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  1. 8/12/10 • Journal Topic: List 10 adjectives to describe yourself and explain why you have chosen those words in at least 5 complete sentences. • Ex: happy, loyal, fun

  2. 8/13/10 • Write a ½ page (min) response using the following prompt: • The best book I ever read….. • Ex: The best book I ever read was The Hunger Games. This book had everything. It had action…..

  3. 8/16/10 • Journal Topic: Can the truth change? Why or why not? (½ pg min)

  4. 8/16/10 • Is there a difference between reality and truth? Why or why not? (1/2 pg min)

  5. 8/18/10 • Where would you set a scary story? In two paragraphs or more describe the setting in detail.

  6. 8/19/10 • Montresor acts as both a victim and a judge in this story. Do you think Montresor sees the truth and acts appropriately? Explain.

  7. 8/19/10 • Write a ten or twelve sentence story in which each event causes the next event. Start your story with this sentence: The bike messenger swerved to avoid the barking dog, causing the pickup truck behind him to screech to a halt.

  8. 8/20/10 • Using 5 vocabulary words write a ½ page story about any topic. Be sure you are using the words correctly.

  9. 8/23/10 • List and define the 5 plot elements discussed last week. • Ex: Exposition-

  10. 8/24/10 • Is conflict necessary? Explain. (1/2 min)

  11. 8/25/10 • Commas can be used after introductory words or phrases. For example: Before diving into the pool, Sam adjusted her goggles. Write four sentences that use commas that way. • Since • While • After • Even though

  12. 8/26/10 • When two sentences are joined with and, for, or, or not commas are often used to separate those two sentences: • Ex: Cherry wanted to see an action movie, but her boyfriend insisted on seeing the latest romantic comedy. • Write 4 sentences that use commas this way.

  13. 8/30/10 • Irony is when the outcome of events are opposite to what was, or might have been, expected. Write an example of an ironic happening. • Man won a million dollars and then died the next day.

  14. 8/30/10 • The Most Dangerous Game is about hunting. What is your opinion about hunting? Should people be allowed to kill animals as sport? Explain.

  15. 8/31/10 • What is a hero? What adjectives describe a hero? Who is a hero in our society today? Why?

  16. 9/1/10 • Write a two paragraph story that could end with this sentence: So the moral is, be careful what you wish for.

  17. 9/2/10 • If I were a crayon….Describe a day in the life of a crayon. (1-2 paragraphs)

  18. 9/3/10 • Describe what happened in the first chapter of To Kill a Mockingbird. • Who are the characters? What were they doing?

  19. 9/3/10 • Practice your character development. Write a 1-2 paragraph mini-biography about a character you would use in a story. • Include background info, physical description, and a few interesting details.

  20. 9/7/10 • In chapters 2 and 3, Scout begins her public school career. What were your "first days" of school like? Think about your earliest school experiences and how they compare to Scout's.

  21. 9/7/10 • Make a list of restaurants you like and dislike and explain why you like or dislike them.

  22. 9/8/10 • The children's view of Atticus changes from the beginning to the end of Chapter 10. Why does this happen? Think about your views of your own parents; has your perspective ever changed? Why?

  23. 9/8/10 • What is an autobiography? Write 1-2 paragraphs to your autobiography.

  24. 9/9/10 • Note how Mrs. Dubose is described in Chapter 11. How does the children’s perspective on her change? What lesson do they learn? Have you ever learned a similar lesson?

  25. 9/9/10 • What events can suddenly change a person’s life?

  26. 9/10/10 • In Chapter 14 Dill returns. Why does he come back? What do we learn about his family? How is his father different from Atticus? What do you think is Dill’s purpose in this novel?

  27. 9/10/10 • How have you reacted when faced with danger, whether to you or someone else?

  28. 9/13/10 • In Chapter 16, we watch with Jem and Scout as the people of Maycomb pass by and congregate at the courthouse. Why is Dolphus Raymond an outcast? Why are "mixed" children so miserable? What do the children learn about people and social class?

  29. 9/13/10 • How is a memoir significantly different from an autobiography and biography?

  30. 9/15/10 • What do the children learn about Dolphus Raymond? What do they learn from him? How do those lessons relate to the novel? How do those lessons relate to life?

  31. 9/15/10 • What is your reaction to Moshe the Beadle? What do you think about his treatment by the villagers after his return from Poland?

  32. 9/16/10 • Summarize the events of Chapter 22.

  33. 9/16/10 • What are some events that suggest or foreshadow the coming danger to Sighet Jews? Why doesn’t the community believe it is in danger?

  34. 9/17/10 • In Chapter 23, Aunt Alexandra explains some of the differences between families, but Scout comes to the conclusion that “there’s just one kind of folks. Folks.” What does she mean?

  35. 9/17/10 • What does it mean to feel hopeless? How do you think hopelessness affects people’s lives?

  36. 9/20/10 • Correct any grammatical mistakes within the sentences. • there are some students who are in this here class that believe no one should not have any homework • to ensure success they should require those in the project the ones doing the experiment too have a immediate security check

  37. 9/21/10 • Describe the weather at the beginning of chapter 28. How might the weather contribute to the mood of the story?

  38. 9/21/10 • What is Imagery? What 5 things does Imagery appeal to in a reader? What images are strongly presented in Night?

  39. 9/22/10 • What is a conclusion supposed to do? How do the last chapters “do” this?

  40. 9/22/10 • Wiesel says he had become a “starved stomach.” Estimate how much food you think a fifteen-year-old needs to survive. How many calories do you think it takes to keep a fifteen-year-old nourished?

  41. 9/23/10 • Correct the following sentences: • he don’t have no reason too question them directives but he does want a explanation for this here page • me and sara went downtown we went to buy new clothes we need them for school we also need them for our part time jobs

  42. 9/27/10 • Write a news account of the latest controversy or event at school. Adopt the tone of an alarmist, gossipy tabloid paper.

  43. 9/28/10 • Persuasive writing tries to convince the reader of something. Try your hand at persuasive writing: Compose three paragraphs arguing that every American teenager should or should not be required to serve in the army for two years.

  44. 9/29/10 • Write two paragraphs comparing and contrasting your two favorite classes. In the first paragraph, discuss the similarities between the classes; in the second, discuss the difference between them.

  45. 9/30/10 • Write a brief summary of To Kill a Mockingbird.

  46. 9/30/10 • marcus a careful player escaped serious injury im sure he will see a lot of action in todays game • The game between the three girls is close non of the 3 however are giving up hope of winning

  47. 10/4/10 • Write a poem that starts with a one word title, two words in the first line, three in the next, and continues by adding one word per line. • EX- • Dog • Running, Playing • Digging in dirt

  48. 10/4/10 • Many people believe that television violence has a negative effect on society because it promotes violence. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to support your response.

  49. 10/5/10 • Write a poem where Sometimes I wish that... Begins every line. Min 5 lines.

  50. 10/5/10 • “When it’s a question of choosing between people and animals, people must always come first.” Do you agree with this statement? Support your opinion.