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(Behind the Orange Doors). Public Storage. Founded in 1972 as a REIT Over 2,100 locations in 38 states and 7 European Countries $2 billion revenue; S&P 500; Forbes 2000. Skillsoft Experience. Dunkin Brands Director of Global Training Over 50 custom courses Public Storage

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Public storage l.jpg
Public Storage

Founded in 1972 as a REIT

Over 2,100 locations in 38 states and 7 European Countries

$2 billion revenue; S&P 500; Forbes 2000

Skillsoft experience l.jpg
Skillsoft Experience

Dunkin Brands

Director of Global Training

Over 50 custom courses

Public Storage

VP of Learning & Development

22 skillsoft catalog courses

27 custom courses

Public storage field organization l.jpg
Public Storage Field Organization

  • 2 Zones

  • 6 Divisions

  • 33 Regions

  • 205 Districts

How we developed this program l.jpg
How We Developed This Program

We engaged a subject matter expert team of top talent ranging from a newly hired DM to a 12+ year veteran RM.

How we defined our competencies l.jpg
How We Defined Our Competencies

The L&D team, along with our Subject Matter Experts, identified and categorized DM Competencies for training, based on metrics and behaviors that drive business results:





Expense Control

List of online courses for district managers l.jpg
List of Online Courses for District Managers

  • Supervisor and Manager Sexual Harassment Awareness (Compliance) – 2.5 hrs.

  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness (Compliance) – 2.0 hrs.

  • Basic Business Skills to Get You on the Fast Track – 2.5 hrs.

  • Interviewing Skills – Behavioral Interviewing – 2.0 hrs.

  • Business Coaching – 2.5 hrs.

  • Managing Upward Relationships – 3.0 hrs.

  • Competitive Factors in Strategic Marketing – 2.5 hrs.

  • The Fundamentals of Business Execution – 2.0 hrs.

How we developed the program l.jpg
How We Developed the Program

  • Posed the following questions:

    • What are the main functions of an Regional Manager?

    • How does a Regional Manager spend their time?

    • What competencies/skills should a Regional Manager have to be successful?

What are the main functions of a regional manager l.jpg
What are the Main Functions of a Regional Manager?

  • People Development

  • Field Execution

  • Financial Business Results

  • Operational Efficiency

People management coursework l.jpg
People Management Coursework

Managing High Performers – Creating a Retention Strategy

Managing Managers

Managing for High Performance

Managing the Change Process

Foundations of Leadership

Business execution coursework l.jpg
Business Execution Coursework

Balanced Scorecard – Corporate Strategy

Fundamentals of Critical Thinking Within Organizations

The Culture and foundations of Business Execution

Thinking Strategically

Sales coursework l.jpg
Sales Coursework

Sustaining Competitive Advantage

Excellence in Service – Creating an Exceptional Service Environment

Experience with skillsoft l.jpg
Experience with Skillsoft

  • Easy to use

  • Comprehensive library of Courses

  • Solution - Based

Skillport learning management system proving value for over 2 000 customers l.jpg
SkillPort™ Learning Management System Proving Value for Over 2,000 Customers

SkillPort 7.0

  • A reliable, scalable SaaS LMS that’s capable of delivering learning to large, global audiences

    • SaaS approach maximizes flexibility and minimizes burden on internal IT resources

    • Supports a variety of learning assets: self-study courses, virtual classes, books, simulations, videos and mentoring for formal or informal learning

    • Learners can quickly pinpoint relevant content using Search & Learn™ or the catalog

    • Localized interfaces available in 10 languages

    • Native support for offlineplay of courses and resultssynchronization for SkillSoft courses

    • Add-On Modules include ILT and Advanced Reporting

Single path learning program l.jpg
Single Path Learning Program

Any Order


Forced Order

  • Examples of Programs with Different Completion Types

    • Forced order

    • Any order

    • Elective

  • Forced order

    • All previous courses are implied pre-reqs

  • Any order

    • No pre-reqs, courses can be completed in any order

  • Elective Set

    • Complete set number of courses

Course 1

Course 1

Course 1

Course 2

Course 4

Course 2

Course 5

Course 3

Course 3

Course 4

Course 3

Course 4

Course 5

Course 2

Course 5

Multiple path learning program l.jpg
Multiple Path Learning Program

Forced Order

“Learning Program within a Learning Program”

Complete all courses in order

Course 1

  • Set different completion types for groups of Learning Events

    • Forms learning paths

Course 2

Elective Set

Any Order

Any Order

Choose a path and complete all courses in path

Course A

Course C

Course B

Course D

Optional Set

Optional - complete any Learning Events

Book A

Job Aid

Knowledgecenters l.jpg

Technology, tools, and content assets combined to create customized learning portals for targeted groups of learners.

  • Targeted content and Learning Roadmaps

  • Featured Topics and links to external resources

  • Business Impact, Challenge Series, Learning Sparks, Practice Labs, Projects, and Simulations

  • Access to Books24x7, Mentoring services and more

  • Customize your KnowledgeCenter to match your business needs using KnowledgeCenter Editor

The books24x7 on demand platform l.jpg
The Books24x7 On Demand Platform

  • An intuitive Web-based interface

  • Patented search technologies

  • Bookmarks and notes

  • Customizable RSS feeds/email alerts

  • Personal folders

  • Corporate Folders and Corporate Topic Trees to connect resources to corporate initiatives

  • Easy access/implementation options

  • Books24x7 On the Go™ mobile access

  • Seamless access from a portal or learning management system

  • Portal integration utilizing Web services technology


Blended solutions l.jpg
Blended Solutions

  • SkillBlends and BLTs

  • Solution Services

Comprehensive services options l.jpg
Comprehensive Services & Options

SkillSoft Advises

SkillSoft Executes

Core Services:

Learning Consultants

Application Engineers

Customer Support Desk


Enterprise Program Management

Blended Learning Services

Shared Services Administration

Product Support Services

Customer’s Learning Strategy

Learning consultants core service offerings l.jpg
Learning Consultants Core Service Offerings

  • Program Design

    • Help establish program objectives and implementation strategies aligned with organizational business goals

  • Curriculum Design

    • Advise on learning program design and development

  • Technical Planning

    • Coordinate resources for deployment and integration

  • Marketing and Communications

    • Recommend use of Client Community resources to reach identified target audiences

  • Administrative Processes

    • Provide access to administrator training to leverage robust platform capabilities

  • Reporting

    • Recommend reporting and review plan design to identify trends and track behaviors

  • Performance Measurement

    • Facilitate regular Program Reviews of defined business metrics using data analysis to measure success

Solution services expanded capabilities l.jpg
Solution Services: Expanded Capabilities



  • Enterprise Program Management

  • Business Unit Alignment

  • Business Process and Operations

  • LMS and OLSA Project Management

  • Marketing and Communications

  • Reporting and Trend Analysis

  • Shared Services Administration

  • Standard SkillPort Admin Functions

  • Batch File Design and Processing

  • Custom Report Design/Production

  • Content Mapping to Competencies

  • Customized Marketing Templates



  • Blended Learning Services

  • Program Design and Asset Selection

  • ILT Vendor Management

  • Logistics/Participant Management

  • Communications and Coaching

  • Progress Tracking and Reporting

  • Custom Job Impact Surveys

  • Product Support Services

  • Priority Help Desk Support

  • Customized Product Training

  • Dialogue Design Consulting

  • Virtual Classroom Presenter Skills

  • SARM and ILT Configuration/Admin

Summary l.jpg

A Little Planning

+ The Right Content

+ The Right Delivery Options

= The Perfect Training Solution

Open forum l.jpg
Open Forum

  • Your Solutions

  • Your Questions