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Project Update

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Project Update. Custom Sound Energy 95 LLC Mokaram Law Firm University Catholic Center Primus Real Estate Texas Orange Jackets All about design Bounce Texans for the Arts. Presentations. DECEMBER 3rd Primus Real Estate – RAM Consulting Texans for the Arts – The Fast Five

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Project Update

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project update
Project Update
  • Custom Sound
  • Energy 95 LLC
  • Mokaram Law Firm
  • University Catholic Center
  • Primus Real Estate
  • Texas Orange Jackets
  • All about design
  • Bounce
  • Texans for the Arts
  • DECEMBER 3rd
    • Primus Real Estate – RAM Consulting
    • Texans for the Arts – The Fast Five
    • University Catholic Center – Kung Fu Pandas
    • Custom Sounds – A-Team
  • DECEMBER 5th
    • Mokaram Law Firm - Impact Consulting
    • All about design – Tower
    • Bounce – Xenoglossia
    • Energy 95 – Delta
    • Texas Orange Jackets – Team Spectacular
  • DECEMBER 3RD – refreshments (committee?)
wrapping up the development process
Wrapping up the Development Process

Final Delivery – the Go Live / Cut Over Point

Process Overview -- SDLC

Process Overview – Staging environments

Installation / Cutover Strategies





Post Mortems – aka Project Retrospective


Launch Point for Build Phase

  • Value of documents
  • What you learned in collaboration with your stakeholders.
  • Relationship of trust.
  • Contractual.

Project Charter

Analysis &


process view sdlc
Process View: SDLC

Install / migrate / publish

is the last step before

the Go Live point

system testing and user acceptance testing occur in the production staging environment
System Testing and User Acceptance Testing Occur in the Production Staging Environment

Go Live

install migrate deploy
Install / migrate / deploy

Defined as: transfer tested software to production environment

aka – Migratetested software to production environment (from a “sandbox” or from a staging environment)

aka – Publish(example: draft page on WordPress)

aka – Ship – release of new version for vendor

aka – Deploy tested software so available to users (only change may be where a URL points)


Q1. What term best fits your go live activity for your client project ?

Migrate ?

Publish ?

Ship ?

Deploy ?



What will be the biggest install /go live challenge for your client project ?

production environment reality
Production Environment Reality

A large utility company has 3.5 million retail customers

Billing is a nightly production run 30 nights a month:

3.5 million/30=116,667 bills nightly

Source: UT MIS graduate experience

production environment reality1
Production Environment Reality

The cycle is tied to daily meter reading for the same 116,667 customers.

Billing is a sequential process for geographical areas matched to meter reading assignments.

production environment reality2
Production Environment Reality

Any production failures are handled as exceptions by a special department, since 117k billscan’t be rerun the same night or the next night.

Source: UT MIS graduate about client

production environment reality3
Production Environment Reality

Imagine having to reboot the system in case of a failure.

Source: UT MIS graduate experience

go live at user locations for operations
Go Live at user locations for operations

Users on site

What time of day will you go-live and do final migration?

Operations Staff back up db and run efficiency tests & some reports

go live for management
Go Live for management

Managers review on-line data (queries for power users) and periodic reports (daily, monthly, quarterly, annual)



What operations steps must be considered for your client ?

cutover strategies
Cutover Strategies




Existing system

New system

Existing system

New system

Existing system

New system

Existing system

Pilot system

Immediate cutover

a. Pilot System strategy

Phased cutover

Parallel cutover








Parallel cutover

Migration Strategy Reading

hardware conversions at citibank credit cards
Hardware Conversions at Citibank Credit Cards
  • Citibank Credit Cards has three processing facilities: South Dakota, Las Vegas and New Jersey
  • A double redundancy in case of failure at one site. (Aside – can you imagine what would happen on “Black Friday” if people couldn’t use their Citibank credit cards?)
  • When new (major) hardware was to be installed, it was generally over a long weekend (Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, etc.)
hardware conversions at citibank credit cards1
Hardware Conversions at Citibank Credit Cards
  • The other two sites kept working (i.e. hardware installed at only one site at a time)
  • Friday night after standard bill processing was completed, the system shifted processing to the other sites
  • The old hardware was shut down and removed to a truck; the new hardware was installed and powered up.
  • Extensive tests occurred
hardware conversions at citibank credit cards2
Hardware Conversions at Citibank Credit Cards
  • If all was good, the system was brought back up into production mode
  • If there was a failure of any nature, they worked on getting things to work until Sunday evening.
  • If they didn’t success, they moved the new hardware to a truck and brought the old hardware (from another truck) back to the floor.
  • They had until Monday evening to get the old hardware to work again.

Software Implementation at Citibank Credit Cards

  • Software implementations:
  • Product developed in a ‘sandbox’ development environment
  • Product thoroughly tested – internal Alpha / Beta (with users) tests.
  • Unit / System / Acceptance Test
  • Moved to a staging area – once a month (like USAA)
  • After production was done on Friday night, the new systems / products were uploaded, the old archived
  • New system was turned on in the production environment and tested
  • If all was good, it was released


What is the cutover strategy for your client project ?


Post-Mortems (aka Retrospective)


Learn from past successes and failures in order to improve development projects

Process Overview:

- Summarize a project's history

- Analyze its positive and negative aspects.

Applies to everyone

- Lone-wolf Programmer

- Non-Technical Project Manager



Post-Mortems (aka Retrospective)

  • Process Steps:
  • Hold a project review meeting two weeks after the Go Live point.
  • Document the postmortem in writing
    • Publish online if you can
  • Begin with a project overview
    • What was original timeline, budget, & scope?
  • Include project details.
  • Document what went right (at least 10)
  • Document what went wrong (why?)
  • Assess your risk management.
  • Assess mid-project changes.
  • Draw meaningful conclusions.
  • Take action (Not just about documenting it)

“Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment.”

(We learn from our mistakes)

due date reminder
Due Date Reminder

By Monday November 18

Let us know if you’re taking Exam 2

Code reviews will happen 11/18 – 11/22

Should be setting these up now. Check Google Calendar for times

For allteams but not all members need to attend

REMINDER: Bring a laptop next class

exercise 16
Exercise 16

Take the last 15 minutes to complete “Plans for Go Live”

Turn in 1 exercise per team

What term best fits your go live activity for your client?

Migrate ?

Publish ?

Ship ?

Deploy ?