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Santa’s New Suit

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Santa’s New Suit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Santa’s New Suit. Mrs . Claus needs your help !!

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Santa’s New Suit

Mrs. Claus needs your help!!

November 30Dear Students, I've made a terrible mistake! I was cleaning Santa's suit and getting him all ready for the holiday season. But, I accidently put his favorite suit in the dryer on high heat. Of course, his suit shrank! There is no way he will be able to wear it now! He is going to be so upset with me. There is only one thing I could think to do - make Santa a new, even better suit!

I am afraid a new, more modern suit is the only thing that will keep Santa in a jolly mood. Unfortunately, I am as old fashioned as Santa. I no longer know what is hip and cool to wear. Plus I bet with all the advances we have had in technology lately that some features could be built right into his suit that will make his work easier, more comfortable, and go faster.

What do you think, kids? Can you help me save the holiday season with a new suit for Santa? Please, please send me your designs for Santa's suit along with a letter explaining why I should choose your suit for Santa. The elves and I will study all the designs we get very carefully and select the one we think Santa will like the best. Sincerely, Mrs. Claus


Letter Writing

Persuasive Writing


Santa’s New Suit


Step 1:

Brainstorm a list of special features that might be helpful for Santa to have. These are things that will help him do his job faster, better, and be more comfortable while doing it. Be creative!

Step 2:

Create a picture of the suit you have designed. It is very important that you label the special features on your suit so that Mrs. Claus knows what they are. Be neat! You want Mrs. Claus to be able to read your work!

Step 3:

You are going to have to write a letter to Mrs. Claus persuading her to select your suit for Santa. So, you need to know what the parts of a letter are and what persuasion means. Study the letter writing and persuasive writing links until you have a good understanding of both.

Step 4:

Begin to write your letter. The body of your letter should have at least 2 paragraphs. One paragraph telling Mrs. Claus about the special features on your suit and one paragraph explaining why Mrs. Claus should pick your suit. When you are done, have a friend help you revise and edit your letter.

Step 5:

Make any necessary improvements to your letter. Then turn it and your diagram in to your teacher. Now, you will have to patiently wait for a reply from Mrs. Claus!Good luck!

Letter from Mrs. Claus

Letter Writing

Persuasive Writing


Letter-writing Links

Persuasive Writing Link

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