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The Holocaust

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The Holocaust - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Holocaust. The Literature. Anti-Semitism : A Brief History. •Definition: prejudice against Jews Social, economic, and political discrimination •In the early Roman empire it was only very rarely that a Jew was granted Roman citizenship. Anti-Semitism : A Brief History.

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the holocaust

The Holocaust

The Literature

anti semitism a brief history
Anti-Semitism: A Brief History
  • •Definition: prejudice against Jews
    • Social, economic, and political discrimination
  • •In the early Roman empire it was only very rarely that a Jew was granted Roman citizenship
anti semitism a brief history1
Anti-Semitism: A Brief History
  • •Early Christians blamed all Jews for the crucifiction of Christ
  • •Jews were labled as “Christ Killers”
  • •Label persisted for centuries
  • •Officially repudiated by Vatican II Council in 1964
  • •Prejudice against Jews persisted throughout Europe
  • •Local communities often persecuted Jews
the inquisition
The Inquisition
  • •15th Century Spain put Jews on trial
  • •Jews were
    • forced to convert to Christianity
    • expelled
    • killed
ghetto laws 1800 s
Ghetto Laws--1800’s
  • •Jews were forced to live in walled off sections of cities
  • •Jews were required to wear badges identifying them as Jews
  • •Jews could not own property or hold public office
early 1900 s
Early 1900’s
  • •The Rise of Nationalism
    • Unity created by demonizing a common enemy
  • •PsuedoScience
    • Supposedly “Scientific” theories proving Jews and other minorities were inferior to whites
    • Stephen Jay Gould’s reanalysis of skull volume data
a long history hitler did not invent the wheel
A Long History…Hitler did not invent the wheel!
  • •Hitler based his popular support on these centuries of prejudice
  • •His genius was to guide and intensify this prejudice
a stunning fact
6 million Jews were killed in less than ten years during Hitler’s reign...

…more than in all of the centuries of anti-semitism that preceded it!

A Stunning Fact:
nazi anti semitism
Nazi Anti-Semitism
  • Jewish/Non-Jewish marriage forbidden
  • Jewish Property Seized
  • Concentration Camps
kristallnacht 1938 things take an uglier turn
Kristallnacht, 1938 --things take an uglier turn
  • •Jewish conspiracy blamed for assassination of minor German official
  • •7500 Jewish businesses destroyed
  • •237 Synagogues were burned
  • •26,000 Jews were arrested, many beaten, 91 died
  • •Jews were fined $400 million for damage done to their own property
the final solution
The Final Solution…
  • Auschwitz and the Death Camps...
  • Factories designed to kill the largest number of people possible as cheaply as possible and as fast as possible
methods of extermination
Methods of Extermination:
  • Cyanide Gas
  • Carbon Monoxide Gas
  • Machine Guns
  • Flamethrowers
  • Lethal Injections
  • Medical “Experiments”
the literature of the holocaust
The Literature of the Holocaust

The stories of the survivors…

Lest We Forget!