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Delta Chi Educational Foundation Ambassador Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Delta Chi Educational Foundation Ambassador Program

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Delta Chi Educational Foundation Ambassador Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Delta Chi Educational Foundation Ambassador Program
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  1. Delta Chi Educational FoundationAmbassador Program

  2. Ambassador Program Mission • To promote the mission and increase the visibility of the Delta Chi Educational Foundation through the development of alumni advocates

  3. Goals & Objectives • To increase participation and involvement in Foundation programs and initiatives • To increase donations to support the programs and scholarships of the Foundation • To increase the number of loyal donors contributing to the Foundation and promote a habit of giving

  4. Goals & Objectives Cont. • To introduce the concept of giving during one’s undergraduate career • To identify and develop future members of the Board of Directors

  5. Roles & Responsibilities of an Ambassador • Participate in Ambassador training session • Become knowledgeable of the Foundation’s programs, scholarships, and other initiatives • Schedule and give presentations at Delta Chi and Foundation events, including ABT and Chapter meetings, Regional Leadership Conferences, Founders Day events, etc. • Cultivate current and establish new relationships with major donors

  6. Roles & Responsibilities of an Ambassador Cont. • Assist in Foundation fundraising events in assigned region • Deliver Alumni Giving Awards in assigned region and provide pictures of all recipients • Support the Foundation Board of Directors in other ways as necessary

  7. Ambassador Criteria • Bachelor’s Degree • Personal desire to improve the Fraternity and Foundation • Self-motivated, competent, articulate, and personable • Interpersonal communication skills • Public speaking ability

  8. Ambassador Criteria Cont. • Chapter, campus, and/or community leadership experience • Time management and organization skills • Time and resources available to travel short-to-moderate distances for events and presentations

  9. Ambassador Recruitment • IHQ, Regent, and Leadership Consultant recommendations • Leadership Consultants bring materials and discuss program during Chapter visits • Communication to Chapter presidents/executive officers • Communication to Chapter BBs • Communication to ABTs

  10. Ambassador Recruitment Cont. • Discuss program at Conferences and Conventions • Application available on Delta Chi and/or Foundation website • Current Board of Directors and Ambassadors reach out to perspective candidates on an ad-hoc basis

  11. Selection Process • Board of Directors and/or current Ambassadors review applications and nominations to ensure candidates meet criteria • Schedule phone interviews if necessary • Board of Directors can decide to vote on candidates or to accept all candidates who meet criteria (based on need) • Ambassador is invited to attend an orientation/training session

  12. Ambassador Training • Who: Board of Directors or current Ambassadors to facilitate/deliver training to new Ambassadors • What/Why: Training new Ambassadors on roles and responsibilities, expectations, and how to deliver an effective presentation in order to prepare them for the position • When: First training session to be held between March-April of 2010 and future sessions offered as necessary based on recruitment

  13. Ambassador Training • Where: Training via conference call • How: Training presentation and other required materials provided to new Ambassadors in advance

  14. Post-Training Activities • Ambassador determines which local Chapters, ABTs, and other upcoming events in his region are within a reasonable distance for travel • Ambassador begins to schedule speaking engagements and communicates all events scheduled to the Board of Directors • Ambassador engages in other activities to: • Promote the Foundation • Cultivate current/establish new relationships with donors

  15. Incentives & Benefits • Opportunity to impact Delta Chi beyond own chapter • Opportunity to share personal Fraternity experiences and provide opportunities for others • Interactions and networking with Delta Chi undergraduates and alumni • Special recognition at Conferences and Conventions

  16. Incentives & Benefits • Picture and biography posted on Foundation website • All personal expenses related to the position and approved by the Foundation Treasurer will be acknowledged as tax deductible “gifts in kind” and count toward Lifetime giving recognition • Training, materials, and special email address provided by the Foundation

  17. Materials to be Developed and/or Obtained • Ambassador Program application and nomination form • Fact sheet/flyer about the Ambassador Program • Delta Chi and/or Foundation website updated content • Ambassador Training presentation • Roles and responsibilities • Expectations • How to deliver an effective presentation * Many of these can be leveraged from this presentation

  18. Materials to be Developed and/or Obtained Cont. • Master schedule of Regional Leadership Conferences and other large-scale Fraternity and Foundation events • Contact information for all undergraduate Chapters, BBs, and ABTs • Presentation for Ambassadors to modify as appropriate and deliver to groups • How-to Guide for building relationships with donors (strategies and techniques) *Several of these materials can be leveraged from this presentation

  19. Timeline & Action Items

  20. Next Steps… • Questions, Comments, Feedback? • Please contact Brandon Eickel • • (240) 899-7357 • ItB-Thank You!