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Team B4

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Team B4. Winning Strategy 1: Strategy Deployment Plan. Contents. Overview of BSC Comparison of BSC , Policy Deployment ( Hoshin Kanri ) & Business P rocess Re-Engineering Overview of organizational Strategy Recommended Deployment of Strategy using BSC Summary Conclusion References.

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Team B4

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team b4

Team B4

Winning Strategy 1:

Strategy Deployment Plan

  • Overview of BSC
  • Comparison of BSC ,Policy Deployment (HoshinKanri) & Business Process Re-Engineering
  • Overview of organizational Strategy
  • Recommended Deployment of Strategy using BSC
  • Summary
  • Conclusion
  • References
overview of bsc
Overview of BSC
  • Created in 1992 by Kaplan and Norton
  • A holistic method of measuring organizational performance
  • Complements traditional financial assessment methods
  • Balances short term activities with long term plans
  • Functions as a strategy deployment tool
bsc philosophy
BSC Philosophy
  • BSC is based on four (4) premises:
  • Finance
  • Clients
  • Internal Processes; and
  • Learning and Growth


  • Analysis of financial performance (Reports & Ratios)
  • Determining company financial health
  • Addresses issues such as profitability, ROCE, sales figures, liquidity, debt figures, etc.


  • Focuses on customers needs
  • Assesses how well products/services fulfill consumers requirements
  • Market Segmentation & Customer Surveys


  • Concerned with operational activitieswithin the organization
  • Analyzes how efficiently and effectively they function
  • Aims to ensure they work towards attaining organizational goals


  • Examines how much organizational learning occurs within the company
  • Concerned with employees growth and skills development
how does the balanced score card work
  • Analysis is done on each perspective
  • The requirements for each are defined
  • The cause & effect relationship between them is expressed in a strategic map
  • Here, organizational goals and objectives, defined action plans and performance indicators selected are reflected.
  • The BSC may be used alongside other strategic development methodologies.
pro s and con s of bsc
Pro’s and Con’s of BSC
  • Clarifies and translates vision and strategy.
  • Communicates and link strategic objectives and measures.
  • Helps plan, set targets and align initiatives.
  • Enhances strategy feedback and learning in division
  • Overly abstract Balanced Scorecard goals are easy to reach but hard to quantify
  • Implementation of the balanced scorecard is time consuming
  • Balanced Scorecard does not include direct financial analysis of risk management



mitigating the downside of bsc
Mitigating the Downside of BSC

BSC disadvantages can be mitigated in the following ways;

  • Combining BSC with a complimentary deployment tool e.gHoshinKanri
  • Ensuring that strategic objectives are S.M.A.R.T
  • Making effort to avoid measure bias. i.e using the same measurement for different objectives
  • Carrying out analysis of Risk Management i.e opportunity cost should be considered
overview of strategy
Overview of Strategy

Increase market share in Europe

Actions and costs

  • Research European market pricing structure, discounts, distribution, competition, product and safety specifications etc. Identify a distributor who could take on the European sales and handle any future expansion of the market. Need new computerized finance package for Euros and to reduce Finance workload (estimated cost £25,000)
  • Identify successful European promotional campaigns and put together a winning promotions strategy. Increase marketing spend to £250k.
  • Increase price of both products by approximately 2.5% (in line with inflation).
actions and costs contd
Actions and Costs contd.
  • Reorganize the Leisure sales team to three external sales representatives and three internal sales people to handle client follow-up by taking on two new salespeople and take on a European sales representative in the Rescue/Military sales team.
  • Continue to invest in new technology costing an estimated £150k on capital expenditure.
  • Reorganize Finance and HR departments by moving wages and salaries manager into the Finance department. Reduce the remaining clerical staff in HR to a total of one
organizational vision

To be the second largest inflatable boat Production Company in Europe in 5 years and start to expand in the U.S. market.

  • The Organizational objectives have been clearly outlined for each perspective
  • Specific targets were defined
  • Performance Measures are suggested
  • The action steps stated in the strategy were highlighted as initiatives
  • The BSC can be efficiently used in the deployment of this selected organizational strategy
  • It will allow for the clarification and translation of the company vision
  • As well as provide feedback to enhance the organizational learning process
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