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  1. PROJECT DESCRIPTION ARIAL Walker: IoT-augmented four-legged walker supporting rehabilitation prescription compliance • Augmented four-legged walker is used to assist patients in their rehabilitation after an injury. • Collects and analyzes data from the weight and proxy sensors that are attached to it, in order to provide the user with feedback about their usage. • Interface: A progress bar that shows if the user is in a normal range from the walker in order to use it. • Interface: Four circular, dynamic graphs that correspond to the current weight and the prescription weight load on each leg of the walker. The green circle represents the weight set by the physiotherapist and the red circle represents the weight the user is putting on each leg.

  2. PROJECT DESCRIPTION Smart Walker for the Visually Impaired • Four-wheeled (rollator) walker that is augmented with a depth-sensing camera (Microsoft Kinect camera) • Detects and recognizes obstacles in a visually impaired user’s path and obtains the corresponding distance • Distance of the obstacle from the user is conveyed through a haptic feedback system, where the handles will vibrate with various intensities depending on how close the obstacle is and gives time for the user to change their path.

  3. Project 1: IoT-enabled smart mobility devices for aging and rehabilitationREU Students: Nafisa Mostofa and Kelly FullinGraduate mentors: SharareZehtabian and SafaBacanliFaculty mentor(s): Dr. Turgut and Dr. Bölöni Week 1 (May 27– May 31, 2019) Accomplishments: • Introduced to Python and AI through the workshop • Met with mentors and discussed possible project ideas • Read and asked questions on papers about smart walkers to get more familiar with the project • Became familiar with the IoT-augmented walker’s capabilities and interface in the lab Problem & Solutions • I’ve just started to learn Python, so not too familiar with its syntax and capabilities. Hopefully with more practice, I will become more comfortable in the language. • I don’t have any experience with Raspberry Pi, so with more research I should become more educated on its capabilities and how it can be used. Plans for next week: • Finalize our project idea and what direction we want to take with it • Look at code for the smart walker • More reading and research