network of LEAD Fellows Adding to the Network of Institutions & Individuals LEAD FELLOWS Fundraising Services and AdviceCommunications

  5. Uniquely LEAD • Real + Virtual Community • Strong Shared Experience • Mid-Career Influential Leaders • Cross-Sectoral • Cross-Cultural • Local + Global Reach • Neutral Space

  6. LEAD Network LEAD Today • 14 Institutions (MPs) • Capable Staff Worldwide • Influential Governing Bodies • Global Faculty • Partnerships

  7. LEAD Network - Fellows • 1400 Fellows & growing • Reach into a multitude of organizations

  8. LEAD Network

  9. Network Expansion & Strengthening Increase the number of : • Fellows • MPs • Individuals reached by LEAD training • Partners

  10. Training & Capacity Development • LEAD Training Programs • External Training & Partnerships • Training Services & Product Development • Trainers • Funding for Training Activities

  11. LEAD Training Program LEAD Associate Training • Apr 2004 – International training session to graduate C10 • Jan-Dec 2004 - Recruit & select new cohort (self-funded and global) Young LEADers • 2004 – Advertise Young LEADers • 2005 – Recruit & select 1st cohort

  12. External Training & Partnerships Client groups: • Association of Commonwealth Universities, IUCN, URI Coastal Resource Center, Envision, Smithsonian Institute… Partnerships: • Globalegacy, Forum for the Future, Sustainability Institute, Imperial College, Harvard University… Ongoing project development: • UNDP, IIED, IISD, Earth Charter Secretariat…

  13. Training Services & Product Development • Continue to improve & develop new skills modules • Increase types of fee-for-service training: • Skills workshops • Stand-alone short courses • Consultancy in training design and facilitation • Expand LEAD CD-ROM series • Wye International Training Session CD-ROM • Produce publications • Systems Stories; Training Across Cultures; LEAD Case Studies

  14. Trainers Continue to strengthen LEAD Trainers • Training-of-Trainers series • New product development, dissemination and testing • Internal capacity building Facilitate access to quality international trainers • Faculty Database on website • Over 1,000 faculty • Trainer Database • 100 LEAD Fellow and staff trainers

  15. Funding for Training Activities LEAD Associate Training Program • Externally funded External Training and Partnerships • Fee-for-service Training Products • Cost recovery Partnership • Joint funding identification

  16. Impact Initiatives Opportunity • Silo-based approaches are not delivering Asset • LEAD connects across boundaries Vehicle • LEAD Strategic Programs

  17. LEAD Strategic Programs • Ecosystems and Poverty • Food Security • Communicating Sustainable Development • Engaging with Business

  18. Ecosystems and Poverty • Harness LEAD network to bring ecosystem value into development decisions • Partnership with Millennium Ecosystems Assessment • 9 projects involving over 80 Fellows • Example: Siberia/Western China: NGO Network to Combat Illegal Timber Trafficking

  19. Food Security • Crowded field but LEAD can add value • Harnessing indigenous knowledge • Food, poverty, environment, trade linkages

  20. Communicating Sustainable Development • The communication gap • Participatory Communication: a LEAD strength • Pilot projects : Example: Using Participatory Video & Dialogue to Build Support for Forrest Conservation & Eco-tourism in Siberia • A LEAD Participatory Communication Unit?

  21. Engaging with Business • Help business become part of the solution • Training • Advising • Building SME capacity

  22. Overall Strategy: Contributing to sustainable development and to LEAD’s financial viability Fundraising

  23. Fundraising: we are all concerned LI & MPs are raising funds for: • Projects • LEAD Strategic Programs • Other projects (MP and LI) • Training • Member Program & LI core support

  24. LEAD Network Communication Aims of Communications Strategy: • Launch LEAD Network as a global brand • Raise the profile of LEAD Network with potential funders and partners • And increase the value of belonging to LEAD Network for Fellows and MPs

  25. LEAD Network – Integrated Strategy

  26. LEAD CIS Inter Cohort Meeting Aim: to discuss the overall LEAD program and make recommendations on: • Program content • Governance structure • Management services • Funding possibilities • Future prospects • Role of Fellows

  27. LEAD Fellows Photo

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