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Academic Affairs Division

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Academic Affairs Division - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presentation of Summary of the ACD’s Accomplishments Quantitative Objectives of 2010 Prepared by brother: Abdulkadir Mohamed Osman. Academic Affairs Division. Academic Affairs Division.

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Presentation of Summary of the ACD’s AccomplishmentsQuantitative Objectives of 2010Prepared bybrother: Abdulkadir Mohamed Osman
Faculty of finance and administrative Sciencesthe total objectives: 55Completed:61.88%WIP: 32.76%Dropped: 5.46%(reason for dropping : because of another suggestion of authoring and internal preparation of the materials and for delaying the offering time of the subjects)
Centre of LanguagesCompleted:84.8changed:5.3reason: because only two were appointed instead of the four lecturers requiredslipping:5.3waiting the MQA for approvalWIP:5.3reason: three organizations were contacted for cooperation in the Arabic and English
Faculty of LanguagesCompleted: 42.47%WIP:53.43%Onhold:4.11%(reason of being on hold: because of a decision from the board of academic affairs but the faculty will insha Allah reopen these in this year of 2011)
FACULTY OF it AND COMPUTER SciencesCompleted:44.88Changed:18.36because of lack of students and high cost, because the decision of the MQA didn’t come, Dropped:36.72(reasons for Dropping: because a contract was signed with the IBKO company for the preparation of the main references and developments of the syllabus and to submit it on the first quarter and because of lack of enough lecturers and the materials for the diplomas were not developed, the master program was not agreed and no subject was offered in this year)
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