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Chad Vandiver

Chad Vandiver

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Chad Vandiver

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  1. Chad Vandiver

  2. Level 4 Modeling

  3. “And so you became a model to all the believers in Macedonia and Achaia. The Lord's message rang out from you not only in Macedonia and Achaia—your faith in God has become known everywhere. .” 1 Thessalonians 1:7-8

  4. Introduction • Church Planting Strategies • Developing a Local Network • Developing a Global Network

  5. Introduction • Model • Educate • Examine • Travel

  6. Church Planting Strategies

  7. Church Planting Strategies • There are many church planting strategies available to you. • The best strategy is the one you discover as your ministry opportunities begin to transform into churches. • You must be creative, relevant and consistent as you model what church amongst your people group looks like.

  8. Church Planting Strategies • Be creative by incorporating your people group’s culture into the church plant. • This is very important as the church members become more and more of an oikos or family unit. • They will need to trust each other in order to truly worship together.

  9. Church Planting Strategies • Put aside any cultural assumptions you might have about what church must look like. • It is a good idea to incorporate a method of meeting a need your people group has during your church time. • In other words don’t stop teaching ESL classes if that is why you started meeting in the first place.

  10. Church Planting Strategies • This will also serve as a good strategy to attract new members who might not have come to a church but will come to an ESL class. • The church plant will have more of an impact on your people group if it meets in their community instead of in your church.

  11. Church Planting Strategies • Be relevant by dealing truthfully with the issues your people group faces living as Christ followers or seekers in their community. • Be sensitive to the dangers your people group might face as they seek Christ. • Incorporate safety precautions while practicing church.

  12. Church Planting Strategies • Give the members of your church plant scriptural tools that they can use to defend their faith. • Deal directly with the differences between Christianity and the religion that is practiced amongst your people group. • Model how to speak truth in love.

  13. Church Planting Strategies • Be consistent in meeting at the same place and time. • This will build trust in the members of your church plant. • They will begin to realize the safe haven that they have in the church plant. • As these members grow in their faith they will begin to boldly share it with others.

  14. Church Planting Strategies • As the church plant reproduces you will need to transition leadership to strategic minded believers in the people group. • Be very careful to step aside in order to allow the church planting movement to be lead by members of the people group. • This will allow for an organic or natural network to take shape amongst the people group.

  15. Developing a Local Network

  16. Developing a Local Network • A local network will begin to form as members of your people group share their faith within their oikos. • It is very advantageous to set up a Non-Governmental Organization (N.G.O.) for Christ followers of your people group. • The outcome is more flexibility.

  17. Developing a Local Network • This flexibility will translate into multiple ministry opportunities throughout your community, city, county, state and country. • For example, if your N.G.O. is providing free English courses in a mosque then word will quickly spread to other mosques.

  18. Developing a Local Network • This will allow you to build a network of English classes within multiple mosques. • As you teach Biblical principles in your English classes your students will most likely begin to ask you questions about Jesus. • You could become the local Jesus expert.

  19. Developing a Local Network • As your students begin to accept Christ they will connect with each other thus forming a network of Muslim background believers. • This network will expand nationally and internationally as these new converts share their new found hope in Jesus Christ. • An international network is born.

  20. Creating a Global Network

  21. Creating a Global Network • An international or global network is the ultimate goal of a church planting movement. • This provides a people group with the opportunity to export the gospel back to their homelands and to other people group members in various parts of the world.

  22. Creating a Global Network • You can use your N.G.O. to set up offices throughout the world. • This would allow the believers in your people group to reach nationals in their homeland in a security sensitive manner. • One example is an import/export business in Algeria that employs Algerian Christians to import Bibles into the country.

  23. Creating a Global Network • The global network must be operated by a member of your people group. • They alone will understand fully the strategic methods required to export the gospel back to their homeland. • They will understand the government and many times have connections that you will not have.

  24. Creating a Global Network • Once a global network is established, the gospel will be flowing through the church planting movement amongst your people group both nationally and internationally. • It is crucial that you continue to pray for your people group. • You must pray for protection over them as they carry the gospel home.

  25. Creating a Global Network • There are many ways in which you can be involved in supporting the global network. • You can help provide materials such as scriptures, J-film DVDs, etc. for the people group to give when they go home. • Your church could also adopt sections of a major city in your people groups homeland. • One example of this is Metro Mobilization.

  26. Creating a Global Network Metro Mobilization Madrid, Spain

  27. Creating a Global Network • Introduction • What Can I Do? • Top Ten Moroccan Sections • Key Metro Lines

  28. Creating a Global Network • 6 million people live in Madrid and many use the metro during the week. • Less than 2 percent of the population are born again believers. • 100,000+ Moroccans • 300+ Muslim meeting points in Madrid

  29. Creating a Global Network Madrid is home to the largest mosque in Western Europe.

  30. Creating a Global Network • Your church can adopt a metro line in Madrid. • Learn about the people on that metro line. • Send a Discovery team.

  31. Creating a Global Network • Help write a strategy that can reach the people of that metro line. • Send Short term workers. • Lead your church to pray regularly for the people of that metro line.

  32. Creating a Global Network • We will help you discover one metro line in the city that best matches the personality and passion of your church and the workers that you may send. • We want you to do some initial people group research on the people who live in Madrid. We would like for you to read about their culture, beliefs and values before you make your first trip to Madrid.

  33. Creating a Global Network • We would like for you to send your first team in the next 6 – 9 months. This will be a vision trip and prayer walking trip. We will explore, pray, observe and walk around the metro lines that you are considering. • We will help you reserve hotel rooms near the metro line that you are looking at.

  34. Creating a Global Network • We will teach you about the metro system and help you get comfortable with exploring the city via metro. • We will help you meet with other workers (if any) who minister in that area. • Once you return back to your church we want you to pray some more and then help us write a strategy that can reach that metro line.

  35. Creating a Global Network • We would like to have you come at least 2 times a year in order that you could build some relationships with the people who live on the line and with other workers who will possibly minister along side of you. • We would like for you to consider partnering with a metro line for 2 – 5 years.

  36. Creating a Global Network • Vallecas • Leganés • Centro • Carabanchel • Parla • Latina • Villaverde • Mostoles • Tetuan • Alcorcon

  37. Creating a Global Network • Line 1-(Light Blue Line) • Line 3-(Yellow Line) • Line 12-(Olive Line) • Line 5-(Light Green Line)

  38. Creating a Global Network • Line 1-(Light Blue Line) This metro line is where many of the Moroccan sections are located in downtown Madrid. (Atocha Renfe takes you to Parla) • Line 3-(Yellow Line) This metro line is connected to Line 1. Two of the sections are located on this line. (These sections are depicted as gold squares)

  39. Creating a Global Network • Line 12-(Olive Line) This metro line is where many of the strategic Moroccan sections are located in the suburbs of Madrid. • Line 5-(Light Green Line) This metro line is located close to Line 12 and includes one of the sections. (These sections depicted as dark blue squares)

  40. Creating a Global Network

  41. Creating a Global Network • This is just one example of supporting a global network. • As you can see from the chart there are many ways to succeed in supporting a people group internationally. • How will you support a global network amongst your people group?

  42. Model

  43. Model • How will your church teach other churches the practice of awareness, engagement and transformation amongst an unreached people group? • What tools will be necessary in order to rapidly reproduce what you have learned?

  44. Model • It is important that you first show a church how to reach an unreached people group before teaching them to do so. • You can do this by simply modeling the way in which you began relationships amongst your people group.

  45. Model • This can be accomplished in a variety of settings however it is most successful when practiced on a prayer walk where the people group lives. • The more the church has an opportunity to see you interact with members of the people group the more prepared they will be.

  46. Model • For example, amongst Muslims from West and North Africa it is very important to place your hand over your chest when entering or exiting a conversation. • In order to fully grasp this cultural key to unlocking the relational door you must experience it in person.

  47. Examine

  48. Examine • How do you determine if a church is ready to fully engage a people group? • When you see a knowledgeable passion amongst the members of the church then usually they are ready to begin an active ministry amongst the people group.