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The horrible holocaust

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The horrible holocaust. By: Scotty Watson 5A. This Adolf Hitler the Leader of the Nazi party. . Auschwitz.

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the horrible holocaust

The horrible holocaust

By: Scotty Watson 5A

This Adolf Hitler the Leader of the Nazi party.


Auschwitz was the largest concentration camp. Auschwitz was the first camp to use gas chambers and it introduced Zyklon b. They would put prisoners in the back of vans and gas them and drop them in the middle of the road and the bodies would rot there. They used prisoners as workers and made them work to there death. They were the first to also do medical experiments and they would do horrific things with humans as an example they would take a arm off of someone and put it on another person and see if it would function. Auschwitz killed a total of 1.1 million prisoners. It was located 37 miles west of Krakow. Henrich Himmler was head of the SS. There were three camps of Auschwitz.

Lawton. Clive. “Auschwitz.” Cambridge

Massachusetts: candlewick press, 2002. print.

This is Auschwitz

gas chambers
Gas Chambers

Gas Chambers were first introduced in the concentration camp of Auschwitz. They were small rooms underground with showerheads that pellets of Zyklon b came down from. It killed them right when the gas spread. Another way they used as a gas chamber was in the back of vans that they put prisoners In all day. They sent the prisoners in the gas chambers naked thinking they were going to take a shower because there was a big showerhead.

Browning. Christopher. “Auschwitz”

Encyclopedia of Holocaust: 1980. print

These are examples of the Gas Chambers. 

zyklon b
Zyklon B

Zyklon b was the gas they used in gas chambers. These gas pellets started in Auschwitz. It was originally used as an insecticide. The manufacture were handled by Degesch. It was also used in gas vans. Management of Zyklon b was unaware that the Nazis were using it for mass killings in concentration camps. It was in a pellet form and when it busted it turned out into a gas.

Gutman. Israel. “Zyklon B.” Encyclopedia of Holocaust : 1995. Print

These are cans of Zyklon B.


Ghettos were made up by Rienhard Heydrich. There was nine major ghettos they are Bialystok in Poland, Kovno in Lithuania, Lodz in Poland, Minsk, Riga, Theresientaort, Vilna, and Warsaw. When the Nazis created ghettos, they needed an efficient way to keep the prisoners under control. The Jewish population is forbidden to walk on the sidewalk, Jews must walk on the right side of the road and go behind others. The Police also collected taxes and conscripted workers for the forced labor crews. They arrested starving Jews for snuggling food in the ghettos.

Altman. Linola. The holocaust ghettos

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That is a ghetto prisoners were sent to.