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  1. HOSTING A PRIVATE BLOG NETWORK HOSTING A PRIVATE BLOG NETWORK AFFORDABLE & MANAGABLE & EXPANDABLE AFFORDABLE & MANAGABLE & EXPANDABLE If you plan to have your own PBN, and you have found this article, you are in luck. Keep reading, because I am about to reveal the most cutting edge, top-notch PBN hosting set-up. It might be sound too good to be truth, but it is the absolute best PBN hosting method with the current information exist. I am not going to show explain you how to register a domain or set up a WordPress site. This is an advanced article, so I assume you have a good understanding of fundamentals. You have probably spent ton of time, and money to find the expired domain with good metrics, setting WordPress on it in a proper way, and putting there all the unique content which have depleted your budget. Now, you want to rank your money site(s) that you can generate profit out of your PBN. I bet the very last thing you would desire to make a stupid mistake that might cause your PBN set up caught by google, and deindexed. That is why, you should always follow safety rules while you want to rank your website online. Don’t underestimate the basic PBN hosting fundamentals as it can build or destroy all your ranking efforts. The conventional way of hosting PBN was hosting all of your domains into several different hosting providers. Since it will provide you unique IP addresses, you can assume say your PBN is safe. Well, I would partially agree with that set up. Yes, hosting your websites under various hosting providers can seem as a good solution, what about the money you will waste just to spend multiple hosting providers, usually you will need an at least 4-5 different hosting providers. Wait, the bigger pain is coming if you employ the above PBN set up… You need to spend ton of time to call hosting companies, manage their control panels, I assume you even in the most optimistic scenario, that you have cpanel hosting, it will still make you spend a lot of time, emailing them for the support. Also, you need to develop spreadsheets to track all the data and notes while you deal with the hosting providers it is uncertain how much reliable they are. Many people are not willing to pay a lot of money for the popular shared hosting providers, that their PBNs can mix up in the crowds. I was one of those people, I bought one dollar hosting plans, which is affordable but absolutely terrible when it comes to uptime and support. The other disadvantage of dollar hosting or maybe cents hosting is you will have noisy neighbors. I don’t even need to mention that you need to carefully follow the billing dates of your credit card, or PayPal depends how you are paying your hosting.

  2. Today, I want to share with you guys how I build my PBN in a way, smarter than the most of the guys who are real experts in this area. Don’t get me wrong I am not claiming being any better than other people. But after experimenting all the different variations, I have found the most affordable, and manageable way of setting up a PBN, and maintaining it, while keeping it still affordable, and expandable for the future improvements. The biggest lesson I have learned to set up a PBN, you should never be built it on a Shared Hosting Plan. Neither your PBN nor money sites should sit there. I host my PBN on Cloud Servers. There are multiple reasons preferring a Cloud Hosting to a Shared Hosting. You can google to see all the benefits; this is not the point of this article. But in short you will get SSD drives, more reliable and faster hosting service. The Cloud Hosting provider I use is Vultr. The company provides really affordable Cloud Computing Services, absolutely more affordable than many Shared Hosting Plans while they provide Solid Hosting Service. Vultr Vultr I know what you are thinking now. If I host all my websites under the same hosting provider, then how can I have unique IP addresses. Here is the very little know secret.

  3. Rocketips provides you up to 50 unique IP addresses with a monthly plan. You also have the opportunity to add unlimited domains, unlimited transfers as well as unlimited geolocalisations. The beautiful part, It comes with 14 days FREE trial. Rocketips The steps to follow to use Rocketips is also very easy.          Login to your Rocket IPs account Add your domain to Rocket IPs Then your Randomize IP address Enter Vultr Server IP Randomize your Custom Header Note down custom NS IPs Go Back to your Domain Registrar Edit your DNS Settings Create your Custom NS in Rocket IPs. It is quite easy to set up your PBN under only one hosting provider. It literally takes one hour to set up, and you will have different IP addresses for each domain. You can find much more detailed information on rocketips site. I wouldn’t like this article to be a Rocketips set up guide. Since I use Vultr Cloud Hosting together with Rocketips, I have the benefit of Solid internet connection with no downtime. I hope you guys could get the maximum value I wanted to provide you with this article.