welcome to oak park media center n.
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Welcome to Oak Park Media Center PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Oak Park Media Center

Welcome to Oak Park Media Center

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Welcome to Oak Park Media Center

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  1. Welcome to Oak Park Media Center

  2. The Media Center is a classroom Media Staff are teachers just like any other classroom. Your best classroom behavior is expected

  3. How many books may I check out?

  4. 2

  5. How long may I keep my books?

  6. Books are due in 2 weeks.

  7. How do I remember when my books are due?

  8. A library aide will stamp the date on your date due slip in the back of your book.

  9. Where do I put books when I return them?

  10. You must hand your books to the person at the Checkout desk.

  11. May I renew books?

  12. YES

  13. Do I have to have the books with me to renew them?

  14. YesYou may not renew a book that you left home or in your locker.

  15. How often can I renew books?

  16. You can renew books one time unless there is a “HOLD” on a book.Then you can’t renew it.

  17. What is a “HOLD”?

  18. That means that someone else is waiting for the book.

  19. Can I put a HOLD on a book ?

  20. Yes-If the book you want is already checked out, you may put a HOLD on it.

  21. Suppose a book I want isn’t at Oak Park?

  22. Ask Mrs. Lipovics to do an Interlibrary loan from another school.

  23. FINES

  24. What happens if I bring my books back late?

  25. You will have to pay a FINE

  26. How much is the fine?

  27. Fines are 10 cents a day per book

  28. Suppose I return my books late but don’t have any money with me?

  29. You may check out another book.

  30. How long do I have to pay my fines?

  31. You may keep checking out books until you owe 50 cents.

  32. What should I do if I find a book after it is due?

  33. Please turn in your book as soon as you realize that it is overdue even IF YOU DON’T HAVE THE FINE MONEY! This stops the fine from getting larger. • Pay another day!

  34. What happens when I owe 50 cents or more?

  35. Then you must pay before you can check out any more books.There are HONOR books that you may borrow in the second bookcase right behind the Dictionary stand

  36. Will I still be able to go to school activities if I owe library FINES?

  37. You will NOT be able to go to special activities if you owe any fines

  38. What happens if I’ve lost a book?

  39. Check first with the library to see if anyone has turned it in. If you can’t find it in a few weeks, you will have to pay for the book.

  40. Can I go to special activities if I haven’t paid for a lost book?

  41. NOAll fines have to be paid at least 2 days before the activity.

  42. What happens if I find a book after I’ve paid for it?

  43. You will receive a refund by check in the mail.

  44. Then will I owe the Media Center anything?

  45. Yes, we charge $3.00 for the lateness of the book.


  47. How do I know which books have AR tests?

  48. Our AR books have a round orange label with the book level on it. 5.5

  49. Can I take AR tests in the Media Center?

  50. Only if a Language Arts teacher sends you—not on your own.