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How people learn English outside the classroom

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How people learn English outside the classroom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How people learn English outside the classroom. Mini-research projects carried out under the guidance of Dr. Marsha Bensoussan. Pre- schoolers watching Dora and developing positive attitude towards English language, and English language use Inga Rozen. Study Question.

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how people learn english outside the classroom

How people learn English outside the classroom

Mini-research projects

carried out under the guidance of Dr. Marsha Bensoussan


Pre-schoolers watching Dora and developing positive attitude towards English language, and English language use

Inga Rozen


Study Question

Is there a relation among pre-school children’s watching Dora, their English use, and positive attitude towards the English language?



The overall analysis of the data shows that parents believe that there is a positive influence of watching Dora, towards developing a positive attitude to English language, and English language use.

Dora provides visual aids, authentic language input, communicative activities, and systematic repetition of vocabulary by chunking, singing, role playing, and games. In addition she offers a lot of positive reinforcements which encourage participation.

The input of Dora can be a very good basis for constructing the basics of the English language for pre school children.

by yael zigman

The effect of computer games

on EFL learners

By: Yael Zigman


Research questions

Does the use of computer games, influence and enrich EFL learners vocabulary, in the four skills?

Is there a difference, between boys and girls,

in the use of computer games?



The questionnaire was handed out to:

  • 30 pupils in grade 5
  • 28 pupils in grade 4 boys
  • 23 pupils in grade 4 girls


  • Playing computer games in English does effect EFL learners vocabulary in all 4 skills
  • Boys play computer games more than girls therefore they feel their English is better especially in speaking.
from eva moshe

Music - in the

“English Second Language”

Learning Classroom

From Eva Moshe
Music plays a significant part in the life of many teenagers and growing ups. For many young people it is important not only to listen to the tune and the rhythm, but also to be able to understand the lyrics of a song.
This can be a great motivating factor for young people to improve their knowledge of the English language and to enlarge their vocabulary.

The question of this paper is:

Can the use of popular songs in the ESL classroom promote the learning and the motivation in second language acquisition in junior high school or high school classes?

It is my assumption that there is a correlation between listening to the lyrics of popular music (in English) - and vocabulary, pronunciation and sentence structure knowledge in English.

The Internet as a

Tool for Learning English In

and Outside the Classroom

Tamar Wallach


Introduction: The Internet

as a medium for

a learning environment

  • The Internet as a powerful innovation
  • Enables people to reach out across cultures
  • Boundless possibilities for the teaching profession
  • Can foster a dynamic learning environment

The present study

  • Use of the Internet as a tool for learning
  • Survey population:Both high school students and adults in Israel.
  • Survey question:Subjects were asked about their use of English on the Internet for various purposes.
  • Average scores assessed separately for men and women.


  • Men tend to deal with more physical and technical activities
  • Women are oriented to more social activities.
  • Internet has a wide range of uses
  • Provides many opportunities for indirect acquisition of the English language
presented by anna vagner

The Effect

of Lyrics in English

on SLA

Presented by Anna Vagner


Research Questions

1. This study investigates whether the knowledge a school graduate gets through listening to lyrics in English influences:

- the number of units of Bagrut

- the level of the Bagrut grade.

2. The study reports on the preferred style of music (with English lyrics) that the subjects are exposed to.

3. The research examines the question of whether subjects of the same gender have preferences for a certain musical style.


Conclusions of the Survey

1. Lyrics in English have a strong positive effect on the level of Bagrut and SLA. Students that are more exposed to lyrics in English have a higher level of Bagrut.

2. Lyrics in English have a direct effect on the grade level. Students that listen to music more have a higher English grade.

3. The most preferable music styles that influence SLA in Israel are rock, pop and hip hop/rap. Musicals and opera took the last place in the rating.

4.Gender difference in attitudes towards music in English are traced in the survey.