stronge leader effectiveness performance evaluation system n.
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Stronge Leader Effectiveness Performance Evaluation System

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Stronge Leader Effectiveness Performance Evaluation System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Stronge Leader Effectiveness Performance Evaluation System. Data Sources. Multiple Data Sources. Self-Evaluation. Site-based Observations. EVIDENCE. Principal Evaluation. Documentation Log. Climate Surveys. Goal Setting. Data Sources for Principals. Self-Evaluation .

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multiple data sources
Multiple Data Sources





Principal Evaluation

Documentation Log

Climate Surveys

Goal Setting

self evaluation

Helps a principal judge the effectiveness and adequacy of his/her knowledge and performance for the purpose of self-improvement; helps target areas for professional development.

  • Principals may choose to do optional self-evaluation
  • Principals refer to self-evaluation throughout the year to see if strategies for improvement are effective
  • Principals are encouraged, but not required, to share with supervisor
  • Supervisor suggests strategies to improve areas of weakness or capitalize on areas of strength
self evaluation form
Self-Evaluation Form

Abbreviated for training purposes

site based observation
Site-based Observation

Provides information on a wide variety of contributions made by principals.

  • Applied in a variety of settings
  • May range from watching principal’s interactions with others to observing programs and shadowing the principal
  • Evaluators discuss various aspects of the job via formal interview or less structured discussion
    • Provides insight into how principal is addressing standards; provide further areas for evaluators to explore
    • Helps principals think through potential artifacts
    • Allows principal opportunity to discuss successes and challenges
  • Two observations for tenured principals; three for non-tenured principals
  • Evaluator provides feedback to principal
site visit observation form
Site Visit/Observation Form

Abbreviated for training purposes

documentation log
Documentation Log

Demonstrates a principal’s skills, talents, and accomplishments through an organized collection of work.

  • Provides evidence of performance related to specific standards – principal’s voice in evaluation
  • Provides opportunity for self-reflection, demonstration of quality work, and is a basis for two-way communication with evaluator
  • Artifacts may include caption since it will be viewed out of original context
  • May be submitted electronically or in hard-copy
  • Emphasis is on quality, not quantity
  • Documentation Cover Sheet is optional; organization up to administrator
  • Reviewed annually by evaluator; more often as desired
  • Evaluators may maintain own documentation which should be considered when making formative and summative assessments
documentation cover sheet
Documentation Cover Sheet

Abbreviated for training purposes

teacher staff surveys
Teacher/Staff Surveys

Gathers client data regarding their perceptions of the principal’s performance.

  • Provides feedback for professional growth and development;helps principals set goals for continuous improvement (formative evaluation)
  • Principal may add questions to survey provided
  • Recommend survey be administered during second nine weeks prior to December 15
  • Actual responses seen only by principal
  • Principals fill out Survey Summary Form and include in documentation log
survey summary form
Survey Summary Form

Teacher/Staff Satisfaction Analysis

1. Describe your survey population(s).

2. List factors that might have influenced the results.

3. Analyze survey responses and answer the following questions:

A) What did teachers/staff perceive as your major strengths?

B) What did teachers/staff perceive as your major weaknesses?

C) How can you use this information for continuous professional growth?

Abbreviated for training purposes

goal setting
Goal Setting

Goals set squarely on measurable student performance provide a powerful way to enhance professional performance and positively impact student academic progress.

  • Goals are a piece of both the Principal Practice component and the Student Achievement component of a principal’s evaluation.
  • Goals should be SMART (specific; measurable; appropriate; rigorous, but realistic; and time-limited)
  • New goals identified each year; aligned with district goals and school improvement process
  • Evaluator and principal meet to review goals
goal setting form
Goal Setting Form

Abbreviated for training purposes


Performance Portrait


Site Visits

Document Log


Goal Setting