transforming understandings to transform practice n.
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Transforming Understandings to Transform Practice PowerPoint Presentation
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Transforming Understandings to Transform Practice

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Transforming Understandings to Transform Practice - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Transforming Understandings to Transform Practice. A Professional Learning Classroom Residency Model. Charlotte Butler , Instructional Coordinator Secondary Literacy Cari Roberts , District Coach/LCR Instructor Michelle Otte , District Coach/5 th Block LCR Instructor

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Transforming Understandings to Transform Practice

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    1. Transforming Understandings to Transform Practice A Professional Learning Classroom Residency Model Charlotte Butler, Instructional Coordinator Secondary Literacy Cari Roberts, District Coach/LCR Instructor Michelle Otte, District Coach/5th Block LCR Instructor Ivan Duran, Director, Instructional Technology Linda Damon, Director, Professional Learning Susan Olezene, Director, Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Learning

    2. Who are we? Here is a small "snapshot" of the students in our district...

    3. Fast Facts about APS Total enrollment for our district is around 32,000 Native American……….9% Asian……….3.9% Black……….20.5% Hispanic……….49.6% White……….25.1% • We are the sixth-largest district in Colorado. • Our students come from over 100 countries and speak more than 90 languages. • Second language learners make up 36% of our student population. 80% of those speak Spanish as their first language. • 54% of our students receive free or reduced lunch

    4. Where are we? Denver International Airport

    5. APS Leadership Succession Continuum Building Capacity at Every Level

    6. APS Vision for Professional learning Theory of Action: The greatest impact on student achievement is the knowledge and skills of the teacher

    7. APS Vision for coaching Professional Learning Support within a Standards-based Instructional System • Capacity-building model to increase collective effectiveness of the system • Standards-based formative & summative data to inform decision-making • Instructional leadership at every level as key to system transformation • On-going, job-embedded support for professional learning and instructional expertise with a focus on results • Supported by Coaching Agreement developed in collaboration with AEA • Clear separation between coaching and evaluation process

    8. APS Vision for instructional Technology Integrated Technology-rich Environments to Support Instruction • Technology is a toolthat needs to be infused into teachers’ practice • Developing and understanding what is possible is essential – build the vision • Consistent and ongoing training is critical • It is not about the tools, it is about the learning

    9. Professional Learning Laboratory Classroom Residency What is an LCR? • Extended time for immersion in Readers/Writers Workshop • District Literacy Coach instructor • Integrated technology solutions to support instruction • Hands-on, supported practice • Reflective cycle video study of instruction & evidence of student learning • Selected professional reading, written reflection & case studies • Focused planning for transition to own practice in home building

    10. Readers/Writers Workshop with integrated technology to support instruction LCR CLASSROOM BLOCK VIDEO Inside Readers/Writers Workshop

    11. Reflecting on practice: Examining a reading demonstration Reflecting on practice: Finding evidence of student learning LRC VIDEO 1 LRC VIDEO 2 Inside the LCR Pedagogy Class

    12. Professional learning Lcr alumni network Sustaining & extending the learning • Ongoing instructional refinement • Collegial study & dialogue • Connects theory to practice • Online professional network component • Credit opportunity • District Literacy Coach instructor

    13. NLCS REFLECTIONS VIDEO Inside the LCR Alumni Network

    14. One-week residencies Support for entry-level professional learning • Entry-level professional learning • Focused study of Readers/Writers Workshop implementation • Includes pedagogical studyof related focus question • Literacy Teacher Leader instructors • District Literacy Coach support for planning

    15. 5th block lcr Making the most of summer learning opportunities • 5-week summer study program • Focused on accelerating learning for identified students • Includes refinement of district initiatives, including standards-based grading, Response to Intervention & English Language Development block • Credit opportunity • District Literacy Coach instructor

    16. Making the most of summer learning opportunities – Biaze Biaze LCR Experience Video Inside the 5th block LCR

    17. Support for professional learning secondary literacy lcr network

    18. Professional Learning Laboratory Classroom Residency Network • Collegial study & dialogue • Ongoing instructional refinement • Online professional network • Credit opportunity • District Literacy Coach instructor • Theory into practice • District Literacy Coach instructor • Capacity-building model • Readers/Writers Workshop immersion • Integrated technology support • Reflective cycle study of own practice • Transition to independent practice • Ongoing literacy coaching support • 5-week summer study • Accelerating student learning • Refinement of district initiatives • Credit opportunity • District Literacy Coach instructor • Entry level PD • Focused study • RWW implementation • Teacher Leader instructors PACESetters

    19. Teacher Development: A Principal’s Perspective – Linda Linda W Video How is this working to build capacity?

    20. Building capacity in schools Investing in the knowledge and skills of teachers through LCR residencies

    21. Moving up the leadership continuum “Where are they now?”

    22. in their own words Depth of Reflective Practice: Evidence of developing leadership capacity • Sean – I have learned about myself that underneath a set of challenges and insecurities is a good teacher, ready and willing to maximize student learning. • Jessica - This was maybe the best part of the LCR experience…we didn’t just observe a master teacher at work; we learned how to effectively lead workshop instruction ourselves. • Kari - The authentic experience of the LCR is something I will learn from for months to come. • Amanda - I am listening to conversations that I have with others around instruction, and I hear a different person. I hear someone who is confident about her understandings, someone who asks questions to get to the answer, someone who has kids at the center of her conversation more often, and someone who is patient and intentional. I love this new person that I hear.

    23. For information or to arrange a visit: Charlotte A. Butler Instructional Coordinator, Secondary Literacy Aurora Public Schools 15751 E. 1st Avenue Aurora, CO 80011 (303) 340-0859 ext. 28346