The importance of scanning
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The Importance of SCANNING - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Importance of SCANNING. World Service Conference April 2010. What Leaders Do. Information Loop. P____. R_____. P_____. *Communicate* *Engage Others*. E_____. D______. M_____. Information Loop. Sources of Information - NAWS. Inside the fellowship WHO Individual members

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The importance of scanning

The Importance ofSCANNING

World Service Conference

April 2010

What Leaders Do

Information Loop




*Communicate* *Engage Others*




Information Loop

The Importance of Scanning

Sources of information naws
Sources of Information - NAWS

  • Inside the fellowship


    • Individual members

    • Local trusted servants

    • Regional delegates


    • Discussion boards

    • Zonal Forums

    • WSC

    • Workshops

    • Surveys, contact with WSO

  • Outside the fellowship


    • Local professionals

    • National professionals

    • Treatment counselors

    • Government agencies

    • Drug courts

    • Professional associations


    • Meetings, conferences

    • Publications

    • Research studies, reports

    • Focus groups, etc.

Information Loop

NAWS Strategic Planning

Information Loop

The Importance of Scanning

What is scanning
What is Scanning?

Scanning is. . . a process leaders use on a regular basis to collect and analyze information about the environment in which the service body operates. Scanning collects information from NA members and the service body, and from outside of NA.

Leaders scan in order to. . . better understand the changing world around them and how change could affect the ability of the service unit to achieve its goals and further the NA vision.

Leaders use scan information to. . . identify challenges as well as opportunities that the service unit should address, and to guide decisions on the best action to take to address challenges and take advantage of opportunities to better serve the members.

The Importance of Scanning

Sample area scan
Sample Area Scan

The Importance of Scanning

Rd a critical link in the scanning and planning process

How the RD Provides Input into the NAWS Planning and Scanning Process Currently

Regional Reports

World Service Conference discussion

Zonal Forum discussion

NAWS Discussion Boards

Dialog with World Board members and WSO staff


Ways the RD can more effectively participate in the NAWS Planning and Scanning Process:

Ways the RD can more effectively report on the work of World Services to other parts of the service system:

RD: A Critical Link in the Scanning and Planning Process

The Importance of Scanning