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VTCL – summary of proposal/budget

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VTCL – summary of proposal/budget - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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VTCL – summary of proposal/budget. ASHA Boston Meeting: November 4 rd 2012.

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vtcl summary of proposal budget

VTCL – summary of proposal/budget

ASHA Boston Meeting: November 4rd 2012


Viveka Tribal Centre for learning is an initiative of SVYM in the field of education exclusively for tribal children, especially girls. The goal of this initiative is to impart Quality Education to tribal children of HD Kotetaluk, focusing on values, literacy, numeracy and appropriate vocational training through joyful, experiential and child centered learning processes.

update 2011 2012
Update: 2011-2012
  • Size of school
    • - 412 students (ags 6-16), 58 tribal Haadies and 49 staff.
  • Attendance
    • - 95% attendance in first six months (unclear how it is defined), and 93% for second six months (their goal was 95% throughout year). Issue with attendance is delay in return to school after religious and cultural events.
  • SSLC results
    • 94% pass on SSLC (goal was 100%). 8 passed first class, 12 second class, and 12 pass. 2 students eventually passed supplementary boar exam. (fyi, the numbers in the report are somewhat conflicting; we might want to address this because in another place it says 97% pass; also the number of students achieiving each level of pass doesn’t add up to total passes, etc.) However, I think that the numbers overall are relatively good. They would like the enhance reading and writing skills for the slowest learners.
update continued
Update, continued
  • Sports stuff
    • Sports competitions, as usual, are an important part of the curriculum, and students do well at the regional Taluk level meet, and some participate in the state and even National level meet. They feel the neef for external coahces at this point. Also introduced archery, a “tribal” sport.
  • Cultural stuff (holidays, etc.)
    • Many festivals were celebrated, including tribal ones. (Recall our discussion of balancing religion and culture in classroom?)
  • Other interesting activities include
    • Students helping to build new houses on campus by doing plumbing and wiring (!)
    • Girls – learning about adolescence and physical/biological changes that take place.
    • Dental hygiene awareness.
    • External trips (5 day trip for high school on historical/mythological Karnataka, e.g.) and participation in external essay contests, etc.
    • Visits from dignitaries and other educational professionals (Ms. Mamatha, etc.)
  • Teacher and staff training
    • Teacher retention improved by recruiting from alumni
    • Trainings in curriculum development and Montessori philosophy
    • Nutrition and calorimetry demo resulted in improving school menu
  • Funds requested are a LOT more this year This year’s request is 2x more than requested in 2011-2012 ($5000; see budget online )
    • Personnel cost is a lot more: 40.5 lakhs vs. 27.9 lakhs in 2011-2012 – why?
    • Sports/cultural funding is also another large relative difference (2 laks vs. 1.5 laks) – why?
    • Less funding from government this year compared to last (44 laks vs. 52 lakhs) – why?
  • Site visit – last done in Jan 2011. How to get another one done? Do we need one before we can approve funds?